Churchill and the Elephant rope: Never give up #Storytelling

One of the many events that make up the legacy and personal branding Winston Churchill Its the "Nunca te rindas”.

The "Never give up" more popular

To be precise, the words of the great British Prime Minister were:

“Never give in, never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

(Nunca te rindas, nunca, nunca, nunca, en nada, grande o pequeño, largo o corto, nunca cedas ante tus convicciones de honor y sentido común. Nunca te rindas ante la fuerza, nunca sucumbas ante el poder aparentemente abrumador del enemigo”)

Context is everything

The context of the words is important. Many thought that spoke after winning the allied side World War 2. It is not like this, He uttered every day from radio waves to encourage citizens to resist while German bombs smashed the city of London. Awesome, ¿no?

Short story: Elephant rope

Today, following the thread of the short story Don't judge before knowing the context and the personal story, I published a few days ago, I bring you another story, Unfortunately anonymous, which draws very well the idea that often live in a cage is not possible to leave.

Elephant rope / storytelling

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Eduardo saw pass a group of circus elephants. Something caught her eye: these huge creatures were linked to each other through a ridiculous rope tied to his foreleg. unchained, without cages. It was obvious that the elephants could break their bonds at any time. Y, for some reason, they did.

He saw the tamer and asked why these animals just stood there and did not try to escape.

Well, said domador, when they are very young and much smaller we use the same size rope to tie them and, at that age, It is sufficient to hold. As they grow, They are conditioned to believe they can not be separated. They believe the rope can still hold them, so they never try to break free.

Eduardo could not believe it. Elephants could be released at any time from bondage, but as they believed that they could not, They were trapped.

Do not do like them. Nunca te rindas

Like elephants, How many times have you gone through life clinging to the belief that you can not do something, simply because you've failed before?

Failure is part of learning; You must never give up the fight. Watch your personal brand. As Winston Churchill repeated day after day, never give up.

Elephant in a bridge illustration by Orla on

If not human, surely he had sung better

This phrase “If not human, surely he had sung better” he spoke Maria Callas, the considered best soprano of all time. I was pleased to see the documentary “Maria Callas by” directed by Tom Volf (2017). The funny thing is that the documentary is the story of the diva told about all by herself. Letters of his own handwriting, interviews he gave. If not human…

According to the synopsis FILMAFFINITY, It's about a “intimate portrait of the life and work of opera singer Maria Callas. Testimonies of Callas own, Onassis, Marilyn Monroe, Alain Delon, Yves Saint Lauren, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Luchino Visconti, Winston Churchill, Grace Kelly, Liz Taylor and others who knew the diva.”

This woman did not have an easy life, but I do not want to move anything. If you can, Head over to the cinema to see it, unprejudiced (kind > I do not like opera). Just to understand that the visible part of an iceberg often hides fears, complex, endless hours of effort, Youths stolen and more.

But back to the sentence, he gave few years before his untimely death at 53, “if not human…”.

Perfection does not seem possible in humans

I take some posts insist on this concept: Yes, it's perfect, It is hardly human. Of course, we could say that works like The Last Supper (Da Vinci), or The Rape of Proserpine (Bernini) or performance Nadia Comaneci on the uneven bars in Montreal 1976 they are perfect. Actually, close to perfection. In the very near future, possibly a robot will perfect.

The Rape of Proserpine

Detail of “The Rape of Proserpine” de Gian Lorenzo Bernini

The question, as advanced in Can we promote a culture of human connection in the era of machines? is that the human will spread precisely because human beings, imperfect, incorporate values, ethic, to be changing.

I reaffirm when I read this content and digital magazine Puro Marketing: The 90% digital content will be generated by “bots” on 5 years old . We can see it as a problem, I prefer to see it as an opportunity, human is spontaneous, perhaps erratic, but connects more.

What we are, what we think, what we do, what we project, results and legacy, the large hex personal brand

Maria Callas's life helps me understand that perhaps the personal brand, perspective view years, It is more than we think. It's not just what we are, our identity. Or what we think, our emotional DNA and cognitive. It is not just what we do, around a value proposition getting results for our clients. It is not only what we project, perceived identity. neither results, what got us. It is also what we, in form of legacy VALUE. Six parts forming a hexagon

Surely you think that in the case of Maria Callas the hexagon is easy. My good friend and colleague, Professor Vladimir Estrada, He works with a dimensional model of personal brand formed by 1. What we are 2. What we do 3. What we. I am passionate about the simplicity of the model. For the soprano it made me think that there is something else that makes up our personal brand, and are these three additional points that make up the human part.

And there is the difference in Callas: if not human, your personal brand would not exist.

I will go further in another post on this hexagon. Callas left us a legacy, since 1977 It is not with us. Because he had great friends and powerful enemies. He had the best voice because his mother did not allow him to be more than 30 seconds before a mirror. According to her, He went deep in the music because he did not love. And when he did (with Greek shipowner Onassis), stop singing.

