I know what you offer? The second stage of personal message


Check out This article describes the different ways to communicate your value proposition and generate affinity receptors message.

I remember the five stages of a compelling personal message are:

  • Notoriety. I know you?
  • Affinity I know what you offer?
  • Do I need to fit what you propose me?
  • Choice. Are you better than your competition?
  • Fidelity Do you keep your promises?


messageIt may seem a no-brainer, but after you say your name you have to keep your specialty or your office. For example, “I am Guillem Recolons, personal brand consultant and partner Soymimarca”.

May not discover anything new, but every day more people greeting to simply give the name as assuming that you know who they are. And it is not like that.

So much it costs to invest just 10 seconds to explain your specialty and title?

The problem is that if not you tell input two things can happen: 1. You are a seller you're going to plug something I do not want. 2. I will lose interest in conversation not knowing if there is affinity between you and me, between your business and mine.

This is especially relevant, for example, by phone, means that every time we consider more invasive and requires absolute transparency for good end. Often I get calls “suspected” they have almost always the same pattern: the issuing person takes a few seconds to talk (Switchboard clear signal). Then you need to ensure that your, so ask did you talk to …?. When they suspect it is an unwanted call, Your questions Who do I speak? and that is where communication often breaks, as the caller, instead of properly identified, you loose the trade tirade, from which you flee quickly.

In the online world, I'm sick of seeing people who are either not identified (It is just the name) or put you type an odious euphemism “In active searching of a employment”. that happens, for example, Twitter and Linkedin.

Ghosts in the network

If Twitter I do not see any text under your name, I probably will not refund the follow. I do not have time to get into your timeline and see what content Believe it or what content share. A good description Help me to “follow” I quickly located the kind of person you are.

In Linkedin, I see people who do not write anything under his name, son Ghosts on the net. I also see others with the “In active searching of a employment”, as if that could define the specialty of the person.

Both are wrong, as we continue to prevent interested in continue reading, break affinity.

When, Besides, no photography, we have a person who has something to hide.

So, I said, It may seem obvious, but after you say your name you have to keep your specialty or your office.

¿Te conozo? The notoriety as stage 1 personal message


Visibility is the first stage of a personal message. Find out in this article the different ways to make yourself known, from classical and infallible until they have revolutionized communication, online.

He said last week that the five stages of a compelling personal message are:

  1. Notoriety. I know you?
  2. Affinity I know what you offer?
  3. Do I need to fit what you propose me?
  4. Choice. Are you better than your competition?
  5. Fidelity Do you keep your promises?


doIknowyouCertainly, I do not know if I know you hardly what you offer. So here we speak of a iceberg invested, when the first contact with someone occurs through visibility.

Today, Fortunately, there are more ways of making themselves known, for example, 10 years old .


We have the classical and infallible like writing a book, appear regularly on any media such as radio, press, TV. They are not available to everyone, but remember that there are also local stations, the regional press… We pretend not to reach the moon on the first day.

We attendance at events, events… with its corresponding card exchange (networking, if you prefer). This is available to all mortals. And all you need are three things: forward, knowing planning events related to your environment, and have business cards. You do not have a? You can also be speaker, sure you master some area. If you dare not do it alone, try to go hand in hand with someone else.

We have, in labor, the CV or resume, a document increasingly useless but many companies still require. I find useless because it has become such a standard format that is almost impossible to stand out in the. I, If I had to re-invent, would make him a sheet of paper 10 or 12 names and telephone numbers of people important in our lives. And a message: if you really want to know me, Call it.


And now we have the world of bits, the Web 2.0 or the democratization of communication (thanks to which, for example, You are reading this text). Where to begin?

Remember some key at this stage: first content and then the medium. It is not created profiles on networks. It is knowing who we want to go, which are related supports, what periodicity, what kind of answers we seek.

