Engage to connect: #Networking to project your personal brand



One of the greatest difficulties in the Internet age is at the same time one of the greatest opportunities: engage to connect with the right person. Right person to understand a potential customer

Engage to connect: from atoms to bits

If we practice engage to connect In the real world, the atoms, Why not transfer it to the digital environment, the bits?

If you've ever attended an event speed networking, You know what is engage to connect in record time. I recognize that the formula that minute to convince and sell me seems artificial, but it is a golden opportunity to practice our elevator speech or elevator pitch.

Define the profile person to be connected is key

Lurching go online to connect people for collecting contacts is an aberration. We know that a very large network of contacts do not have to be good. If your business model is B2B or P2B (person to business) like mine, with long boring 20 year good contacts have enough.

Define your buyer persona It is essential to hit the contact. To meet our target person need to know it thoroughly, not enough sex old data, age and geographical area.

According to the team Inbound Cycle, we must know:

Personal aspects:

Hobbies, people who influence their decisions, what makes you happy, What are your goals, What motivations have, etc.

pipe online:

What social networks used, If you buy online products and what kind, where to look for information, how often does, What are your references pages, at what times you are online, etc.

Business conduct:

responsibilities, challenges, biggest influences, etc.

Relationship with our company (or we, I add):

Knows what we, reasons why he hired us or purchased, How did you find us, what they value most about us as a company, What interaction has branded, etc.

And now, wheat: How to connect

One of my recommendations to those who do not share content on networks (and therefore do not generate interactions) is this: Discuss and share the content of others. And specifically, of those people who are your target group, that match your definition of buyer persona.

A LinkedIn, on Twitter and on all networks you can do. Engage to connect, interact to connect, formula is very powerful and effective. Forget the like or recommendation, that does not involve an element of attraction for your client; and share (with comment), by contrast, attracts.

The basic condition is that the comments you make in it to be intelligent, provocateur and to provide something interesting. A simple compliment is not enough.

Interaction formats

If you manage your interaction wake interaction your customer back, ¡bingo! and ye are presented digitally. Interaction formats are several, and remember that the questions have the power to "force" a response:

  • I agree with your content, but with an undertone do you see right?
  • I agree, and in fact, such other author expand your ideas to achieve a wider context, What do you think that additional contribution?
  • I agree on the whole idea, But how about if you also ...?
  • I agree, but there is a difficulty in bringing that idea into practice have you ever encountered this problem ever?
  • I do not agree. I know it sounds risky but how would reverse its approach? Do not you think it would make more bearable consequences?

I could go on ad infinitum. The key is that comment cause. A simple: "What a good idea" or "totally agree" not mobilize.

The land is paid, it's time to connect

The idea of engage to connect It materializes at this time. After these interactions will have been achieved (in most cases) an answer. It is time to formalize the relationship.

Now it's time to visit profile of the person to contact and press the button. Whenever possible (one LinkedIn, for example) personalizing the invitation. The message may contain a reference to the conversation. It could be something:

appreciated Mrs.. X, I loved the thread of his article on xxxxx. I would be grateful to accept your network. Maybe someday we can put time value common interests. a cordial greeting, Company.

I feel abuse of Anglicisms, but this would "inbound networking" in pure state. After contact is wise to wait a few weeks before proposing anything. When I see a text message invitation with a direct sales, I lie back. Real World label must be kept in the digital environment.

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Event of the week


Branding Week RD

This coming week I'll be teaching a workshop Employee Advocacy programs with my colleague and partner Nancy Vazquez at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The event will take place all day Wednesday 29 and morning 30 of May. Afternoon 30 Nancy will give a talk on social selling en Facebook and another on storytelling in the fourth revolution.

If you're in the area, you can register here > Tel. (829)-694-8080. Have a nice week!

people seeking

Look no work. Find who offers it. Do you really think good deals come to work bags?