Callas was not perfect, according herself, when he was emotionally well, I did not want to sing. If not human, we would not have let this wonder:

Thank you, my friend Marc, to educate my stubborn ears to savor arias like this. Thanks friend mezzo Julia Arellano by excited with the gift I received after this post you to read.

Markets are already talks, no monologues

Why the hell cost us both conversations in the digital environment?

I have days reading articles that recommend or warn about whether or not to hold talks on Internet, especially in blogs, websites and social networks.

Sincerely, I am not able to see where the controversy may be something-for me- It's very simple: who tells us that the real life protocol should be different protocol in virtual environments?

You think what you want, I see no difference between our way of addressing others in a bar or on the wall of Facebook

Let's see. When someone gives you a book what do you do? First, the thanks, and one day perhaps you correspond giving away another book. In the net is exactly the same. If someone gives you a feedback about something you've written, Typically grateful, even though the feedback It is not positive. Another day, you will give her your feedback (trust me, That's a gift of great value). And that goes with the character, If you are grateful, the thanks, If you are releasing a curse, the loose. As in a bar.

They have created interesting concepts such as netiquette (netiquette), My admired Dr. Mar Castro. I recommend it reading netiquette, a need (2015), a brief and concise post. Highlight a passage that succeeds fully on the idea of ​​digital protocol.

Internet knowledge is shared, information and experiences in areas of dialogue and human interaction of incalculable size, promoting action and bring value to the participants (Mar Castro)

The article also speaks of respect. And I would add: the same respect that you keep (or you should keep) in a bar, an office, a lunch, a family meeting, a business meeting, a worship center, A gym. Even, and excuse angle scatological, in a public toilet. Have not you ever wondered why many people are marranas just outside their homes?

I do not know personally Mar Castro, but the way I behave with her in networks is respectful, as she me.

Markets are conversations

With this sentence begins the wonderful Cluetrain Manifesto, written in 1999 (before Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram is, Twitter…) four visionaries. Let highlight the 6 first points of the manifesto, for me the basis of the new communication protocol and what I call Human Branding:

  1. Markets are conversations.
  2. Markets consist of human beings, not demographic sectors.
  3. Conversations among human beings sound human. They are conducted in a human voice.
  4. Whether delivering information, opinions, perspectives, dissenting arguments or humorous asides, the human voice is typically open, natural, uncontrived.
  5. People recognize each other as such from the sound of this voice.
  6. The Internet is enabling conversations among human beings that were simply not possible in the era of mass media.

Translated (for them) and commented by me, It would be something like this:

  1. Markets are conversations. > I add: So, are no longer monologues. Advertising, once based on a monologue with “market”, days are numbered if it is not adapted to this reality (I know that they are trying, although I doubt that the answer is placed “influencers” all over).
  2. Markets consist of human beings, not demographic sectors. > I add: (dedicated to such Zoido) We are not “turbo”, we are individuals we unite behind a cause, belief, hobby. Perhaps we join in crowds, but we remain individuals, humans. Cast, as argued Yuval Noah Harari in his work “Sapiens, animal gods“, the myth, this story, distinguishes us from animals.
  3. Conversations among human beings sound human. They are conducted in a human voice. > I add: robots that can mimic can many of our things, but we will not give them our soul. That would end the human race in the dimension in which we know now.
  4. Whether transmitting information, reviews, prospects, arguments or humorous asides, the human voice is open, natural, sincere. > I add: This concept of authenticity and consistency is inherent personal brand and contrary to the idea of ​​Trolls.
  5. People recognized as such by the sound of this voice. > I add: the word voice is an abstraction, It does not refer to our sound but our physical and emotional DNA.
  6. The Internet is enabling conversations among human beings that were simply impossible in the era of mass media. > I add: It was time. We have the opportunity to connect with people you do not know by professional affinities, beliefs or ideas. let's do, fuck!!

the monologistas, theater

Markets are conversations, dialogues, gatherings, opportunities. They are no longer monologues. The monologues are well in Comedy club, and are not even true monologues, since attendees show their emotions: It is a dialogue, an absolutely fascinating connection (oysters, and I look like the punset).

Human SEO, another way to look

He is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) referred to as techniques to excel in places like Google should, in my judgment- to overturn. SEO does not prioritize conversations between humans, the quality of a good social gathering, prioritizes relations between man and machine with a changing algorithm. I think Google will punish me for these words, but I just like. I do not want thousands of visits, I want to reach potential customers, friends, contributors.

For years I've heard of the web 3.0, This is 4.0 and 5.0. And what I would like is to hear about the web that mimics the street. If a red light outside Google, it would be full of red lights around, signs in all languages ​​and repeated a thousand times. What cansino, Oh my God. I need only a red light, and if you want, an acoustic signal for people with impaired vision.