The average online king is, definitely, the blog. Es tu alter ego virtual, your house, the place where all information is summarized on you, on your way of looking at things, your passions and phobias. Definitely, offer value. No need to know to manage a blog writing. There are blogs that only reproduce copyright content from other blogs in a selective manner. There are also videoblogs, fotoblogs…

But How does the content of a blog people? Yes, throught social media. They come in all tastes, but distinguish personal from professional. A tip if you want to generate a value networking is that you move around Linkedin, YouTube, Twitter, Slideshare, Pinterest and if you want Facebook and Google Plus.

Finally, do not forget to control the reputation, Therefore it real and online. If you do not do it, others managed for you (in their own way).

Books recommended at this stage of notoriety:

Next week we talk about personal affinity do I know what you offer?

The 5 stages of a compelling personal message


I remember from my time in J. Walter Thompson a process that analyzed the purchasing system of a product. She is beginning by the need, followed by the search, the proof, the comparison, the purchase, experience and repetition (if the experience was good).


imageObviously, yes, “buying system” It was very complete and sophisticated investment in large-the homebuying, a car- and much simpler in the case of a product of impulse buying, like an ice-cream (is hot, passing through a kiosk and bought ice cream).

Is the purchasing system is applicable to persons?


In a way yes, but I will point out some logical changes resulting from the more emotional and enduring nature of the human condition. And since people are not objects to be bought (agree, He has not yet entirely disappeared slavery, but we speak in general terms), we will focus on staff efficiency MESSAGE.

I distinguish 5 steps to calibrate a personal message cale deep and be effective:

1. Notoriety. I know you?
2. Affinity I know what you offer?
3. Do I need to fit what you propose me?
4. Choice. Are you better than your competition?
5. Fidelity Do you keep your promises?
Next week we thoroughly on stage 1, notoriety.

Will this be the year of personal branding?

Determining indications poke:

  1. Perceive in professional circuits that expression “personal branding”, “management” or “branding personal” the They do not sound Chinese as a few years ago. These circuits include both independent professionals and those working in organizations.
  2. Search engine perceive that every day there are more people talking about it on the net. Unfortunately, many are “fake” Consultants who have not even taken the trouble to read a reference book.
  3. I perceive the growing interest publishing for publishing titles about personal branding.
  4. I sense that many responsible RRHH -even are approaching a timid- this world. Some do not because of ignorance or fear (not know what).
  5. I perceive that the US is no longer the only country referential personal brand. Latin America He is waking up and preparing professionals. And in Europe it burns.
  6. Perceive that the universities begins to open his eyes to the reality of personal branding.
  7. I perceive that companies, large and small, realize the power of people and the growing humanization of corporate communication.
  8. I sense that many people no longer are embarrassed recognize who they have been counseled by a personal brand consultant. Forgive the analogy, but other people think the issue should be treated as a breast enlargement operation: but it does not say.
  9. perceive that courses proliferate -Unfortunately the personal branding 90% son incomestibles- in the training scenario.
  10. I perceive, with great satisfaction, many already understand the personal branding as a personal investment medium-term.
Here you have a picture of Google Trends showing the evolution of interest about personal branding.

You have to thank many people this year, maybe, It will be the year of personal branding. On the right side of this blog is a list of link call “Personal Branding”. There are many of those responsible for spreading the concept.

Nonetheless, I have not gotten my mother knows what work. There is much to do, but the year looks good.

23 -the personal brand definition video-

If you had not yet clear what personal brand, This video helps to clarify concepts. Happy 2013!

Now is the e-book with the best of Soymimarca of 2012

Soymimarca yesterday presented his book summary of the best of 2012 “It's something personal”. It is an e-book for free download that from Slideshare.

This time involving many more authors: Jordi Collell, Aléxia Herms, Neus Fornells, Pablo Adán Micó, Carmen Gibert, Celestino Martinez, Cristina Lastra, David Alcubierre, Gian-Lluís Ribechini, Pau Hortal, Paula Fernández-Ochoa, Xavier Roca Torruella, Javier Zamora Saborit and a server.

As the e-book the first year, “Personal and transferable“, This time the items have been classified according to the three parts of the iceberg personal brand: self-knowledge, and visibility strategy.

