What are you going? How cupcake, o muffin cupcake?

You know not excite me stereotypes, but today I put you in the position to decide whether your brand belongs to the type cupcake, muffin o cupcake.

The product may look the same, but the way you get is different.

Are you cupcake?

The Spanish oil used, French butter. And both also used in its basic form eggs, sugar, wheat flour, yeast, lemon flavor.

We could say that quenches cupcake basic need to eat and refuel (sugar). Cupcakes have a long history, many culinary experiences. Cupcake would be equivalent to the figure of mentor, a person with experience, with a path that allows you to guide the mentee based on the successes and mistakes of career mentor.

I think this figure will grow in the coming years due to the maturity of the group Baby Boomer, it can bring wisdom to the beginning. Not only that, Mentoring can be a professional solution for those seniors who slip through the labor market. I invite you to read the blog specialist séniors Prudencio López to know more.

Magdalena, Muffin, Cupcacke

Magdalena, Muffin and Cupcacke

Are you muffin?

Apparently there is no difference with cupcake, but there. less sweet, Many even are salty, the muffins are the American version Cupcake. They are practically the same ingredients. Allowed flavors, nuts… The muffin covers some aspect more than the food itself, because its appearance (container) call more attention, so desire neurons are activated through colors, shapes and smells.

The muffin reminds me Coach, someone who It helps people identify and develop their personal and professional goals more quickly and effectively. The coaching is getting the best out of the coachee, he also accompanied on their way, but not intervene on that path must adopt. It is not based on experience and a methodology of work. Unfortunately, Coaching is in a critical situation saturation (I advise reading “The coach who killed coaching” Ruben Turienzo). It is absurd coaches who live long training and long experience with others trained in a weekend.

Are you cupcacke?

Although you can share ingredients with cupcake and muffin, The cupcake is a pastel put in a cup or a mold cupcake. In addition to the food needs, It covers self-esteem needs, as fancy pastry. It is a small orgy of sensations, sugars, flavors, textures and smells for a snack in the form of reward. .

Somehow, It reminds me of a consultant, someone not only able to identify targets, also strategize, accompany, of “get wet” on the road should be adapted. A consultant is a troubleshooter, is Mr. Wolf of the movie Pulp Fiction. the consultant may not have the experience of mentor, but must have a specialty, because it is not the same as a brand consultant, Paradox, career or investment, although all are strategic consultants.

The price varies, but we do not sell smoke

True, Many people think that the price you pay more for a cupcake is by name. It is not like this: pay more because there is more. It covers more needs, It is more complex. I do not care what you call it cake, It will always be more sophisticated than a muffin or a muffin. Meanwhile, the muffin is more expensive than cupcake: It is more compact, less spongy (there is more matter) and is best presented.

No one better than another. They cover different needs, as the mentor, the coach or consultant.

Already you have clear? What is your role? ¿Magdalena, muffin o cupcake? ¿Mentor, Coach Consultant?

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