A Google will need to be more like the breakfast bar, a real full-fledged social network. And if you do not believe in conversation (and its protocol) In the net, You imagine not believe in the conversation out of it. Things are simpler than they seem. If you greet, you greet. If you recommend, the thanks. And you dan feedback, return it. If you share content, the thanks… As recently shared the great Dan Schawbel, “If you work like a robot, you will be replaced by a robot”. We remain human. It is not so difficult, on my view.

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Value proposal: Do you know which one is yours?

Some days ago, my personal friend and valued colleague brander Ilana Berenholc I was interviewed on value proposition para el blog of filial brasileña HERE (Association of Image Consultants International). Here you can read the post title Value offer: You know what your? .

I found interesting translate (using Google) the Castilian if the Portuguese cost you. There goes that:

Value proposal: Do you know which one is yours?

a Brazil, image consultants complain that the market is saturated and, When we look carefully, the feeling is that all do the same. How to solve this problem?

This is a serious problem because, If the perception is that all do the same, simply become commodities. The increasingly low price to customer and does not care to choose one or other, because they see no difference between professional.

A personal branding, We work not only on how to achieve relevance and the difference, but especially in how to identify the value proposition: Why choose a consultant and not another? What is the value you will add one or the other depending on their experience, their skills, their values, their way of doing things?

Image consultants, What I would say is working its own brand, find their differential, separate their supply from the rest. Separating means adding more value than others. However, Easier said than done.

How would you define the value proposition?

I'm a publicist. For me, A brand is a unique value proposition. Thus, a personal brand is a unique personal value proposition. It is as important as what we do how we do.

The value proposition answers a question: What I solve problem? and also, In another approach what chance detected?.

If I say I am an image consultant, I am using a definition of my professional activity. But that's not a value proposition. A value proposition would say “I get my clients stand out and improve their career profile through my work”. This is a value proposition.

The value proposition focuses on your customer, not you. Speaking of image consultant, career consultant or personal brander does not solve any problem for the customer. The way to solve problems is explaining exactly how to reach your client from point A to point B.

To work the value proposition, I recommend answering these four questions:

  • What is the problem we solve? (pain)
  • What is the chance that detect? (gain)
  • What is the need to satisfy?
  • What are the benefits we bring?

Here are four ways to find our value proposition.

An example: If you define yourself as “senior manager”, I can not tell you solve problem. “Senior manager” only explains the professional category within the company. However, If you approach it as “We promote the development of professional certifications for different groups”, here I understand perfectly the problem-solving. In the first case, just you say what your position within the company, and second, give an answer to the needs of your customer.

Another example is Sarah Harmon, Head of Spain & Portugal Linkedin Talent Solutions, in their profile, instead of writing his professional qualification as office, wrote Chief Motivator @ LinkedIn Iberia, transforming the way companies hire, sell and grow. (LinkedIn chief motivating Iberia, transform the way companies hire, They sell and grow). Thus, explains the problem solving for companies.

Eye! We can not create a value proposition that is not grounded in reality

Our value proposition consists of a series of attributes. If we analyze a well known brand, for example IKEA, We recognize the attributes that are more price and design, attributes that nobody had joined before. Our value proposition consists of rational and emotional attributes, those derived from our values ​​more. And it's much more difficult to imitate an emotional attribute.

An example is a client with whom I worked: It is audit manager. All clients want to work with her because she is always cheerful, with a ready smile. She broke the established idea that auditors are very serious people, gray, you boring. Its value proposition is “Audit Manager, specializing in Real Estate and Infrastructure. Auditing with a smile.”

My advice to all professionals seem cloned others is thoroughly working your value proposition. I recognize that this is not easy in any process of personal branding, but it is the key to differentiate. I recommend that you make with the help of a specialist, a personal brander or someone who can understand the identity of the professional: How am I exactly? How do others see me? What are my hidden attributes I do not know?

Summarizing, the value proposition is something that answers three questions: What problems we solve, What opportunities detect, what needs we cover. To this end, we need to understand our main attributes, and we need the help of someone who understands how we really are. It is important to understand that we are made up of rational and emotional elements, connecting elements which are.

About values, affirm that convey is better to explain. explain it to me.

The person who is aware of your values ​​you can use them in its communication. But there are nuances. If I say I'm a caring person, I like helping others or I'm altruistic is one thing. If you see me on Instagram helping an NGO, I am transmitting these values ​​in a much more powerful way to explaining.

There are several ways to express our values; we can express in words, videos, images and other things. If someone posts a video on Instagram Stories singing with his daughter, that transmits vitality, joy, conveys a lot of information that would not allow another format.

We have to understand the game we got with social networks, knowing that each has its code. LinkedIn is not the same as Instagram. The latter allows us to not only show better who we are, but how we are. We must use more facts and less words. We must use all means not only to explain what our professional offer, but also explain who we are, how we are, and how we can help.