When it comes to looking for work can take two positions: the classic, passive or dynamic, active. Consider the differences:

classical job search:

  • It is based on an outdated document called CV, curriculum vitae curriculum. Nobody reads and a CV if there is no prior information of the person to move to action. I will not say that the CV is dead, but if you are in the UVI (intensive care unit).
  • Supposes that, Having left the CV in various job portals or sending him to a mailing list, and we come to find. I know cases of people who have sent 800 CV's and have won two interviews. The mass mailing is not the formula.
  • The job boards or the famous boards are not the solution.. In any case, it will be difficult-not impossible- we find a qualified job in these media.
  • A common mistake is not knowing who are heading our request. The ship vacuum, to see if anyone hunting on the fly.
  • Another common mistake is to assume that the best jobs are exposed to everyone. We know that a 80% places of employment available fail to advertise.
    Photo: Flickr CC

Dynamic Job Search:

  • It is based on proper management management, in which a paper called CV is a tool more than one string instrument that would give us adequate information about.
  • And, above all, It is based on locating people offering quality jobs. It is based on research, see basa one networking, both real and virtual.
  • If we know our competences, our value offer differential, If we articulate a key message and if we find people suitable for broadcast, we are on the right track.

The key is to move. Go to all events related to our world that we, to exchange cards (by the way, You have card?). Internet research on who's who in our world, where to spend the key job offers. It is working to get the positioning What we want; It is not a concept Internet search engine positioning, is defining axes personal and professional. If you want to be perceived as an expert in herbal medicine, you can start to know the means by which those interested in this therapy and be there, your ideas, your proposals, your courage.

Difficult? Of course. If it was easy everyone would. But ask yourself this question: If a worker uses an average of 8 Daily hours on task, Why not use the same search engine hours?

Entrepreneur versus employee Who do you identify?

In this table we suggest a few reasons for you to identify what your profile. Are you an entrepreneur or you are employed?




1. You earn income even while you sleep. Entrepreneurs earn passive income.You earn income only during working hours. Employees earn active income, that is, “no work no pay”, on a daily or monthly basis.
2. It has unlimited opportunities to earn income.It has limited income and fixed remuneration and safe.
3. Gives jobs.Find a job.
4. It is responsible for your customers, the public and its employees happy. An entrepreneur has a greater responsibility. Your income depends on stakeholders in your business.It is responsible for making your boss happy as their remuneration depends on it.
5.. Entrepreneurs are committed to their passion. And they invest a lot of work and patience because they believe in what they do.regular hours ago. Employees often do routine tasks.
6. Give yourself rest and vacation, when your business becomes stable (flexible)annual leave and allowed limited ago by her boss (restricted)
7. You pay income tax after deducting its expenses. An entrepreneur can claim as a deduction from your taxable income deductible expenses of your relationship with your businessYou pay income tax. An employee can not claim as a deduction from your taxable income transport, combustible, food and other related expenses of their employment.
8. Take risks and be responsible for them. Entrepreneurs are revolutionary and innovative.He stays in his comfort zone . And, Can we call comfort zone, when boredom is the daily bread?
9. Hires and fires employees. When an entrepreneur has an incompetent and irresponsible employee, if you dismiss it does through a due process.He is hired and fired by the employer. If the job does not like it is hard to leave because it depends on him to survive.
10. Gives jobs. The entrepreneur is the owner of the company and the interviewer.Find a job. The applicant is an employee of the person for being interviewed for the job.
11. Content creatorIt is reader
12. You can own similar businesses. Entrepreneurs can expand their businesses and share slices of their success with others.It may not be working in similar companies. Employees are restricted by a clause in the agreement, that is, They are not allowed to share their skills, talents and education competition.
13. They do not require education qualifications to become entrepreneurs. We can see that the most successful entrepreneurs are college dropouts. Some even are already millionaires.It requires higher education to obtain a higher position. Employees are exposed to educational discrimination.
14. Acquires a high economic power at a young age.Acquires wealth after long years of work. Except, of course, if Microsoft employee, Apple o Google.
15. Create a system that you like and follow.It is to follow the system like it or not
16. Get the most out of their talents and abilities. And this is where the passion begins, excitement and happiness.Use your talents and abilities half, unless you have found a job, literally, perfect!
17. It has a flexible schedule and you can always cancel your schedule to allow time for his family and his spiritual obligations.It does not have flexible schedule and have to ask permission from his boss to devote time to his family and his spiritual obligations.
18. Makes regular exercise, If you set your schedule.You can make regular exercise, If your job allows you to have adequate time for it.
19. You can control your privacy.You can not control your privacy in the workplace.
20. You can transfer your company as a bequest or inheritance to your spouse or children.You can not transfer your job as a legacy or inheritance to your spouse or children.

