Your personal brand name: how do you want to be recognized??

One of the mistakes I've made, listed on my extensive CV error is the fact that I've not been using always the same personal brand name. That is what is known like "beating around the bush".

What is the personal brand name?

It is the name by which we want to be found and recognized, both in real and digital environments. It can be a real name, A nickname (nickname) or a combination of both.

The most important thing is regularity. You bet what you bet, keep it in time.

The two brand assumptions

The easy assumption is that you have a unusual name, like mine, unique. I say it's easy because here logic cries out to use your name and surname as a personal brand name.

The most complex assumption is that your name and surname are very common. Just look up your first name and first surname ((in quotation marks) ) in Google to see how many results appear. Most important, how many of those results correspond to you.

In this second assumption, you can create a nickname, ideally related to your value proposition. The key here is that your value proposition must be strong and sustained over time.

Examples of personal brand name redirected

We started with the wrong name, and is never too late to fix it:

  • I started with the brand lateralconsulting, now my brand name is GuillemRecolons, and I hold the same in my web, social networks…
  • Andrés Pérez Ortega started with the web, and corrected a few years ago to his own name In social media, nevertheless, It works with other brands such as @marcapersonal on Twitter…
  • África Lucena began with unaideabrillante on her website and her online profiles and now she uses africalucena on her site and all her social profiles.

In all three cases, it's about unusual names (For Andrés, with the second surname), so it was unnecessary to resort to other brands.

The general advice is that it is easier to associate your name to a concept that a concept to your name. Thus, in case of unusual names, keep using them as personal brand names.

Examples of personal brand name with a nickname

If your name is common, you can resort to other solutions, as have done these professionals:

  • Alfonso Alcántara. Known as Yoriento, both its web and social networks
  • Pedro Rojas, @seniormanager alias on social networks, but keeps its name in its web
  • Álex López, alias @retailmeeting in social media, also keeps his name on his web

These cases are advisable with very common names, and here, as I said, as I said, the key is that the nickname must be consistent over time. If Alfonso ceases to be counselor, his nickname lose sense.

The issue of influencers is another matter. These professionals create a character, and therefore a name-brand commercial and mask. El Rubius, La Vecina Rubia, Auronplay ... they are what we know as artistic name. It has very little to do with personal brand, is brand character.

How do you want to be recognized and found?

Here's another question. Many people do not know your name or your nickname, but they look for the skills you have. Are you ready for that? That's called the personal brand SEO. It's about positioning one or more keywords that lead potential customers or other stakeholders to your website.

This is the test of truth. I must warn you it is very difficult to appropriate a keyword without own platform (web, blog…) and remember that social networks are not ours and there indiscriminately compete with thousands of people.

Some years ago, I decided it was important for me to position three keywords in Spain: Personal Branding Empresa, Executive Branding and Employee Advocacy. That is not based solely on a question of will, but to address the issue professionally, and above all, be very very very persistent.

So far, I have the top position in Google with Personal Branding Empresa and with Executive Branding, and with Employee Advocacy programs I have been advancing position from 54 (Google Page Six) to 7 actual (page 1).

You see, yes, personal brand name It is important, but it's not everything.

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The pain in the ass of the name Garcia (II)

A couple of months ago I published the first part of this article (link HERE) giving some hints on how to help the differentiation from common surnames such as Garcia, González, Rodríguez, Fernández, López…

I also promised a second part devoted to this issue in social networks, So there I. There are places that allow duplicates and others not. Let's start with allowing clones:


Facebook clones can coexist, that is, May exist 1.000 “Juan García”. Cast, precisely, It is a problem when the name is very common. A logical solution is to place the 2nd surname, reducing the number of clones. But since Facebook is a network of friends, here we can afford more personal solutions:

  • Use our most common nickname. For example, If your name “Juan García” but your friends call you “its”, do not hesitate, register on Facebook as “Nito Garcia”.
  • Use our personal brand. If we know as “Marilyn Cuenca”, and we like the brand, ahead, Why cut?. Think we can have closed profile, banned for scouts and people who could not understand the reasons for such a name.


Like Facebook, in this professional network can live several people with identical names. Any advice:

  • Monitors with accents, Linkedin It is sensitive to them. In other words, if you write someone searches Perez and obviating the accent, you will not find. Beware that.
  • If you have two names or two surnames, feel free to use, provided that others know.
  • Unlike Facebook, prevents diminutives and nicknames that might commit, unless you dedicate yourself to the show or you want to bet frontally to create a consistent brand across all media.
  • LinkedIn claims more seriously, and that we must place the name you would place, for example, in CV.
  • But there are resources to differentiate. Some alumni of IESE Business School, for example, They use a parenthesis after the type name (IESE UNAV on).
  • Others “slip” email your name, Juan Perez Garcia type (, which makes them easier to find.
  • Finally, there are SEO techniques to get your name is the first on the list. Luis Alvarez Emilio Shout, skilful in the art.