Is there a risk that professionals submit proposals for similar value?

Of course there. What happens is that we know very well our competitors, but our customers do not. Y, many times, who wins is the one who has the best SEO, who managed to position your website better than others. And that is something against which we must fight. Many times, the first to appear on the Internet is not the best.

The important thing is that we have this evidence which supports that are good and show we work in a way that no other works. We need to build on the momentum that good feedback from our customers can give us to fight these SEO experts.

The difference can come with testimonies of our work. This is the best way to fight against our competitors who do not have the same level that we.

I understand that Brazil is a country with lots of competition – there is no place in the world with so many professionals working in the same area. To this end, work the value proposition is critical.

The value proposition is only for those who already have experience or someone who is just starting now can also identify yours?

Both sides can identify and compete on equal terms. Someone who starts can not use his previous experience, but you can base their value proposition in its powers.

A young person has few vices and has the advantage of being able to adapt to customer needs to be less contaminated. It gives off more energy. And in common with experts, It has the support of its values, that may be the way they connect with their customers. Young people work more easily in the digital environment and can also use this competition as a differential. They also have a more modern and updated training, and more creativity, It is a brutal weapon.

Maybe young people will be more difficult to work with a president of a company 50 years old , but they can start working with other customer profiles. There is an English phrase I like a lot to be translated “Pick apples from the tree that are within reach of your hand first.”

Anything else to finish?

We need to use a crossmedia strategy, using many means. We have to get the idea that the off-line media have a unique advantage. If you appear in an interview for a TV show, within a few hours you'll be in digital television portal. You will benefit from the two environments – OFF y ON – in one interview. The same applies for a magazine, an interview on the radio (your podcast)… If I can give advice is that, although today there is a large digital offer, we must remember that most offline media are a mirror online, so it is worth not forget that there is a world wide audience, which also has digital impact.


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Syndrome “I'm the last Coke in the desert”. Diagnosis and treatment.

Let me abuse this week some of my sarcastic brand in a short post. Some days ago, I recovered one of the personality test is doing furor in the network, yes, Crystal Knows, and he appeared headline about me:

guillem recolons / crystal knows

Traduzco: “Guillem learns quickly, and it has strong analytical skills, creative and social… although sometimes it can be shown sarcastic”. You see?. One is as it is. By the way, I must admit that Crystal is a good test, because it allows other people on the network can confirm or extend the feedback about a person. A good tool, and also uses the DISC base to trace their profiles.

Going back to my sarcasm, Today I want to analyze a profile I observe repetitively inside and outside social networks. The person who believes that to be the savior of humanity. Syndrome be “Desert last cocacola“. I borrowed the name of my good friend and partner Dominican Anabel Ferreiras.


You easily recognize this profile. They are people who believe that others should behave according to their rules. And if we do not, we “abroncarán” openly, reaching extremes of confrontation. Not tolerate another code of conduct than yours, and based on that they manage their community.

Their values They dictate behavior of rigidly, imperturbable e inviolable. These people walk upright like a stick, and it finds it hard to show the human side that we all have. His vital purpose, beyond their work, of its value proposition, It is to be guardians of morality. If there inquisition, many of us would have been tortured and burned to mark clear differences with model.


It is not easy to manage change in these people. That act guided by their true values ​​makes it difficult: one root of the value does not change overnight.

The experience is a plus, they say. So I let two suggestions, or at least two modes of reaction that are not excessively bloody:

  1. ignore them. Let still believe you are the last Coke in the desert. You know that do not you going to move to change. So I -aviso- they will disturb more than an angry reaction. But it's smart of you and leaves no excessive consequences.
  2. He brings the bottle of rum and prepares a cubalibre. Sometimes it unsettles more friendly approach to “enemy” the angry reaction or even ignore them. Try to show proximity when you invite the combat strategy is to dismantle. Picture him. Has the weapons loaded and ready, and you show up with a bottle of rum, ice, lemon and two glasses. You go with a white flag case -for- and you comment with polite face: “I bring rum, glasses and ice. I have been told that you have Coca Cola… We are join forces?”

Choose one or the other, I assure you that you will not get generate a change. But at least, In the second option, you will go home happy having shared a Cubata with the person believed to be the last Coke in the desert. To explain the grandchildren.

Good week, And do not forget that what others do, we like more or less, part of your personal brand.

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Personal Branding FAQ 20 Frequent questions (1)

Despite their 20 years of existence aware, el Personal Branding, understood as the management of our personal brand, It is still unknown to many people and organizations.

I teach in formations are given a series of frequently recurring questions that often start either held beliefs or simply curiosity. I thought it was good idea to compile in several posts including responses (always in my humble opinion and based on my experience).

Frequent questions (1)

Personal Branding FAQ 1. Does this takes a long time? (that I do not have)

Time is the great fear of humans. Few people are willing to accept to be removed to put. Remove what does not bring us to adopt what can help is a rare exercise, and healthy again.

Conscious and integral management of personal brand carries a certain first year of dedication. It's time to meet, know where we are , understand where we can get (personal strategy) and put things into question to make it known to the world (visibility).

Like any new discipline, until they became familiar with the mechanics spend time. If one is engaged in fund you can lay the groundwork in three months. If the commitment is lower, We would talk a year. And then? That's the best part, maintenance is a matter of a few hours a week, perhaps three.

Personal Branding FAQ 2. Is this for when I lost my job?

I guess the saying "everyone remembers Santa Barbara when it thunders" is familiar. Personal branding is a strategic competition, no tactics. If you have worked well your brand, you may never shine for you, and if it does, You have exit routes.

Answers a simple question: It's easier, look for work while you work or when you have no work? No more questions, Lordship.

Personal Branding FAQ 3. Of course, then is it to advertise my products and services?

Not quite. it is not about you. It is about creating value to your customer or stakeholder. If you have what they need to solve a problem or detect an opportunity, we are making progress.

Of course there will come a time when, after capturing the attention of your customers, you must explain how you contribute VALUE, and that can itself be a catalog of services or products.

It is about sharing insights and contents that have the ability to change the perception of your customers about something, provided through a powerful value proposition, relevant and differentiated (there is nothing).

Personal Branding FAQ 4. A personal brand do you have, it is created, is constructed?

Anglos often use the term build your personal brand (Build your personal brand). My personal opinion is that we are not brands (Sorry to contradict, Tom Peters), or create, We build or manufacture our personal brand. Personal brand, is as values, They not come standard but enrraizan from early childhood.

Leave a mark. leave mark. Everything leaves a brand, what we do and what we do, what we say and what we are silent. The key, and one of the important parts of personal branding, It is to know what that mark we leave on others. It is a principle of self-knowledge that will allow us then to know if that footprint we leave is aligned with our goals or not.

Summarizing this issue, brand and we are able to manage, maximize, boost personal brand, always after a process that includes a phase of self-knowledge and a strategy (where I am + where I want to go).

Personal Branding FAQ 5. Why should I manage my personal brand?

There are numerous reasons. Not long ago I published on this blog a post titled "23 reasons to get in value”. But being more synthetic, underlined the six main reasons for managing your brand:

  1. Control. If you do not control your, You are going to let others who do. Taking the reins is always advisable, and more in digital environments, where it is relatively easy handling.
  2. Value. Brand's Value, Brand value is. Our value proposition acts as a magnet that can attract stakeholders (interest groups) who have unresolved problems or opportunities for detecting, and that they are within our reach.
  3. Values. The value proposition alone may not be enough. Differentiate with relevance should be complemented with the help of our Superpowers, Our values, that make us closer to the project shall be settled in.
  4. Spokesmen. We are all ambassadors for one or more brands. If you work for someone else, the brand or brands represent an organization. If you are self-employed, You represent you or taught you created. It is a responsibility that requires learning and certain protocols.
  5. Find job, improve our position in an existing job or undertake. For any of these three facets, personal brand management is an essential ally.
  6. Ser option elected, preferential. It is a consequence of a process well managed brand, definitely, one of the objectives of personal branding.

I hope I have clarified doubts and concepts with this boot FAQ (1). I hope the coming weeks with the 15 other questions. Have a nice week!


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Working as part of living; that of “work to live” It has expired

Following a good post of Andrés Pérez Ortega entitled Who do you work really (and I recommend reading), I issued a tweet supporting it with a pair of images. Up to this point, nothing new. But tuitero (by the way, very proud of their community judging by his bio), by name Oscar Gamarra, tuit answered the question: Do you work to live or live to work? Who answers?

Do you work to live or live to work? A question that, for me, It has expired

I am firmly convinced that work and part of living. I forgive the unemployed, but if job seekers are working on a project > Find employment. The boundary between living and working is fading. and Pink identified this emerging trend 2002 in his prophetic book Free Agent Nation. but after 2002 They have passed many things that force us to reflect:

the future of work

Source: EY

  • According Kelly Palmer, CLO, the responsibility lies with each person when to take control of their professional development. That is to say, this is not the end of the training offered by enterprises, but the end of mentoring and responsibility for such training.
  • I often use the phrase Vijay Singh, former head of innovation VISA Inc.: what others say about us will be the most important metric of the future. And that highlights the importance of Personal Branding and personal reputation have and will.
  • On the other hand, McKinsey says workers who have the skills and support needed will ease the transition to new jobs. But it is worth noting that these posts will also largely to freelances.

Do you remember when undocking?

I hope the question does not offend. First began disruptions to our “extra-work life” with email. They were then SMS, those who followed other applications like Whatsapp or Telegram. The question is do we take work home? or simply because we have incorporated new hybrid habits into our lives.