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Professionals seeking 'personal branding'

Here's the article María Paz López appeared last Thursday in La Vanguardia

Employment strategies in times of crisis

Professionals seeking 'personal branding'

The method has two phases: Self-analysis of strengths and how to communicate them to others | Digital identity is built upon interaction and contacts; If you do not interact, do not exist

few years ago, talk about management suggested a sporting universe of improving race times. But the words mutate social uses, and the emergence in the world of business and professions of Anglo-Saxon concept personal branding -this is, brand commercial sense applied to the people- has given expression personal brand new meaning.

augusto costhanzo

In Spain, more and more managers and business executives, and professionals from different disciplines, including master craftsmen, turn to agencies and experts to help them set up their own personal brand, which, in the best case, it will take to get a new job, advance your career or shine more in its scope. Internet and social networks have become essential elements of that bet.

"The method of creating personal brand takes elements of psychology, marketing, business management, communication and philosophy ", explains chemist Andrés Pérez Ortega, advisor of personal branding ( and author of the books Expertología. The science of becoming a professional reference (ed. Alienta) and Personal brand. How to become the preferred option (ed. Basic). Attention, Pérez Ortega clarifies: "Creating a brand, either a person or a product, It has two stages. The first is self analysis, their beliefs, values, strengths and abilities, and the second is that brand communication, establishment of relations. And everything has to be looking for authenticity, no makeup or false appearances ".

Mark -recalcan the experts is not a mere container; is confidence of others in that person or product, transmission is credibility. Among the cases cited by the agencies consulted, There are some illustrative (who they prefer not to be named). A steering Barca, for example, Consolidated employer in its sector, made abroad a refresher course for entrepreneurs. In that course he was awarded, so he grew his reputation as a "young entrepreneur", which paradoxically injured his profile entrepreneur and seated. For reposition, He lectured in business schools, and thus he created a personal brand senior expert in business management.

Another case: a Mexican journalist specializing in project management communication in his country wished to turn around his career. With the help of an expert in personal branding, redefined his: focus on communication projects in the field of women and work in Europe. The sessions were conducted via Skype and paid services by PayPal.
Internet tools are basic to create and transmit personal brand. It should be business card also in electronic form, and packaged in the classic curriculum vitae network as new modes teach professional knows what to do, with minivídeos, graphics and links. Keeping a blog theme help (the search engines favor), as well as having profiles LinkedIn andFacebook, and not neglect messages Twitter.

"The digital network identity is characterized by the interaction and contacts", Explain Neus Arques, partner and director of digital identity management companies ( and author of Y tú, ¿qué marca eres? 12 keys to managing your personal reputation (ed. Alienta). Interaction: "If you do not interact, -alerta not exist Arqués-. The mere fact of having discharged a profile online is not enough, must interact. And the contacts are on the network, people you know, They make endorsement of that digital identity ". Arqués and his team work with companies, not individuals, but they give seminars to groups of executives and business school students, They encourage those who manage themselves that personal brand online.

"The blog is an excellent tool visibility, as well as being in social networks, but we must also take care of the networking classic", Add Guillem Recolons, partner and consultant for a consulting career high ( Exchanging business cards at conferences and congresses still works, Just as the eye contact generates an empathy that does not give a photo, so it makes sense to combine both types of networking.

To define and direct the personal brand, Recolons and its partners and team practicesystem iceberg with a multidisciplinary approach: "The part of the iceberg that is not included self-knowledge and introspection, in the hands of a psychologist and a Coach, and product strategy, leading marketing specialist; while the visible part of the iceberg is the brand communication, of which an advertising deals, in this case ". Its clients include: Masters students loaded, entrepreneurs and unemployed professionals or active.

"Personal brand has to do with the values ​​we want to project, both at work and in society, with how we want to be perceived ", stated Nadine Kazerounian, British living in Barcelona, owner of the agency Praxis Image Consultants ( And, according Kazerounian, do not underestimate the classical concept image, understood in face mode. "First impressions about someone, and even the following, They are largely formed through visual cues: locker room, ways, body language and tone of voice, he argues,, so having a good self-image is essential to project the values ​​of personal branding, As the packaging is fundamental to the brand of a product ". As well help position it's welcome.

personal brand and castells

As you know, few weeks ago UNESCO castells designated as intangible cultural heritage. It seems a unique opportunity to establish a comparison with the creation of personal Records.

