Story, platform, audience; key in communicating our personal brand

In recent years we have gone from message, medium, target audience account, platform, audience.

It may seem that this is a merely formal question, but the change is not free. It is based on the need to project our attitudes in addition to our skills.

It is not true that circulating lately that the experience, a university degree or a master are useless. What happens is that's not the only thing that is valued.

It has rained since Goleman published his Emotional intelligence. And the truth is that now more and give more value to our soft skills: adaptability, negotiation, leadership , teamwork, values, assertiveness, empathy…

It is no longer what we say, is how we, what support or platform and what audience.

Message to story: the coldness of the data to the emotional connection

We are getting better. From “commercial” a “account manager” there is more than a translation. The idea of “manager” conveys commitment, responsibility. It is a principle. There is no value proposition, but there is more value in the proposal.

I stress again that if we turned the charge on the card lose an opportunity to connect. Although there are exceptions. I remember it almost 20 years I met a promising entrepreneur Bonomi family / Benetton handed me a card under the name read in charge of ideas (in charge of ideas). It was certainly a pioneer.

How could I work a “commercial” its value proposition? Reading the great post Inge Sáez “How to write a professional holder high impact on Linkedin” I read the inspiring example of Tino del Pozo: “… Helping to generate traffic, qualified leads and sales”. Improvement, don't you think so?

The secret: Value proposal + Values

I am not of those who have magic formulas, I not write these lines from the plant 60 of a building in New York. I think the words success and leadership are beginning to spend so much rule, sometimes understandable contexts and sometimes trivializing his idea. I distinguish two types of people: the connecting and that do not connect.

Connecting people usually work in depth their value proposition, which they accompany their values. But not declaratively, but demonstrative. Recently my I admired Joan Clotet He invited me to give a talk about how to create reports from data (the data to account). The talk, which it took place in the IE in Madrid, the organized the “boss” Joan, Aitor. Joan spoke to Aitor me to pilot this talk about story.

Aitor response was “above all, that is a good person”. Aitor assumed that I could have the skills to discuss story, so I needed to ensure it was what he really cares: people with whom he surrounds himself be good people.

That's what some call leadership, I prefer to call connection, connectivity. Do not say, it does.

Medium to platform: seeking omnicanalidad

I always tell my talks ago 12 years ago, for a personal message reached 5.000 people needed to use media and pay good fortune hired by spaces there.

Today the story has changed, Thanks to the Internet but also to the development of technologies that allows us to use internet from, for example, the beach.

The same article you read can potentially 5.000 or 20.000 People at zero cost thanks to these technologies. Zero cost is a metaphor, because somehow we are putting our time to write, prepare written and spread. But we do not talk about media, We talk about platforms.

Before, Articles in the press disappeared ... in time, Like tears in the rain (Ridley Scott thanks for that one moment Blade Runner).

Now the newspaper archives are publicly accessible (almost all) and the contents are in seconds “they live” forever. Our brand is permanent.

The hearing is liquid, not know you, you find

The last part, but surely the most important, It is the audience. We have gone from Kotleriano concept of market segmentation to the idea that you are not the segmenting, is the audience which does.

They do not know you, but you are. It's that simple. Few seek content by author's name, They seek them for the affinity to the content itself.

The audience loyalty is to the content, and the challenge is to make it to the content creator. For that to occur we need more than a value proposition and values. We need all that becomes a unique style, differentiated, that appeals both to create a more or less permanent hearing (since there is no loyalty in this).

In summary, para subirnos to SXXI, Just look at reality differently. Show more than show. Less message and story, on the right platform and strong enough to attract a liquid hearing.

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What are you going? How cupcake, o muffin cupcake?

You know not excite me stereotypes, but today I put you in the position to decide whether your brand belongs to the type cupcake, muffin o cupcake.

The product may look the same, but the way you get is different.

Are you cupcake?

The Spanish oil used, French butter. And both also used in its basic form eggs, sugar, wheat flour, yeast, lemon flavor.

