personal brand name

The personal brand name how do you want to be recognized?

One of the mistakes I've made, and that already appear in my extensive bug-making resume is not always using the same personal brand name. That's what's known in chaste terms as "to brown the partridge". What is the personal brand name? It's the name by which … Read more

the name of garcia (Ⅱ)

name Garcia (Ⅱ)

A couple of months ago I published the first part of this article (link HERE) giving some clues as to how to help differentiation from surnames as common as Garcia, González, Rodriguez, Fernández, López… I also promised a second part dedicated to dealing with this issue on social media, so there I go. There are places … Read more

name Garcia 1

name Garcia (Ⅰ)

According to the INE, in Spain there are 1.484.707 García, of those who 82.190 they're called Garcia Garcia 935.931 González, of those who 43.028 their names are González Gonzalez 933.764 Rodriguez, of those who 44.479 their name is Rodriguez Rodriguez 928.656 Fernández, of those who 53.978 their name is Fernandez Fernandez 879.868 López, of those who 36.070 they're called Lopez … Read more