14 cases invisible personal brand that changed the world

When a career invisible can change history

If not because someone dared to break the rules, we would not be where we are.

It is always difficult to talk about Personal Branding and famous. The bias is large, because people who change the world is confused with others, simply, They are different. I usually say that the difference, irrelevant, It is only pose, lacks value proposition.

That's why I decided a few weeks ago with a small experiment: publish micro-stories “unsung heroes” in a social network not meant for something: Linkedin. The surprise is that the scope of the publications was more than I could hope, and not only that, interaction also generated (engagement).

Maybe it's a hasty conclusion, but the stories, small stories, we like them. And no matter where we find, especially if they accompanied by images that speak alone.

Here we have gorgeous photographs with their little mini-retatos of people who do not appear in the history books but without them many things would not have happened or would have occurred years later. The invisible personal brand may not leave any footprint, but its influence.

Tenzing Norgay

Edmund Hillary y Tenzing Norgay one 1953

Edmund Hillary y Tenzing Norgay one 1953 / Source: Wikimedia Commons

Nepalese Sherpa Tenzing Norgay It was one of the first people to reach the summit of Everest 29 May 1953 junto a Sir Edmund Hillary. Hillary himself and John Hunt, head of the British expedition, They were appointed “Sir” by deed.

Norgay received a simple honorary medal.

Fame, The Power and the Glory are less important than we think. Perhaps Don Quixote had not been anyone without Sancho Panza.

Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges

Wikimedia Commons: Ruby Bridges guarded by police officers off school.

In 1960 Ruby Bridges first enters into a white school in New Orleans, starting the integration. Were 6 children admitted but only small Ruby with the support of his mother had the courage to cross the threshold of that door under the hostile gaze of parents of white children that did leave school… Teachers also refused to teach, all but one, Barbara Henry.

A Brazilian general


Why a chief of police and the protesters would be sharing cake between them? This Brazilian general pleaded with protesters not to use violence on his birthday, so they went to buy a cake in place.

Elena Maseras

Elena Maseras


Elena Maseras, Vila-Seca, It was the first Spanish who enrolled at the University 1872, specifically in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona. Although there was no express prohibition that would prevent women pursue higher education, It was considered an extravagance, so their presence in the classroom elicited much criticism, which they resulted in the subsequent administrative obstacles.

Bayard Rustin

Bayard Rustin

Source: history/people/martin_luther_king.shtml

While everyone knows Martin Luther King, few know that it was Bayard Rustin which convinced him of the use of nonviolence to defend civil rights. In fact, Rustin was the main organizer of the march on Washington in August 1963.

Wang Weilin

El hombre del tanque

Source: Widener / Associated Press

dubbed “Tank Man“, This could be anonymous hero Wang Weilin, of 19 years old , son of factory workers in Beijing. The 5 June 1989 several tanks who wanted to quell the revolt of Tiananmen Square faced.

We do not know the echo that had this feat. In fact, all the images of that day are banned in China. Nor do we know if Wang was persecuted. We know that China, with the years, It has approved small reforms.

Claudette Colvin

Claudette Colvin

Claudette Colvin

Before the famous Rosa Parks, This girl 15 year name Claudette Colvin, he refused to give up her seat to a white person on a bus in Montgomery (Alabama) on 1955. Of course, He was arrested.

One year later, the judges ruled that state and local laws requiring segregation on buses were unconstitutional Alabama.

Tess Asplund

Tess Asplund

Source: Defiance

In 2016, Nordic Resistance Movement, a Swedish organization known for its violence and opposition to non-white immigration, He was organizing a rally weekend in Borlange to commemorate the International Workers' Day.

Tess Asplund, Swedish anti-racist activist, I got in the way of the neo-Nazi march 300 people and raised a defiant fist before the police evacuated.

Lauren Hill

Lauren Hill


The day of his 18th birthday, Lauren Hill He began to feel ill while playing in a game with her companions. Cáncer cerebral terminal inoperable. Expectation of two years of life. But I had a dream: Back to jump to a basketball court, And he achieve it. A few months later he died.