One can take a trip a week in the middle of spring and continue “fulfilling” with his job description, thanks to computers, smartphones, videoconferences… The holidays will be more deconstructed. The famous month of paid vacation is history for many (I include). It is replaced by small periods away as you can.

What I'm seeing is that the work is integrated into our lives, is no longer that if you work to live, is that It integrates many living things inseparable, including an increasingly continuous connection with work projects.


cover image: Linkedin

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Ten years incontinence, ten years of this blog

Ten years of not being able to suppress my thoughts, my ideas. Ten years incontinence. The principle is undressing. Then you realize that striptease Mental is not negative if you have your audience and, above all, if it adds value.

You are right, this month ten years of this blog are met

It was spring 2007. I reached an agreement with John Paul Tréguer in Paris to represent his successful agency TVLowCost in Spain. The idea was good: packetize advertising campaigns on national TV at affordable price (250.000€) and including research, 6 Ad scripts, shooting 3 or 4 Ad versions from 7 and 10 TV campaign seconds approx. 250 GRPs (some 250 audience points summed crude).

The way to reach customers devised by Jean-Paul was (And it is) buy email lists (permission marketing) to send a monthly newsletter, and, more important, manage a blog. What is a blog? At that time I had no idea, for me it was a web blog but staff. But I was wrong, He did not need to be personal and present its dynamism and, It was not a web use.

First steps in blogging

In April 2007 He had already created two blogs, TVLowCost that of Spain and another for a political candidate. And in December, does 10 years old , I opened my own. Then the URL was My own company was called so, Lateral Consulting, and it was not until 2010 that I changed the name to the current

If I dared to open my own blog was because I was already familiar with the content creation and publishing platforms Blogspot and WordPress (I unify finally WordPress, there is no comparison). By that time hardly existed SEO, It was mainly to create a tag cloud for visitors to blog could find content more easily.

Although social networks already existed, in Spain few had in 2007 an account on Twitter or Facebook or Linkedin. The important thing was to share the blog in places like Delicious, DIGG and some more healing platform.

The first post

The 12 from December 2007 I published the first post Marketing lateral. The pleasure of rereading Kotler, a review of a book that struck me as much as “the Bible” Lateral thinking, the great thinker Maltese Edward de Bono.

The early years focused more on content areas at that time occupied my field of action: political communication, lateral thinking and environment low cost.

Rereading some of those early posts judiciously today, we would say they were content very simple, anti SEO (very brief post), but with ideas and insights a certain value. And always in personal tone. Who writes a blog as a press release company always boring.

Little by little, transmitting personal brand

It is true that a blog is an "accelerator" personal brand. I explain: what previously he was on the mark in private circles (job, friends, family) extends to the blog your circle of influence humanity connected. Big responsibility.

Besides going to expand that circle of influence, since 2007 I started working without being aware of it yet- personal branding consulting. My first customers: political leaders, artists, managers and entrepreneurs. I called him "personal communication consulting".

A few months later, my friend Linda Reichard said -mirándome with serious rictus- what you are doing is called personal branding.

Awareness of Personal Branding

From that moment I began to realize that there was a strategic process (then something primal) to manage personal branding people, Personal branding. I started to read the first manifesto of personal branding, article Tom PetersThe Brand Called YOU“. My friend recommended me to read Dan Schawbel, and William Arruda. Excellent excellent books and blogs. In addition, I discovered Neus Arques with his And you, what brand you are? (Alienta 2007) very oriented to personal reputation. Shortly after I read Personal brand of Andrés Pérez Ortega (Basic, 2008).

Later, I started with other authors such as Brenda Bence (How you are like shampoo), Catherine Kaputa (You are a brand), Hubert Rampersad (Be the CEO of your life), …

Although most texts are very much focused on the need to differentiate, as advertising it was clear that this was VALUE. He remembers that in “Brand = unique value proposition). I also clear that a simple method was needed to manage it, based on three key phases: self-knowledge, personal strategy and visibility; later, to inaugurate Soymimarca, I baptized him as “Iceberg method Personal Brand“.

First content on personal branding

The first post is just 150 words (was little SEO), called “The impact of the web 2.0 in the Personal Branding“. Thereafter there 300 articles under the category Personal Branding, which eventually it drifted to personal branding applications in organizations. If I add that the 400 written in the blog Soymimarca and I add external collaborations, I'm near 1.000 articles.