We could say that quenches cupcake basic need to eat and refuel (sugar). Cupcakes have a long history, many culinary experiences. Cupcake would be equivalent to the figure of mentor, a person with experience, with a path that allows you to guide the mentee based on the successes and mistakes of career mentor.

I think this figure will grow in the coming years due to the maturity of the group Baby Boomer, it can bring wisdom to the beginning. Not only that, Mentoring can be a professional solution for those seniors who slip through the labor market. I invite you to read the blog specialist séniors Prudencio López to know more.

Magdalena, Muffin, Cupcacke

Magdalena, Muffin and Cupcacke

Are you muffin?

Apparently there is no difference with cupcake, but there. less sweet, Many even are salty, the muffins are the American version Cupcake. They are practically the same ingredients. Allowed flavors, nuts… The muffin covers some aspect more than the food itself, because its appearance (container) call more attention, so desire neurons are activated through colors, shapes and smells.

The muffin reminds me Coach, someone who It helps people identify and develop their personal and professional goals more quickly and effectively. The coaching is getting the best out of the coachee, he also accompanied on their way, but not intervene on that path must adopt. It is not based on experience and a methodology of work. Unfortunately, Coaching is in a critical situation saturation (I advise reading “The coach who killed coaching” Ruben Turienzo). It is absurd coaches who live long training and long experience with others trained in a weekend.

Are you cupcacke?

Although you can share ingredients with cupcake and muffin, The cupcake is a pastel put in a cup or a mold cupcake. In addition to the food needs, It covers self-esteem needs, as fancy pastry. It is a small orgy of sensations, sugars, flavors, textures and smells for a snack in the form of reward. .

Somehow, It reminds me of a consultant, someone not only able to identify targets, also strategize, accompany, guys at “get wet” on the road should be adapted. A consultant is a troubleshooter, is Mr. Wolf of the movie Pulp Fiction. the consultant may not have the experience of mentor, but must have a specialty, because it is not the same as a brand consultant, Paradox, career or investment, although all are strategic consultants.

The price varies, but we do not sell smoke

True, Many people think that the price you pay more for a cupcake is by name. It is not like this: pay more because there is more. It covers more needs, It is more complex. I do not care what you call it cake, It will always be more sophisticated than a muffin or a muffin. Meanwhile, the muffin is more expensive than cupcake: It is more compact, less spongy (there is more matter) and is best presented.

No one better than another. They cover different needs, as the mentor, the coach or consultant.

Already you have clear? What is your role? ¿Magdalena, muffin o cupcake? ¿Mentor, Coach Consultant?

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Today is so important to be known as recognized

I leave this podcast an interview I did with the Ondacro 22/10/2015 through its section “Passion and talent” and Gabriel Gómez. From the minute 31 begins the interview, in which he spoke of personal brand, online reputation, personal strategy, notoriety, authenticity, brand ambassadors, monetization of personal management, the importance of being known and recognized and some other things.

Here is the link


Personal branding and digital brand @HoyStreaming

One does not always have the opportunity to compare ideas about the world of personal branding and digital brand professionals as Celia Hil, Antonio Postigo and a number of professionals who were attentive screens for over an hour and a half on live streaming.

It took place on Thursday 15 October 2015 in a Hangout organized and broadcast by HoyStreaming and soul Antonio Postigo.

For those who have lost it, I leave the video after these lines. He talked about everything, definition of chapters, of the reasons for managing brand or not do, methodologies and processes, referents, digital projection attitude and brand, self-knowledge tools…

They emerged more interesting questions from those who followed the event, and I make particular emphasis on the issues raised Joan Clotet, passionate about personal branding and the importance of introspection (knowledge of self) as an engine of personal brand management.

As always happens in these cases, It lacked time to answer all questions, but that we have the social networks. If anyone is encouraged to follow the conversation, I encourage you to do so in Twitter, Linkedin or Google+.

Bon Appetite!


And what brand? Marca eres tú, Eva

De AD (digital illiterate) a knowmad

Definitely, the world of personal branding is enriched with the entry of Eva. If the biblical Eve was known as the first woman of Eden according to Jewish beliefs, Christian and Muslim, Eva Collado It is one of the consolidated management personal brand or personal branding in recent years brands. As she explains, at one point in his career he realized that his digital illiteracy (like all we are not millennials, or Generation Z) would close the doors of their future and worked thoroughly to become knowmad.

We in this we know that each year are published one or two books for his extraordinary contribution become part of the indispensable library of personal branding.

In this premiere Course 15-16 I am pleased to present a brief overview of "Brand you", the first book of Eva Collado, prologado skillfully by Paco Alcaide and a final snap Raquel Roca, where also there are many and great external collaborations of specialists who define what is for them the personal brand (including a modest my contribution).

Your best work is the expression of your own person

This is one of the concepts that starts the prologue of Francisco Alcaide, and it is difficult not to agree. Referring to the mark 2.0, Alcaide advises that "before making the leap to 2.0 the credibility necessary to have won in the 1.0 ". It is of the phrases that one is glad to read, as it helps to deny that that you can create a brand on the Internet from scratch.

Stubbornly passionate woman, nearby

Eva defines herself as "passionate and close" but I will add it to "obstinately" because the adjective defines very well his way of doing things, his tenacity in getting what is proposed using as a main weapon magic of kindness and permanent smile.

Isn't it?, "Mark will you" is not a personal brand manual use. Of those Hayles, and very good. Eva becomes simply moves advice she has given about personal branding and exposure networks. This is more than a memoir format "if I have done me good possibly you too"

Two ideas are clear with Marca eres tú

1 What you propose is possible

2 Nobody says it is easy or that take little time

Thou art book marks, Eva Collado Durán I share many things with Eva, including the need that once detected to take charge of our own lives and an important, in his words "the time has come for you to know how valuable you are to others": there is the essence of personal brand management, no se trata de ti, or how well you do, This is what problem you can solve others, the famous value proposition.

I will not reveal content, that's what the book, but I assure you that compiles tips and tools that have never before seen together and explained so naturally and experiential. Besides being a book for anyone who wants to manage their brand and lose the fear of social networks, This book should be required reading for all community managers. Eva detailed protocols that do not usually appear in digital media courses or social marketing, and detailed in language accessible to all, even those who have not yet dared to enter the "conversation" networking markets.

The final part of Marca eres tú details a recommended excellent personal brand management library for those who, like me, I would like the book not end. Marca eres tú, Eva Collado Durán, edita Rasche.

You want to humanize your brand? (II) Avoid irrelevance

Last 24 of May He wrote on automation Internet that dehumanize our brand. The post was very focused on Twitter, but before we talk about common automation in other networks such as Linkedin I want to make a stop along the way to talk about the irrelevancy that is invading the network, television and our lives. Irrelevance in messages that can make us automatons of the anodyne, of the insubstantial.

Trending Topics deprimentes

Unfortunately the day's topic or trending topic no longer has much to do with a conversation that is generated in the network. Almost always it has to do with something going on TV. The Twitter account that we see every day how we invade tending topics of things going on TV: it seems that Twitter is the forum who have chosen the channels and the audience to criticize or gossip.

If you like my case- He decided some time ago to flee TV, I again I find information networks with the most stupid and irrelevant.

What political dinner? Sincerely, I do not care

The thing is reaching extremes that some journalists include information relevant zero, worthy of the tabloids. What they had dinner Pedro Sánchez (candidate for president of the Spanish government of PSOE) and Pablo Iglesias (candidate can)? Salad and fish. Ahhh, oye, go headline… And not only that, He is also invited Pedro Sánchez. Well, then the subject and deserves three inner pages and a TT (trending topic). It is sad that supports that call themselves as "serious" fall into these traps. TV is already associated with the concept makes a lot of garbage time, and hence the pundits to succeed than those that draw the best analysis but the most disqualifying and shout.

The irrelevance of the media infects people

The problem is that, that by dint of reading and listening to highlight nonsense we will think that we should follow the same path. And honestly, perhaps we should ask if you plan to dine Pepa cat or if it's raining in your town is a fact that will bring much value to others, and consequently our personal brand.