To download the book, you just have to click on the image:


Mistakes to Avoid When presented

I read an interesting article Pete Leiman, author “I Got My Dream Job and So Can You” it reveals a error common, seemingly innocent, we make very often when we meet someone who does not see time.

The conversation, a whole classic, I could go here:

  • ONE: How are you? How are you doing?
  • OTHER: Well you can see, one year older and a little fatter

Leiman warns that this conversation is doomed to follow a very different path to type a reply “"Good!. I had my first child and my life has changed for the better since, I can not complain!”.

In the first case you are forced to ask why age and obesity, a conversation little positive. The issue here is that if it had been a first meeting, Mr. “Other” certainly he had not responded with the old and fat.

This obsession self-degradarse It is deeply rooted in our culture: Typical answers to how are you? son, for example:

  • If you do not go into details, good
  • I've been better
  • Taking, doing
  • Well, I can not complain at all
  • Are bad times

Although very familiar everyday expressions, the truth is that condition the conversation and lead to a depressive scheme, from which nothing good can come.

Leiman stresses that, instead of that, demos a good reason to rejoice the meeting. Try to be positive in times of crisis, safely, be different, leave a management interesting. On a positive conversation it is more likely to appear possibilities of a new personal or professional reunion they can leave benefited both parties.

Smile, that something is.

You are not what you promise, if not you show

While I have the honor of meeting Patrick Renvoise, expert in neuromarketing, I completely agree with your statement: We are not what we promise, we are what we show. I do not intend in this post theorizing about neuromarketing, that's what the specialists. But the claim that titles this article deserves a reflection from the perspective of personal branding.

In any process of consulting personal branding there is only one thing beyond our control: This is execution of an action plan. I can advise a person to write on a given topic to convince a certain audience. But I can not write about him; yes, I will perhaps early in the process, to cheer up, to demonstrate that writing is not so difficult. But writing, in the long run, would be devoid of authenticity, prove false.

When a large company president issues a speech, your personal brand is present. The same applies to a political leader; You can being advised, but in the end the speech has to chart its mark. Otherwise it will not be credible, at least in the medium term.

As much as we help someone to define its proposal, his message, eventually that promise needs to be demonstrated by card issuer. remember that, at the end, everything is known and masks just revealing what lies behind.

The conclusion can not be other: personal branding does not work miracles, in the end everyone has to be responsible for complying with the plan. A doctor can help you stop smoking, but can not make you stop smoking physically, that action up to you.

self-knowledge, and visibility strategy, the keys to managing an attractive brand

Review appeared in EQUIPMENT AND TALENT

self-knowledge, and visibility strategy, the keys to building an attractive brand

Does the online image of a professional is as important as offline? How important plays in improving employability? Viadeo along with Guillem Recolons, personal branding expert and co-founder SoyMiMarca, They have presented the keys to building, improve and enhance the brand that projects an individual personal and professional level, both online and offline.

In this sense, Guillem Recolons noted: “The strategic goal of personal branding is to help us visualize where we want to be in ten years and learn to use the tools to reach that destination”. Thus, Recolons has highlighted three key steps for creating professional positioning we want:

self-knowledge: It is important to start by asking yourself some questions about our current situation. Who I am? What are my skills? How far my education and training arrives?
Strategy: How do others see me? How did I get here? What is my competition? What I want to achieve target? Once we have an accurate idea of ​​how we see ourselves and how we see, we are in a position to raise the best strategy for our positioning.
Visibility: It is time to start communicating our mission, vision and values, as if it were a business, and build our personal brand.

Likewise, Recolons stressed the need to work the message we convey and how we do. Bearing in mind that our brand communication occurs in any context, either offline level (on a business card, a networking session, el popular ‘elevator speech’, among others) as online (social networks, professional and nonprofessional, blogs, Online Reputation, among others).

The marches begin with one step. Brands also.

Nobody will give us anything. Leave easy mark, anyone can do it. Leave a good brand requires years of perseverance and effort.

Dicen que las marchas empiezan por un paso. Brands also. But after the first goes second, and then the third, and then…

…Constancy, constancy, constancy.

No one, anyone, no people, You will achieve its objective without evidence.