#MarcaPersonal and stupidity of stereotypes

I understand sociologists. In fact, In Myself "CV error"I would not have opted for sociology as a university degree, especially knowing that devote more than 20 years advertising.

A favorite obsessions of this group of sociologists is to qualify in groups of behaviors or patterns similar behavior. It turns out that as born in 62 I'm now Baby Bommer, but my sister, that is the 64 it's generation X, and supposedly between her and I should have draft differences. My daughter is generation Z, and in between are the Millennials or Generation Y are now on everyone's lips because age is about to direct the destinies of mankind. Contradictory? Isn't it?, It is the stupidity of stereotypes.

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The idea behind it is to qualify, indeed, Common patterns are observed among different groups. And there are. For the purposes of advertising segmentation, an ad for a Apple Watch It is directed to early adopters, individuals who want to be the last of all and that some brands have also become fetishized. While an announcement of an investment fund in fixed income targets more conservative profiles.

Errors not take into account the personality

I realize that many of the test or quizz trying to qualify in a tribe begin asking age. Trap. What good would know what kind of stereotype about your way of thinking and acting, not your pure and simple demographic classification.

We also ask for your digital skills, which greatly facilitates segmentation, but can fail: my mother, with long boring 76 and of the silent generation, not release the iPad and thanks to Facebook it keeps up all, but I know managers 45 who refuse to have a profile on Linkedin the use Whatsapp.

A common mistake is to consider that everyone is employed in a solid and stable company. Sirs! We live in a liquid economy, almost gaseous, where I am now here and gone tomorrow, in which we can work on several projects at once for several companies without belonging to its workforce (knowmads).

Another mistake is that they give as something normal that a person has written a free ebook. Agree, new technologies make it easy for us all. But few people dare to write something that goes beyond his name, a mail agents a Whastapp?

Poor quality tests that only serve to capture naive

One of the problems that brings the digital revolution is the urgent need for the headlines, easy solutions and the need to please everyone with very viral elements that are shared on all social networks. And often there are tests that have not been adequately tested and that only deserve to appear in the tabloids (rose in Spain) by the banality of their results.

Why not, the stereotype kills me

Advertising friend and storyteller Richard Wakefield I could not have picked a better name for your blog: “the stereotype kills me”, a site recommended to improve our communication subscription and our brands. Stereotypes were needed and still are in many cases, but they do not consider something to defend the mortal death personal burners (another tribe): the uniqueness of each person, Permit me the anglicized his- uniqueness.

The six types of personal brand

A reputed author, speaker, and Tertullian called Bryan Kramer proposes a test (a quizz) to find out which of the six types of personal brand belong. As your website is not licensed Creative Commons (his loss) I can not reproduce any image. I will not even put a link.

Kramer classifies us into six types of subjects according to our personal brand:


Altruistic. Altruistic individuals are recognized for their commitment to helping others. They are people who not only work for their own welfare but for their community.


Trepas. The trepas or careerists are people focus on their career advancement above all else.

Early adopter

Those in the last. It refers to a subculture of progressives recognized individuals who embrace individuality above all. Usually the first to try new things and share them with others.


controversial. It refers to people whose brand is closely identified with the controversy.


connectors. They are people who pride themselves on their ability to bring people together. Usually well they connected and use their networks for networking. They usually have a creative profile, and obtain validation and satisfaction through others.


Selective. He is a person who shares information with specific people. Usually cures carefully the information based on the needs and interests of the audience it addresses. They value exclusivity and is seen as a reporter and generous person.

I happen altruistic

I have done the test and it is proposed that classifies me as altruistic. But I do not agree. Not because it is, but because my DNA is made up of small parts of each of these six types of personal brand.

In the same way, I am a late baby boomer, but I have a closest behaviors millennial in the use of the media and a generation X in the structure of my messages or how to feed and interact with my loved ones.

We are more than a stereotype

People do not shy away from stereotypes, but we belong to several.

Our mind is very complex, and as far, the mood and the person or group we have before we act and behave in different ways. This is not to say that there are no quality tests, as a good 360, A DISC ... but in most cases we answer more thinking about what we believe will give us a better rating than what we are really.

Because we are based in a thousand different circumstances. I remember when I worked at JWT, an advertising agency, I wondered if you would be willing to work abroad. It is a question that can never be dichotomous (yes or no), and I would have perhaps moved smoothly to New York, Rome or San Francisco but not to Azerbaijan.

Not all who vote right-wing parties are conservative and all who vote are progressive leftist parties, and certainly you know more than one person who wants to change the world but right rate options.

The demoscopy need to adapt to a more complex social profile, extraordinary, changing, liquid, capricious. Do not belong to a "Personal Brand" belong to all in context. Obsesionémosnos to work in depth our uniqueness, vigilemos with stupidity of stereotypes.

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