An old technique: count to ten

A good friend and coworker showed me a few years ago the technique of counting to 10. It is very simple. Before executing an action that may have an impact of any kind, it is wait a few seconds and take some questions:

This information will give (tweet, video, post,…)

It can be useful for someone?

You could even change someone's life?

Could, on the contrary, damage my reputation or that of someone close?

Is it in line with my personal strategy?

Can I help you be positioned as a specialist in my field?

¿Humanize my brand, but without falling into irrelevance?

Fail Ana Rosa Quintana Finland

AR he not counted to 10 before launching this message

case 1: rice to band

For example, Imagine that one day you discover the best arroz a banda you've made in your life. It is a personal information, agree, but that's up to you to become relevant (value to others) about Anodina. There are two ways to comment:

Rice often we're taking us with friends at Bar Pepe.

Before and after rice to band: which prepares Bar Pepe Pepe in Alcanar. unique experience with personal touch.

In the first case someone understand what is going on very well taking rice. Surely it is good, but not excellent, and the message generates little empathy: I do not know where the bar is Pepe.

In the second case there is a valuable information: I speak of a higher band rice prepared by a special person, above and tell me where. I can empathize with this experience, and anotarme on the agenda the data to go someday.

case 2: the politician who meets another politician

This is a recurring discussion when I discuss the issue with customers moving in the policy environment. This is not to use Twitter or Facebook as an agenda, for that you have your blog or website game. It is transferred to your followers and opponents initiatives that can lead to improvements for society. two approaches.

10:00h ready for the meeting with Angela Merkel in the Bundestag

Analyzing Merkel and her team with the advantages for Europe of the entry of Turkey into the EU

The difference is obvious. In the first case it is take heart "care, receiveth me Merkel ", while in the second you're telling me that maybe the entry of Turkey into the EU would benefit in the long run our economy and exports. In the second you're giving me valuable information, in the first you get a medal, and that to me is irrelevant.

Personal branding is given value and relevance

If our value proposition is what makes us different, the relevance of our activities and our message acts as a pillar, as a basic point of support for our brand.

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The person as a unique

Sense, purpose, view, mission and personal brand. Review of the book "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor Frankl

I do not intend to discover anything new on a work that was published in 1946 and it is deservedly one of the best-selling books of essays World. My intention is to try to establish, as far as possible, parallels between SENSE, the purpose, the vision, mission and personal brand. personal brandingIt is easy to empathize with someone who has gone through the ordeal of surviving almost miraculously- several concentration camps by his Jewishness. Get into the skin of psychiatrist Viktor Frankl (1905-1997) without having passed through Auschwitz it is not possible in theory, but thanks to his amazing story in psychological key to life in campus you can you move the worst years of Nazism and may try to understand the reactions to life prisoners, of the Cemetery (name of the ascended prisoners who collaborated with the SS) and soldiers responsible for the daily life of these facilities destruction and death.

Man's Search for Meaning mixture autobiography, a psychological test and a theoretical appendix on logoterapia, understood as the science that seeks the "logos" (sense). It is highly recommended, and the only question I ask myself is why the hell did not I would have read before.


It would be wrong to conclude that summary people who have found a meaning to their lives better support the weight of reality and existence, however hard it may be. But there is something of that in reading the book and conclusions. The meaning of life responds, According to Dr. Frankl, al “Why”. In other words, Why we are here?. Is it possible to live life without finding a reason to support it?. Many prisoners lost the meaning of life after losing their loved ones in the gas chamber, typhus or any of a thousand reasons people killed.


The purpose, at least in the guidance given to the term personal branding, respond more Where?. Where we want to go? The purpose I would be more in line with a vital goal, with a destination, and there is less important meaning. Losing a loved one would not have to blur a purpose.


Vision responds to for what. It remains as largoplacista as the meaning or purpose, but here introduces what burners We call the summary of the value proposition. What was I able to help others? To compose vision often retrospective technique is used, consisting picture your own epitaph.


The mission has to do with the way and we will use the provisions in the backcountry. Greek poet Constantine Cavafy the spoke that the meaning of life was not marked by the birth and death but by the way, by crossing (in nautical terms his poem "Journey to Ithaka" talk that it is important not reach the destination -the Island- but experience and knowledge acquired during the voyage). The mission would then respond to how, our values, skills and the way in which we carry out on a daily basis.

Returning to book Frankl, Perhaps the best summary is in this paragraph that I provided in its literal form:

When you accepted the person as a unique being, irreplaceable, then the responsibility arises in all its transcendence that man takes to the meaning of his existence. A man conscious of his responsibility to another human being that awaits him with all your heart, or to an unfinished work, You can never throw your life away. knows the why of its existence and will be able to withstand any how.

Would border the perfection that those of us professionally personal branding could help to answer these four questions to our customers: why? where? for what? and how?. At least we tried, in that attest. When it gets, We are facing a potentially unrepeatable, unique, solid basis, Transcendent and responsible.

thanks Dr. Frankl for giving meaning to so many lives.



Video: Personal brand and personal leadership

A few days ago I had the pleasure of sharing the set with José María Fonseca, HR specialist and host of TV channel “Business Women's Circle and also with my good friend and communication expert Francesc Grau. During the Interview, that also they participated “from distance” the coach Josep Coisals and Carolina Isaacs, good arguments were plotted in defense of the need to manage properly the management as an aid to personal leadership. But I say no more, I leave the interview, brief but intense.



Can you make a career without going through college?

Article published originally on the blog NQSPLS (I do not want to be cover of Mondays in the Sun) directed by Ana Carmen Moruga

I started my career very young. My first payroll, contract practices as a creative assistant advertising agency Tiempo BBDO, It is dated January 1979. I had 16 and she is studying at night. There I understood that communication environment, the creativity, advertising and all the madness that lead would become my profession, my passion.

So it was. Pass 11 years by J. Walter Thompson, then by Bassat & Ogilvy and then Saatchi & Saatchi. Total, some 20 years in the environment of international advertising agency, working for big-budget advertisers and global brands. after those 20 years I wanted a taste of being a shareholder of a company, so I accepted the offer to lead the Barcelona agency Altraforma. Year 1998 and the experience could not start better.

What he happened to my college career?

I did not give priority. To the 18 I was over the COU and got an excellent note on the entrance exam. You could choose. And as I worked in advertising, I decided mistakenly held- Enroll in Economics. A wrong decision for someone of letters and arts.

Indeed, I began Economics, but I ended up never, I was bored too. I took advantage of the situation to pursue a masters degree in marketing, two years very productive night session. To the 18, also enters a new advertising agency, and the 20 I knew I would not do military service.

Back to the topic, in Altraforma I felt comfortable, It works with the same intensity or more, weekends, some nights. But it works "for me". A small piece of the result (If I recall one 15%) it was Min e. In 2000 and 2001 we managed to put the agency ranking places reserved for very large groups. We were a dreamboat. We receive many offers from multinational purchasing groups. The circumstances made no such offer was accepted (crass error) and that 2003 was sighted signs of slowing. I lost a client, some untimely dismissal, things happen in the best families and are often overcome.

The change

thinkbigBut something happened that marked my life forever. Without knowing it, I settled on "comfort zone", in the brain that obscures the need to change the way of doing things. It is possible that some adverse circumstance in my family environment influenced my mood, but outside any rate in September 2004 I reached out an agreement with the majority shareholder of the agency. Euphemisms aside, I was fired from the company. Let's be clear, please. I sold my shares and I went in December of that same year, after a Christmas party that became my funeral advertising.

In January 2005, and thanks to an advertiser who did not want to release my, I started my own business, Lateral Consulting. What side it came by the positive influence of Edward de Bono and his "Lateral Thinking", a book that should be read to babies in the cradle.

