morning news with personal brand

How what began as a morning divertimento has become a web

The truth is that who knows me knows I'm a devourer news, especially in the mornings. I'm an early riser, So during my morning running I hear the radio, then the breakfast I read the press, Contrasto headlines from various newspapers and sometimes I even dare to TV if the occasion calls for it.

And after many years with that routine, I came to two conclusions:

  1. The news is boring
  2. Despite the above, Reality always exceeds the fiction (especially with regard to the mark Spain)

Thus, and especially because no I have the vision of a journalist, I took a few days ago the decision to write myself a brief preview of morning news headlines related to the mark Spain, but with some personal brand, Say a salt and pepper added for my readers to get one hand to know what is happening and on the other that your morning coffee is accompanied by three smiles to make the day more bearable.

The thing would not go more, so it published in a small circle of friends my profile Facebook. But three days later some friends, whose name will cite without one hair cut, I was encouraged to create a fixed section and to turn this into a blog. As the Italians say, We made it!

Those friends are Cristina Lastra, Celestino Martinez, Neus Fornells and Isa Fargas, provocateurs where there. And since I'm facilón, I go and I launched the blog:

The blog is and it is already hung. I hope my friends provocateurs giving me a hand and, at least, subscribe to blog. If you also encounter a formula that can collaborate, I'll go for them.

Image: Verkami

Now is the e-book with the best of Soymimarca of 2012

Soymimarca yesterday presented his book summary of the best of 2012 “It's something personal”. It is an e-book for free download that from Slideshare.

This time involving many more authors: Jordi Collell, Aléxia Herms, Neus Fornells, Pablo Adán Micó, Carmen Gibert, Celestino Martinez, Cristina Lastra, David Alcubierre, Gian-Lluís Ribechini, Pau Hortal, Paula Fernández-Ochoa, Xavier Roca Torruella, Javier Zamora Saborit and a server.

As the e-book the first year, “Personal and transferable“, This time the items have been classified according to the three parts of the iceberg personal brand: self-knowledge, and visibility strategy.

To download the book, you just have to click on the image: