entrepreneur versus employee

Entrepreneur versus employee Who do you identify with?

Are you an entrepreneur or employee? This guillem Recolons post compares both profiles and gives us clues to identify with which of the two we are most related.

Personal brand and smoke sellers / 2 (by Andrés Pérez Ortega)

Following the thread of the post posted last week about the personal brand and smoke sellers / 1, this time we act as amplifier of the post that publishes this same morning the blog of the personal brand sherpa Andrés Pérez Ortega. Here's the content: Coopetidores, looters and converts a few months ago, in the … Read more

Personal brand and smoke sellers / 1

Don't listen to anyone who promises you fast personal brand income. They'll be selling you smoke, nothing but smoke.

Señoras, señoresel currículum ha muerto (o eso parece)

Ayer tuve oportunidad de asistir a PERSONAL BRANDING / 1er encuentro de gestión de la marca personal que tuvo lugar en el hotel Intercontinental de Madrid. Coordinado por Mónica Deza, contó con excelentes ponentes: Andrés Pérez Ortega (Marca Propia), José Manuel Casado (Casado Consulting), Eduardo García Matilla (Corporación Multimedia), Pablo Melchor (Honest&Smart), Óscar Bilbao (HerederosRead more