Pensar antes de lanzar

Think before you launch any comments on the net

Micro-post. He leído hace poco sobre la iniciativaThink B4U post“, una amalgama de letras que descifrada vendría a decirthink before you post“, osea, pensar antes de lanzar algún comentario en la red. La iniciativa partió del día internacional de la seguridad en internet, en la pasada edición de marzo, y hace reflexionar sobreRead more

your name on google

8. What do you find when you put your name on Google?

In other words, How do we manage our network presence? Your name on Google what does it say? We have encountered various cases among clients of our Personal Branding In a case, the character only appeared in a legal dispute of a ago 10 years for unpaid debt (which was then satisfied, But that doesn't … Read more

If Facebook were a country, would be the NUMBER 4 WORLD AFTER China, India and USA

Some chilling statistics web: – Facebook : 174.000.000 users connect once a day – Twitter already has 75.000.000 users – LinkedIn has 50.000.000 users – Flickr accumulates 4.000 millions of images – More than 35 millions of Facebook users update their profile every day – La Wikipedia … Read more