The most read

I started “audit” the web in February 2012, so maybe I forget some relevant content on the road. The 10 most read, according to Google Analytics, high to low are:

  1. What makes you a unique person in the world. January 2017
  2. How to analyze your CV based on the generation recruiter. July 2016
  3. Personal Branding in the company. Applications, pros and cons. January 2017
  4. What kind of thinker are. December 2015
  5. The best of 2016 Personal Branding. January 2017
  6. Disappearing professions are you on the list? April 2014
  7. 8 steps to find a good job. August 2015
  8. And you, and you discovered your superpowers? December 2016
  9. 23 reasons to get in value. April 2017
  10. Sr. Risto Mejide, things as they are: Thank you. September 2014

With what I most enjoyed

Los rankings son los rankings, but along the way are some items that may have the greatest influence among my clients.

  1. The pain in the ass of the name Garcia. June 2012
  2. What is a stakeholder and how it affects brand management staff? Mayo 2017
  3. Storytelling, connecting speech, seduces and convinces. April 2016
  4. Mark package as value proposition works? April 2017
  5. Personal Branding y plan B: Key transition. February 2016
  6. 14 questions to see if I fit in an organization. April 2015
  7. What is the trigger for your career? August 2017
  8. A professor of personal brand without personal brand? March 2014
  9. useless words and personal brand. September 2016
  10. Stupidity of stereotypes. June 2016

This does not end here

I threaten: I intend to continue writing. I wish the thing for another ten years. If this has lasted 10 years I owe it to you, the readers. Thanks with all my heart. Everything leaves a brand, recargáis energy and you mine.

Starting from scratch after a bump… ¿Impossible task?

Will start from scratch happened to you? You can spend?

I've encountered some cases of people who, After a blip in his career, they consider Starting over. Personal brand management we often talk about change. When someone searches for a new approach it may be due to many factors.

Causes that lead us to start from scratch

  • Dismissal. In this case I would like to recall that when a person involuntarily terminated his career in an organization, you are fired from the organization, not of the profession. Often occurs syndrome “I'll break all” leading to decisions not always appropriate. We must deeply analyze the reasons for dismissal, you may have no connection with the skills and achievements.
  • Dissatisfaction with career development . It occurs when a person realizes he was wrong career. Example: a person studying economics, and spent two years working as a consultant realizes that what he does not like. It's not the company's fault, simply that the vision and values ​​themselves are not aligned with the “job description”.
  • In environments “contaminated” (Interior dismissal). Be watching the clock, lose enthusiasm for work, leave a few minutes before the hour. It is not a problem of the type of work to be done. The Interior dismissal It has to do with emotional stability, with living with greater than or equal to no chemistry.
  • Uncertainty. In a recent post I discussed automation risk professions. If you are an insurance agent or accountant you will have seen that many of the tasks you desempeñabas now can manage software, CRM, an app. The risk of uncertain future is there.
  • Disease. Many people ask Starting over after suffering a disease that could be related to job stress. Heart problems, depression, some cancers… It is common to seek a new life, even at the expense of giving up income or other benefits. There is something very important at stake, more than any employment or entrepreneurial project.
  • failed entrepreneurial project. Maybe the most frequent case. Among entrepreneurs, raise your hand that you have not had one or more failed projects. In this, and experience, I can only say that every failure is a lesson that indicates the ways in which we must not return. Get up and insist.
  • New skills acquired. I comes to mind coaching. Many people I know have been trained in coaching as a parallel activity to work and ended up starting a new project from scratch. Or even changing department within the organization.

Starting over 1: Overcoming self-pity

In most cases the reason for the change is involuntary, a period of self-pity occurs. Not worth for anything, this is not my, there is no place for me. Curiously, This is a time instead of looking for answers, we keep asking questions. As if we did not believe in the diagnosis.

I declare myself a fan of the series Suits (the key to success). In a passage of the 7th episode of the 4th season I found a reflection in this sense that I leave here. Lasts less than a minute, but it contains an idea which helps to understand how to overcome self-pity:

Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) It is a professional transit time. You will see one of your customers, someone who overcame a blip, and asks what was the key to success. The employer created a new concept called “fantasy baseball”. To get there was essential to stop questioning to start finding answers. But that was not all, and most importantly.

The employer supports their values ​​change, professional maturation process that led him to put forward human relationships that the economic benefits. I understand is it not a benefit to be surrounded by people with whom you share goals and values?

Starting over 2: Our personal brand carries scars, can not it be a different way

Starting from scratch is not an impossible task. The scars of our past experiences are pure sap for the future. We must assume that it is never too late to start again. True, always analyzing what is the engine of change and what will be the fuel that will drive our new life.

If that's not motivation enough, Cheer up listening to the great Willie Nelson and On the road again.


Guillem Recolons and Enrique Rueda

20 August 2017

I dedicate these lines to my friend Enrique Rueda, someone who never trembled pulse to start from scratch, delude new projects, and I do always from from humility, The humanity, with respect for the values ​​and enthusiasm for life and friendship. It's a shame you are no longer in this world, Doc. The world needs more people like you. eternal embrace.