And now let's review some of the places that do not support clones:

YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Skype, gmail, hotmail…

In this places, first come gets the name. It's like web domains. To exacerbate the problem, plus we get a character Limete, what prevents us from placing name and surname. What do we do?

  • Imagination to the power, but with some order and consistency. If we decide to call JPerez321X, We try that is our name on all these networks that do not support clone.
  • JPerez321X would be nice to have some sense, a story that facilitates us who seeks finds us. I recommend not using birth year, It is too easy to “to hack”.
  • The username is one thing, but you should always be linked to our real name. Twitter, for example, would allow JPerez321X username associated with Juan Pérez García.
  • Another formula is to use the underscore _, juan_perez_garcia type or JPerez_Garcia. Recall that these networks do not support spaces in usernames.
  • What never, Never, to do is to link our name to the company we work. Journalist Ana Pastor recently was fired from TVE. His profile on Twitter was AnaPastor_RTVE (or something like that), so he had to give it up and start again. Recall that our work is always provisional, that employment for life does not exist. Our brand is us, not the company we work.


So far we have come. If you have any interesting case “naming” you please send, we could raise a third of this article. Thanks to everyone s.

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The pain in the ass of the name Garcia (I)

According to him OTHER, in Spain there

  • 1.484.707 García, of those who 82.190 They called García García
  • 935.931 González, of those who 43.028 They called González González
  • 933.764 Rodríguez, of those who 44.479 They called Rodriguez Rodriguez
  • 928.656 Fernández, of those who 53.978 Fernandez called Fernández
  • 879.868 López, of those who 36.070 Lopez called Lopez
  • 841.250 Martínez, of those who 40.333 Martinez called Martinez
  • 822.946 Sánchez, of those who 35.769 They called Sánchez Sánchez
  • 786.515 Pérez, of those who 27.396 They called Perez Perez

We could go with Martin, Gómez, Diaz, Hernández, Jiménez, Alvarez, Moreno, Muñoz, Gutiérrez… I call Recolons, which can also be considered a bitch (Catalonia is easy prank call “Recollons”, which refers to the size of the testicles). But the good part is that we are only 213, and almost all related.

What happens when someone has a common name? How to differentiate? How to protect personal brand?

Today we study possible solutions to a common name may be unique. You can not perform miracles, but there are some ideas that perhaps may be able to take advantage:

  1. Always use both names, inseparably. It is an advantage that we (and does not work in countries like France, United Kingdom…): Pau García Milá, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Antonio Garrigues Walker, Miquel Roca Junyent, Andrés Pérez Ortega
  2. Joining the first name with the second. The compound name was used for families to retain the mother's maiden name. It is an issue of civil registration. If your name García Rivero, you could call García-Rivero. There are many examples: Ruiz-Gallardón, Two Sicilies, García-Valdecasas…
  3. Place the “From” before the first name. It's something that became fashionable in France to distinguish the nobles and came to have some influence in Spanish-speaking countries. We have a current example in the Spanish economy minister Luis de Guindos, my good friend Oscar Del Santo
  4. Eat the first name (provided that the second is not common): It is commonplace among journalists: Zapatero (by Rodriguez Zapatero), Rubalcaba (by Perez Rubalcaba), but it is not uncommon to find people who have gone through the registration and have requested.
  5. Brazilian system. In Brazil the mother's surname comes first, which it has much logic (there is usually no doubt about motherhood). I know people who have invested their surnames to achieve greater differentiation.
  6. Simplify the names: For example, Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Crispin Crispian of the Holy Trinity Ruiz and Picasso is known as Pablo Picasso. Imagine the trauma small lad when someone asked the name.
  7. nicknames, trademarks. For a professional colleague, Arancha Ruiz, he has resolved in interesting ways: on Twitter has the profile @alterarancha , which gives a personal touch, and she is united with her trademark “Stories cracks
  8. Apply creativity. If your name is Juan Garcia Garcia and also the third name is Lopez, things look bad, so we have to resort to divergent thinking. For example, You could pose a Juan Garcias, one John Garcilópez, one John Grace, one John G. García, one John Dosgarcías,… imagination has no limits.

 insidethemagicAnd what is the next step? Brand protection

Indeed, Once we have resolved the issue in the civil registry (or not) we have to go to a business internet domains and book our or or whatsoever ye. For example: is free, also is, When we have the domain, it costs little money per year (from 7 €), we can create our own website or blog.
The same we do with the different social networks if we want to throw the ring (I recommend no do if you are unclear what to say, To who, how and when). It should be clear that we want to stick his head, worth checking if it is clear our name Twitter (This network does not accept two equal), Facebook, Linkedin, Flickr, Pinterest, Tuenti… But that'll tell you in another post.
I hope I have helped, even a little.
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