The Castells They are a typical festive demonstration of Catalunya, of over 200 years of antiguaty. It consists in raising human towers formed by the superposition of different levels (between 6 and 10). The Castells are erected by groups of men and women of all ages, called Collas. Castellers sport a traditional dress and each colla feature is distinguished by the color of the shirt worn by their members.

personal brand and castells

Ramon ilustration Curto

Lifting each castell It is accompanied by characteristic music, interpreted with a wind instrument called Gralla, which marks the pace of development of construction. Typically, the assistant to this kind of public exhibitions voluntarily join the human base on which the castells rise, formed by dozens of people.

pineapple: The secret of castells is similar to the secret of building personal brand: much basis, what is called “pineapple”. An important group of castellers, not seen, form the foundation, the basis for the endurance castell. In the personal brand that basis would be self-knowledge, analysis of the current situation, detection of skills and competencies. You can deeply into the base, strengthen; castells in this reinforcement called folre.

The trunk or central column: as they create new levels on the basis, weight decreases castellers, thus facilitating each person can hold in balance the weight of others. Personal brand in the middle column is the strategy, roadmap, which defines all the nuances where we want to go, deadlines, Partial goals.

The knob above: It is the most visible part of castells, which emerges with full force and with a hoist arm l'enxeneta indicates that everything went well. It is the metaphor of the top. Personal brand in this figure is represented by tools that facilitate visualization of the person, newspaper articles, lectures or public debates, the style, el networking, the presence in blogs, on social networks…

Do not trust who never calls itself “guru”, who believes in personal branding is to open an account Linkedin or who think that everything is solved with a blog. Personal brand needs three phases, like a castle, and that takes work, dedication and time. Shout out to casteller how many hours training before lifting a castell: all.

Came the day: Presented today SOYMIMARCA, a generator of personal brands

We are announcing that we were coming from this blog, from Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook… has arrived.

Today is presented soymimarca, an ambitious project that aims to become a benchmark in operational creation of personal brands.

The project, promovido by Jordi Collell and William Bone, who Recolons escribe-, It is aimed at both businesses and individuals, and among its differential tools we are combining coaching with other tools of personal brand visibility.

Deis is best to look at the web,, but here we insert your welcome video.

Any tips to survive on LinkedIn (II)

The mobile version of LinkedIn is operational

Complementing the post we published 21 last June (ver post), this time we more into detail on how to improve networking via LinkedIn. I owe text to Blog Frank Scipion, I think he has done an excellent job called “Vitamins cure for your LinkedIn profile“. There goes that:

LinkedIn es una red social soberanamente desaprovechada. In the interests of justice, I decided to write today one Linkedin guide for entrepreneurs. Muchas personas creen que resulta muy complicado hacer nuevas conexiones, y terminan utilizándola simplemente como un sitio para colgar su currículo, It is not like this?. Y lo que yo pienso es que tiene un potencial bastante mayor del que muchos de nosotros le estamos sacando en la actualidad.

First of all, Linkedin es de por sí un buscador y tiene enorme reputación en Google and other major search engines. Sólo esa razón ya es motivo para estar presentes, ya que si sólo buscas en Google tu nombre y tienes un perfil en Linkedin, verás que apareces en las primeras páginas de los resultados. Haz la prueba y te darás cuenta del peso que tiene Linkedin para Google.

Aquí te paso ocho puntos principales que me ayudaron a darle el valor real que tiene esta red social.

Linkedin guide 1. Improve your search engine rankings

En tu perfil de LinkedIn encontrarás tres espacios para añadir enlaces a tus propios sitios o blogs. Instead of using “My Website”, click “Other”. Allí podrás entrar el texto que coincida mejor con lo que la gente puede buscar acerca de tu negocio.

For example, I used to stop my blog passive income, que es una palabra clave por la cual quiero posicionarme. You can put here your Facebook fan page, tu canal youtube, etc ... and also optimize the text of your link.

In my case, public view my profile on Linkedin has a PageRank 2. Nada extraordinario, but not insignificant for a newly launched blog.