There I discovered that I could work like a donkey and be happy. The pressures were my pressures, nobody put me goals, I put them on my own. Without knowing it, I devised my own personal branding plan. In 2007 I accepted an offer to manage the business in Spain TVLowCost, a young French agency that broke the mold and opened in two years subsidiaries worldwide defying its philosophy to large multinationals. The invention is not worked here, which it gave me new parameters to know what not to do, but fortunately my business with Lateral Consulting worked well.

In 2007, from Lateral, I started working on projects and communication strategy aimed at people, professionals. Politicians, entrepreneurs, people who had suffered a layoff ... I still do not know, but my good friend Linda Reichard told me one day that I was called “personal branding“.

Earlier 2010, hand that would later be my current partner, Jordi Collell, We attended a conference in Madrid on personal brand captained by sherpa Andrés Pérez Ortega, and in October of that same year we openedSOYMIMARCA.

the Col·legi of Publicitaris de Catalunya accepted me as referee in 1998 and he sent me the diploma of "publicity" in 2006, after 30 years of uninterrupted career in advertising.

Can you survive without college career?

Of course. My keys were these:

  • Happiness exists. You just have to go get it. And that is achieved overcoming fears.
  • Risking is key. If you do not risk you can live reasonably well with a living wage, but it will be difficult to go to work with the appropriate degree of motivation.
  • You can live with less. Many people are closed in band to undertake for fear of not reaching the levels of remuneration they were working as employees.
  • Think big. Think big. If you have a good idea, ponle resources, do not be stingy. No idea prosper without a decent investment.
  • Surround yourself with the best. So far the topic. But I mean surround yourself with the best people, of people whom you can trust the keys to your life. Quickly detach yourself who do not share your level of enthusiasm for the project, It will become a toxic agent.
  • Become a plan. you map. Follows a script. And you see adapted according to circumstances. Do not close to change course, but keep the destination. And remember, as the Greek poet Constantine P. Cavafy said, the important thing is not only to reach the destination, but learning trip without forcing the crossing.

I know what you offer? The second stage of personal message


Check out This article describes the different ways to communicate your value proposition and generate affinity receptors message.

I remember the five stages of a compelling personal message are:

  • Notoriety. I know you?
  • Affinity I know what you offer?
  • Do I need to fit what you propose me?
  • Choice. Are you better than your competition?
  • Fidelity Do you keep your promises?


messageIt may seem a no-brainer, but after you say your name you have to keep your specialty or your office. For example, “I am Guillem Recolons, personal brand consultant and partner Soymimarca”.

May not discover anything new, but every day more people greeting to simply give the name as assuming that you know who they are. And it is not like that.

So much it costs to invest just 10 seconds to explain your specialty and title?

The problem is that if not you tell input two things can happen: 1. You are a seller you're going to plug something I do not want. 2. I will lose interest in conversation not knowing if there is affinity between you and me, between your business and mine.

This is especially relevant, for example, by phone, means that every time we consider more invasive and requires absolute transparency for good end. Often I get calls “suspected” they have almost always the same pattern: the issuing person takes a few seconds to talk (Switchboard clear signal). Then you need to ensure that your, so ask did you talk to …?. When they suspect it is an unwanted call, Your questions Who do I speak? and that is where communication often breaks, as the caller, instead of properly identified, you loose the trade tirade, from which you flee quickly.

In the online world, I'm sick of seeing people who are either not identified (It is just the name) or put you type an odious euphemism “In active searching of a employment”. that happens, for example, Twitter and Linkedin.

Ghosts in the network

If Twitter I do not see any text under your name, I probably will not refund the follow. I do not have time to get into your timeline and see what content Believe it or what content share. A good description Help me a “follow” I quickly located the kind of person you are.

In Linkedin, I see people who do not write anything under his name, son Ghosts on the net. I also see others with the “In active searching of a employment”, as if that could define the specialty of the person.

Both are wrong, as we continue to prevent interested in continue reading, break affinity.

When, Besides, no photography, we have a person who has something to hide.

So, I said, It may seem obvious, but after you say your name you have to keep your specialty or your office.