Ieshia Evans

Ieshia Evans

Taking a Stand in Baton Rouge, por Jonathan Bachman

activist Ieshia Evans It stands firm while offering his hands to be arrested while being charged by riot police during a protest against police brutality against the Police Department in Louisiana Baton Rouge, U.S, yes, 9 July 2016. Photo Jonathan Bachman / Reuters.

Lindsay Hilton

Lindsay Hilton


Lindsay Hilton Canadian can lift 45 Kg. He was born without arms or legs. Also feels passion for swimming, football, hockey and especially rugby. When asked what motivates you and if you feel satisfied or not, Lindsay responds: “I do not want to be good for someone with no arms and legs, I just want to be good”.

Picture award at the World Press Photo 2017 of Darren Calabrese.

Paul Cowan

Paul Cowan

Source: simon-point

In 1990, Paul Cowan, a young executive Saatchi & Saatchi, he decided that his new agency should be the first to advertise on the Berlin Wall. This decision triggered the beginning of the immortality of one of the largest advertising agencies in the world.

The Wright brothers

Wright Brothers


Brothers Wilbur y Orville Wright They got the first manned flight in history a 17 from December 1903, A Kitty Hawk. And the best, they did so with fewer resources than others who were trying at the same time.

Kathrine Switzer

Kathrine Switzer

Source: topic/bostonmarathon

1967, Kathrine Switzer She became the first woman to run a marathon. It was in Boston. In the image, one of the curators tries to stop.

You see. If not because someone, an invisible personal brand, He dared to break the rules, we would not be where we are.

PD: If you have a chance, Do not miss the movie Hidden figures (hidden figures) directed by Theodore Melfi on 2016 and he brushed several Oscars. Tells the untold story of three brilliant African American women scientists who worked at NASA in the early sixties (in full career space, and also in the middle of the fight for civil rights for black Americans) in the ambitious project of launching the astronaut John Glenn.

personal brand and castells

As you know, few weeks ago UNESCO castells designated as intangible cultural heritage. It seems a unique opportunity to establish a comparison with the creation of personal Records.

The Castells They are a typical festive demonstration of Catalunya, of over 200 years of antiguaty. It consists in raising human towers formed by the superposition of different levels (between 6 and 10). The Castells are erected by groups of men and women of all ages, called Collas. Castellers sport a traditional dress and each colla feature is distinguished by the color of the shirt worn by their members.

personal brand and castells

Ramon ilustration Curto

Lifting each castell It is accompanied by characteristic music, interpreted with a wind instrument called Gralla, which marks the pace of development of construction. Typically, the assistant to this kind of public exhibitions voluntarily join the human base on which the castells rise, formed by dozens of people.

pineapple: The secret of castells is similar to the secret of building personal brand: much basis, what is called “pineapple”. An important group of castellers, not seen, form the foundation, the basis for the endurance castell. In the personal brand that basis would be self-knowledge, analysis of the current situation, detection of skills and competencies. You can deeply into the base, strengthen; castells in this reinforcement called folre.

The trunk or central column: as they create new levels on the basis, weight decreases castellers, thus facilitating each person can hold in balance the weight of others. Personal brand in the middle column is the strategy, roadmap, which defines all the nuances where we want to go, deadlines, Partial goals.

The knob above: It is the most visible part of castells, which emerges with full force and with a hoist arm l'enxeneta indicates that everything went well. It is the metaphor of the top. Personal brand in this figure is represented by tools that facilitate visualization of the person, newspaper articles, lectures or public debates, the style, el networking, the presence in blogs, on social networks…

Do not trust who never calls itself “guru”, who believes in personal branding is to open an account Linkedin or who think that everything is solved with a blog. Personal brand needs three phases, like a castle, and that takes work, dedication and time. Shout out to casteller how many hours training before lifting a castell: all.