Of course, es una forma tremendamente sencilla de impulsar tus posiciones en los buscadores.

Linkedin guide 2. Promote the content of your blog

También es posible importar hacia tu perfil Linkedin el feed de tu blog en WordPress, buscando la aplicación correspondiente en ese programa. Esto se convierte en una forma ágil y sencilla para que los demás puedan echarle un vistazo al contenido de tu blog en un minuto.

If you do not use WordPress (unfortunate!), también hay puedes usar Blog Link. Ésta aplicación soporta TypePad, Movable Type, Vox,,, Blogger, LiveJournal and several other.

Todos sabemos bien que los blogs son la mejor forma de cultivar tu marca, whether personal or your project. Con esto podrás automatizar la difusión de tus posts en Linkedin.

Linkedin guide 3. Launch an advertising campaign on LinkedIn

The truth is that until they told me, no tenía idea de que LinkedIn ofrecía un servicio de publicidad contextual. LinkedIn is a site professionals for professionals, que está menos expuesto al azar de otros entornos, and conversely, recibe visitas y atención de personas más bien interesadas en los negocios.

El sistema es sencillo y te permite en minutos escribir, orientar y lanzar tu publicidad, y pagarlo ya sea por clicks o por impresiones, con presupuestos que arrancan en los 40 euros. La ventaja es que te permite llegar rápidamente a una comunidad realmente premium of 63 million professionals with high levels of income (100,000 € half). Y además podrás segmentar tu anuncio en función de la age, industry, puesto de trabajo, yes, company size and Location.

For lack of funds, yo no utilizo servicios de publicidad de pago. Esto no quita el interés real de este servicio de publicidad pensando en una empresa, ya que linkedin ofrece un servicio similar al servicio de página de admiradores de Facebook, service Business Page.

Linkedin guide 4. To organize events

Me encanta esta herramienta de Linkedin que te permite anunciar eventos. Ni siquiera es necesario que seas el coordinador de ese evento para poder subirlo a la agenda de Linkedin. Un evento puede ser creado sólo con la información básica y el interés por difundirlo. Incluso podrás enviar invitaciones a través de tu red de Linkedin, aprovechando la utilidad de confirmación de asistencia. Y además puedes visualizar rápidamente todos los eventos de tus contactos.

Linkedin guide 5. Use groups to connect with people

In a group Linkedin, you can read / post news, lanzar un debate, Post a job, etc… Son entornos cerrados que gestionan miembros que pueden acceder al conjunto de contenidos.

Resulta más que frecuente que las personas se sumen a un grupo, pero luego no vuelvan ni por asomo a participar de él. Y la verdad es que yo no puedo tirar la primera piedra porque soy uno de ellos. In my case, en vez de tener una participación online continua en uno o varios grupos, visiting them every day, prefiero recibir los avisos por correo y solo entro en una conversación si tengo un interés real.

What is even more should start a new group, ya que te dará la ventaja de contar con las direcciones de email de los que se sumen, updated daily as it grows. Ya sé que puede darte un poco de trabajo armar y empujar un grupo, pero una buena forma de comenzar es directamente invitar a toda tu red de contactos. Cuando tus contactos se vayan sumando al grupo, estas novedades se harán visibles en sus perfiles, y allí otra gente podrá sentir interés y también sumarse. The result is a small empire..

Linkedin see some groups that are all the rage. Empiezo con 2 grupos en ingles a los cuales debes monitorizar, porque ahí pasan muchas cosas:

2 references in Spanish, daily conversations with active:

¿Te imaginas teniendo tú acceso a semejante base de contactos? Well, Maybe you should start today.

Linkedin guide 6. Get recommendations to attract more customers

Si hay algo que diferencia a Linkedin del resto de las redes sociales, recommendations are, something really unique. Y a mí no se me ocurre mejor manera de promocionar tu negocio que pidiéndoles a tus clientes y tus colegas que compartan con otros la opinión que tienen de ti.

Te estarás preguntando cómo conseguirlas. Simple: first give, then receive. Write good recommendations from your peers, y pronto recibirás mejores de parte suya. Conviene invertir algún tiempo en esto.

To credibility and convince, las recomendaciones de terceros son muy muy importantes. Con Linkedin tienes una fuente inagotable de testimonios de gente reconocidos (experts in their field, managers, etc..) que pueden apoyar tu proyecto y asentarte como una de los lideres de opinión en tu sector.

