Any tips to survive on LinkedIn

It is indisputable that LinkedIn has established itself as the world's leading networking network. Released only 6 years from Mountain View, California, today has about 70 millions of professionals. LinkedIn is visited an average of 37 minutes a month, and Spain is the 7th country in the LinkedIn ranking with nearly … Read more

¿Quién dice que un currículum no puede ser emocional?

La globalización y la estandarización generalizada han hecho posible que todos los currícula del mundo sean iguales, casi clónicos. Estamos rodeados de webs, Consultants, normativas que dicen cómo ha de estar redactado un currículum. Es curioso, casi todas coinciden en todo. Las fechas en orden de más reciente a más antigua, sin excesivos datos personales, … Read more

It's not about the number of contacts, it's about how we interact with them

In our personal brand management, quantity is often mistaken for quality. It is true that networking is based on propability, and the higher, Best. Although it is also true that we are in the age of affinities, personal segmentation, one-to-one, And, in short, personalization. Have 5.000 contacts in … Read more

Provocation as a personal brand

Provocation as a personal brand

What do Jose Mourinho have in common, Mick Jagger, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, Iggy Pop, Bethlehem Stephen,Hugo Chavez and Michael Moore? Is that clear, your personal brand is in provocation, the controversy. In many cases, skill and fame have preceded the controversy, as in the case of Mick Jagger. But the vast majority … Read more

Christian, Mourinho and Messi become brands

Leemos este interesante artículo en La Vanguardia Digital (Fuente EFE) en que Cristiano Ronaldo, Jose Mourinho y Leo Messi han dado el paso de protegerse como “Brand” comercial reconocida ante la Oficina de Armonización del Mercado Interior (OAMI) de la UE. Aquí tenéis el enlace del artículo.

Is it always good that your people are your brand?

Tino Fernandez attached article on personal branding published in Expansion and Employment, in which Guillem Recolons collaborates Many companies are wary of key professionals who achieve a higher prominence than corporate identity. It's hard to fight this. They are exceptional ambassadors of companies, brands and their products. But … Read more

The awesome story of the guy who found the job he wanted using Google Adwords

Subtitle: AND IT ONLY COST HIM $5!! Sub-Subtitle: Based on a true story Imagine that your life's dream is to find work as a creative editor in one of the 5 best agencies in the country. Imagine that in addition, you're broke and you can't spend more than 4 or $5 to get your sugar. I'd tell you … Read more

Bienvenidos a YO, S.a.

Os adjunto un artículo de Andrés Pérez Ortega en que vaticina -citando a Tom Peters- que en los próximos años reinventaremos nuestro puesto de trabajo. Publicado en Puro Marketing. Vale la pena leerlo. La Marca Personal de los nuevos profesionales Dice Tom Peters , con esa vehemencia que le caracteriza, que vamos a tener queRead more

@everybody: Exprimir esa naranja llamada Twitter

Para construir tu marca personal interesa, among other things, conseguir seguidores en Twitter. Here I leave some tips to boost Twitter and get more out: Fairplay acts: sigue a tus seguidores y contesta a las preguntas o comentarios que te hagan directamente. Dos veces al día, retwittea un post interesante que hayas encontradoRead more

18. Do you often use Google to find answers?

If so, Well done. Google is one of the largest sources of knowledge. And not just because of your web search, also as an image finder, blog blogs, maps, alerts… If you also have knowledge of English, your answers expand, because the sum ravages. Google will move you to Wikipedia, to YouTube, … Read more