Think before launching any comments on the net

Micro-post. I read recently about the initiative “Think B4U post“, an amalgam of letters deciphered would say “think before you post“, that is, think before launching any comments on the net.

The initiative was the International Day of Internet Security, in March last year, and does reflect on the way in which we often find ourselves when we write things via instant messaging, Facebook, Twitter, chats…

As we have noticed at some point, Internet traces are indelible. They can clog, but not eliminate. So if ever we have said some fat thing, the multiplier effect of the web 2.0 You can turn it into our own Personal Branding.

The attached video shows the consequences that an innocent act carried out by a minor would have on her teenage sister. At the end, the kid thinks it is and it does not. We must think before launching any comments in the network


Family doctor with personal brand

We are struck by a story that appears today in La Vanguardia under the title: “My family doctor is blogger“. We are glad that finally this so discreet group decided to use the web tools 2.0 to strengthen their personal brand and incidentally give patients valuable information.

The note reads:

“This calendar lists the days that I have'guardia of interior', that they are bad for mentioned, and free days when there is a change in opening times and my days off and holidays”. This valuable patient information is posted on the blog of the family doctor Fernando Casado Madrid. The objective? Keep closer contact with patients. “If I'm late, notice by blog y Twitter those who have an appointment that day, but I also recommend links or articles that I consider particularly interesting”, Explain.

These initiatives remain exceptional. Nonetheless, Dr. Casado believes “sooner rather than later every doctor will have a blog especially aimed at patients”. “Recommend a good health web – advocates-is a medical procedure to copy recipes chronically ill or have proof”.

Charged batteries? Work your personal brand as a new challenge season

They say September and January are new stages. September means the re-enter, the start of work after the holidays, with batteries charged and perhaps some butt with that little depression involving around “to school”. January means a new year, and new life.

Among the new purposes, The ranking is led sports, dieting, improvement in labor, hold the line, learn a language, finish some studies…

Let us focus here on improvement in labor. Let's look at some starting points:

  1. I want to enter the world of work
  2. I'm unemployed
  3. I want to change jobs
  4. I want to improve my work
  5. I need help to start a business of their own

1. Do you want to enter the working world. Whether you're you've finished studies or simply do not work you had raised so far, in any case a personal brand can help open many doors. You do not have experience? It is obvious, but I'm sure you have ideas, contacts, desire and some specialty. With these four ingredients we could start to work your personal brand. Cheer, the time is gold.

2. You are unemployed. Plus, you're not alone. The crisis has been fattened on many good professionals; and also about bad. If you think you still need a boil to resume work activity, My advice is that you go to training. There is a lot, free and available. If you think be prepared and motivated for all, what you need is a strong personal brand that will help you position yourself, find your specialty and to throw himself into the world of active networking. The brand helps more than you imagine. Many HR professionals come to the net to find information candidates. You arrived Hence my question is Are you on the net? Are you well positioned?.

3. You want to change jobs. Although today many believe that's a luxury, opportunities for occupationally active are higher than for those who are unemployed. It is sad but true. So, what you need is to use the lever that is your current job and create a strong brand around. That will keep you in the limelight and will facilitate WOM for other proposals.

4. You want to improve your work. Maybe you do not get up, an intermediate command you have put a wall between. It is a complex situation, but not impossible. And personal branding, It is an easy situation. Talk anytime.

5. Own business. We welcome entrepreneurs, although in this country no one makes it easy to start. A good friend has created a great product, related services to improve the lives of blind people. It takes a while crossing the desert and can not get banks, capital risk, foundations… you lend a hand. Now you know that a strong personal brand will help open doors.

Well, you dare?. I hope in the contact section, promote a brand costs less than what you think.


Networking 05 / Smile!


Smile, please. This is a simple and basic principle Personal Branding, and many people skip it.

Nobody likes to do business with someone who frowns. It is easier to establish working relationships with someone who says good morning with a smile.

This basic rule was created in 1936 by Dale Carnegie in his book How to Win Friends and Influence People, but trust me, still in force.



Photo by Joanna Nix on Unsplash