Linkedin guide 7. make questions, y responde a las preguntas de lo demás

Una forma rápida de destacar como experto es de responder a las preguntas que hacen otros. Es cierto que este servicio en español esta infra utilizado (si lo comparas con la base de datos de preguntas/respuestas disponibles en ingles), but still, no me perdería la ocasión de responder a un par de preguntas relevantes a tu actividad.

También puedes hacer tu mismo preguntas, y ver como lo responden otros. Es una gran forma de hacer encuestas antes de lanzar tu web por ejemplo, o de validar el interés de un posible producto que quieres lanzar al mercado profesional muy pronto.

Linkedin guide 8. Connect your twitter account to your Linkedin profile

Your tweets appear on your profile, y puedes lanzar un tweet desde linkedin. Hay un par de widget que te permiten saber que se estña diciendo sobre ti en Twitter. ¿ Porque hacerlo?. Because anecdotes relevant content to your profile, útil para tu posicionamiento en buscadores y también porque remites un tráfico muy cualificado hacia tu cuenta twitter, y si lo que ven al aterir en tu perfil les gusta, followers will be yours.

That's all for that Linkedin guide for entrepreneurs. Do not waste more time, Give him a chance to Linkedin. Worth.

Charged batteries? Work your personal brand as a new challenge season

They say September and January are new stages. September means the re-enter, the start of work after the holidays, with batteries charged and perhaps some butt with that little depression involving around “to school”. January means a new year, and new life.

Among the new purposes, The ranking is led sports, dieting, improvement in labor, hold the line, learn a language, finish some studies…

Let us focus here on improvement in labor. Let's look at some starting points:

  1. I want to enter the world of work
  2. I'm unemployed
  3. I want to change jobs
  4. I want to improve my work
  5. I need help to start a business of their own

1. Do you want to enter the working world. Whether you're you've finished studies or simply do not work you had raised so far, in any case a personal brand can help open many doors. You do not have experience? It is obvious, but I'm sure you have ideas, contacts, desire and some specialty. With these four ingredients we could start to work your personal brand. Cheer, the time is gold.

2. You are unemployed. Plus, you're not alone. The crisis has been fattened on many good professionals; and also about bad. If you think you still need a boil to resume work activity, My advice is that you go to training. There is a lot, free and available. If you think be prepared and motivated for all, what you need is a strong personal brand that will help you position yourself, find your specialty and to throw himself into the world of active networking. The brand helps more than you imagine. Many HR professionals come to the net to find information candidates. You arrived Hence my question is Are you on the net? Are you well positioned?.

3. You want to change jobs. Although today many believe that's a luxury, opportunities for occupationally active are higher than for those who are unemployed. It is sad but true. So, what you need is to use the lever that is your current job and create a strong brand around. That will keep you in the limelight and will facilitate WOM for other proposals.

4. You want to improve your work. Maybe you do not get up, an intermediate command you have put a wall between. It is a complex situation, but not impossible. And personal branding, It is an easy situation. Talk anytime.

5. Own business. We welcome entrepreneurs, although in this country no one makes it easy to start. A good friend has created a great product, related services to improve the lives of blind people. It takes a while crossing the desert and can not get banks, capital risk, foundations… you lend a hand. Now you know that a strong personal brand will help open doors.

Well, you dare?. I hope in the contact section, promote a brand costs less than what you think.


Networking 05 / Smile!


Smile, please. This is a simple and basic principle management, and many people skip it.

Nobody likes to do business with someone who frowns. It is easier to establish working relationships with someone who says good morning with a smile.

This basic rule was created in 1936 by Dale Carnegie in his book How to Win Friends and Influence People, but trust me, still in force.



Photo by Joanna Nix on Unsplash

Networking 04 / Let us be generous with information

Information is one of the most precious resources. Often we are so jealous of our work or our method that everything stays home.

My advice is to share information. If we do it, We get you a WOM (mouth, ear, to understand us) Interestingly, in the end we benefit.

Suggestions, ideas, open debates, Anything goes to help someone who walks lost or looking for a second assessment about something.

We have the perfect tool: the Web 2.0 and countless resources. There is no excuse for not doing so.