Value and Values, the heart of the personal brand

A personal brand is transmitting Value and Values

  • Does 40 years old : A factor of choice for professionals ago 40 years was based on merit, family, contacts, accumulated experience…
  • Does 20 years old : The same factor ago 20 years valued above all the skills and reputation, especially from “bosses”.
  • Today: Today one of the main factors is the choice combination value and values. I explain. Valued I mean value proposal, the ability to solve problems in a unique way. With Values I mean our way of dealing with problems, solutions and connect with others. Today is a career which suggests Value and Values.

This is not to communicate, it is to communicate well

Soon they will be fulfilled 10 years of this blog, and 9 I write about personal branding. I was the first to coin the phrase: "If you fail to communicate not exist", but after that time I realize that the phrase is not defined at all the heart of the personal brand.

This is not to communicate, it is to communicate well, and we need message to convey our value proposition and style (way to do it, to interact ...) to transmit our values.

Of course, We also need a public, a recipient of the message, also channels, a transmission routes,..

On the value proposition it has been said and written. If you know me, You know I do not like beating around the bush, My favorite definition of value proposition is: I solve what problem. And the way you solve the problem reflects your values. It may seem very simple, but how difficult it is to find the proposal and the best way to reflect it.

value proposition

Example of a good value proposition

If you say you're firefighter me you convey a profession, an activity. If you say you help save lives're telling me solve problem; and that may not be enough.

In the image, Tsavo Neal helps consultants to win customers through their web to devote less time and more billable marketing. It is a proposal full value, which not only indicates that problem solved but what comes Neal won his client.

Values ​​are the factors, in my judgment- determinants of an election. I explain. Before two professionals with identical value propositions always be inclined us to choose to transmit values ​​that give us confidence and that are commensurate with the activity we require.

You have two candidates for a job; Both have studied the same degree and the same master, They have similar age and experience Who choose? You give a tour and discover the candidate Instagram A volunteering to collect food at Christmas. That's what I mean, the candidate A He has not said that is someone solidarity, altruistic, committed; it has passed with a simple image.

Transmit better explain

In a nutshell, in our relations not only we seek competent professionals, also good people. The first thing we have with the value proposition, the second with the values.


Values ​​are not counted, transmitted. As much as you say you are a person committed, you'll have to demonstrate or have to get others to recognize you as such. Your words, in this case, They have little effect.

In the image, my colleague Paula Fernández-Ochoa from Instagram profile @vivircorriendo transmits the values ​​of sport: self-improvement, discipline, preparation, effort,

Blog, value proposition and Values

I often repeat everything marring, what we do and what we do, what we say and what we are silent. At a time when to communicate (good) is connected, I take this space Value and Values ​​to claim the blog as great transmitter of both drivers.

The blog could be considered a digital home. In our house we keep fewer secrets than in other people's houses (social networks). But as in all, everyone decides graduation on the exposure of his personality. I've seen blogs without about me and I've seen others that the author has published results of psychometric tests or emotional intelligence.

As my colleague says Arancha Ruiz, no rules, but consider that matter our story. Increasingly. The generation of our parents, call “silent” advocated discretion. Again, today, If we do not "good" we do not exist. By that I do not say that demos the kibosh on privacy. You have to be careful about what you post, but also worth being yourself. I remember that the values ​​do not communicate, transmitted.

Blog dominate the middle, We have the last word. In networks, just the opposite. Some people remove negative comments on blogs, and I think that's an error. It is a challenge to respond with an angry comment elegance. Networks struggle to open field, without protection. Twitter ha “killed” more than a political, artist, businessman. It is a network that requires great communication skills Assertive, but not the only. There is nothing more cruel than troll comments see hundreds of people after a story in a digital diary. So we are bad? possibly not, but the anonymity and the relief that allowed some ciberextremistas is a response to some frustration. When the mask is removed, But are they still themselves?

How to convey our value proposition and our values ​​in various digital environments can and should be differentiated. Everyone chooses the degree of intensity of your privacy. I have a differentiated strategy for each social network, and only I could "clone" a post on Instagram with Facebook, and I've done it a few times. Each network has its codes and its public. Would not make sense to publish the same and with the same tone in all social or professional networks, although it is full of gurus out there saying we have to link all our social networks.

An essential value

The authenticity It is one of the mandatory values. It is a risk position yourself politically moderate and even being thought pactista. Praising a goal by CR7 can close doors in Barcelona as one of Mince praise can close in Madrid. It seems that we have become intolerant, so the transmission of values ​​should be imposed on the creeds. It is a complex issue, of that there is little science but a lot of experience. I can hardly explain that people have a single personal brand but we can hold different roles.


summarizing, I am increasingly convinced that the essence of personal branding is a powerful combination of value (value proposition) and Values (Superpowers). Without that, we can do SEO, SEM or be present in many social networks. The secret (if any) It is essentially on the presence prioritize. Was about being. Connect on making noise. A hug!

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