Identifying a profile that invades network: the #iDiot

#Ignorant Idiot Digital Infamous Trickster Opportunist

It stands to reason that if there are parasites in real life, also we find them on the Internet. The problem is that in real life are easy to spot, in the digital world not so much. Some tools are needed, some payment, to discover the #iDiot.

Its main way to grow in the network: Follow thousands of people, wait for their “follow back” and then continues to shadow. Thus, the balance is always positive, with many more fans who followed.

Do not follow because you can add value, They do a mathematical question and personal vanity misunderstood.

The acronym #iDiot we see a few days ago in Mexico Nancy Vazquez, Alan Urbina and Johnny Durán in moments of relaxation after the Personal Branding Experience 2018.

Crazy obsession with getting followers at all costs, DNA #iDiot

The Greek myth says that Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection in the water and died at the approach to self-kissing. It was a revenge of the goddess Nemesis by bad treatment Narciso professed virgins who fell for him.

That's what can happen to continue collecting followers #iDiot. A few months ago I wrote a post titled The Follower Obsession. In the article referred to the need to create communities related to a value proposition. If I sell training programs for companies, with long boring 50 new followers per year that meet the profile would have enough. It is what Carlos Rebate, in his book Influencers, defined as 1.000 true followers, which they would be willing to hire you.

Detect and remove every #iDiot

I have always been tempted to denounce each #iDiot I've found. It is not doing so by legal means, It is paying with its own currency. First, stop following them. It is necessary to identify them. LinkedIn or Facebook the case is not given because monitoring should be mutually. This applies especially to Instagram and Twitter,

My colleague Claudio Inacio He proposes in his post How to let you know who to follow on Instagram? the tool IG Analyzer (iOS) to detect #iDiot massively and stop following them.

In Twitter there are several applications. I have not found any outstanding. At the moment, ManagerFilter, with limitations, is the most intuitive to detect and remove #iDiot.

Do I publish Escarnio?

The next step would be to create a public list of #iDiot, something that helps users and social networks to prevent this type of digital parasites. On the one hand, help users avoid falling into the trap. And the other would prevent social networks to give a “notice” by malpractices. Agree, what they do is not illegal, It is only ethically reprehensible. But people demonstrating against-values ​​deserve my contempt, and I guess yours too.

Limpiemos network trash. I was surprised to see people who never imagined they let me follow. I see them often and they give me a smile. Now I know that is false.

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#TheFollowerObsession ¿Seguidores? ¿fans? ¿contacts? Best few good

Today treatment of a disease that is becoming epidemic: #TheFollowerObsession, or the absurd obsession with collecting followers, contacts the fans. A few months ago I approached the issue from another angle in the post Mark package as value proposition does?. There I was referring to this absurd habit of some to place his name with contact number. For example, one LinkedIn, which supposedly it is a serious network and should not support this type of fantochadas, This custom became popular.

This time, I want to give another approach, much more operational, and it has already announced in the title:

Best few good

The big questions about the meaning of our digital presence could list the well:

  • What we are there? What justifies our presence?
  • Who we want to reach?
  • What goals?
  • What value proposition?
  • What messages? What content?
  • What intensity of interaction or engagement?
  • How can we control whether the goals we?

I predict that there are few people who have asked these questions before getting in the big circus Internet. And even fewer that they have responded and acted accordingly. However, It is an exercise that, despite its complexity (we do not like asking questions), clears many doubts and proves effective in the development of our personal brand communication area.

The classic mistake: want to reach everyone

If we do not define who we want to be and what value proposition, accumulate contacts, but they will have no strategic weight than the numbers swell.

Agree, They say we need minimum social networking communities for everything to work. I do question. If I have 150 followers, and 100 hire my services or the company they work, What I need 50.000?

I can understand that trademarks need large communities in B2C products or services selloff. People do not, we are free agents or working for others.

Theory 1.000 true followers

Carlos Rebate, in his magnificent book Influencers, everything you want to know about influence Digita. (Empresa Activa, 2017), refers to the article Kevin Kelly (co-founder of Wired) called 1.000 true fans. Kelly's theory is that really do not need more than 1.000 fans, understood as true followers. They are Brand Advocates, people willing to share, or comment bring anything to anyone, recommend and “bought” what we do. And the “bought” although Quoted, It literally refers to people who buy and test the services or products we offer or'll prescribe.

If this is so, and so, Where does the obsession to get followers at all costs?

Attraction marketing puts things easy

The term inbound marketing or attraction marketing is the ability of high-value content to reverse the cycle classic advertising. In a nutshell, It is not who comes undesirably us message, we who got the message for the richness of its content. Content value, which leads us changes, and often it arrives recommendations of people they consider credible references or field of activity that addresses content.

A recommended reading on the subject (and free) We found in the ebook Oscar del Santo and Daniel Alvarez Marketing de atracción 2.0. Attraction marketing facilitates community building value. They may not be very large, but the important thing is that we help you get the Meritorious so 1.000 true fans.

social networking obsession followers

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Your community depends on your business model

Many wonder why people with such great real communities. It is easy to explain. If you are a consultant, by self-employed persons, your community is small and very valuable, and will move in “of mouth” value that will make you grow. If you're a TV reporter presenter will have a huge community, though perhaps never get 1.000 true fans. If you are a lecturer, successful writer, college professor, It is more likely that your communities are large. Also if you work in the field of digital marketing, where your communities connected you will still massively.

If you are an engineer, work in an industry, and you have blog or content creation platform, your community will be small. But it may be more valuable than a collector followers.

You want 100.000 followers? It's easy if you hand £ 189.99

Although there are companies that offer followers for cash, It offers no true fan moment. Is about bots Computer generated, which have already become so sophisticated that they can even give you likes publications automated. But of course, do not expect to put a comment or offer you a collaboration, a job, or participate in a project. That will not happen, at least for now.

In addition, If you're tempted to buy followers, There is public domain software that will betray you without mercy. the rotary La Vanguardia He published a few days ago that Twitter has 330 million users, of a 10% or perhaps more they are false. The Telegraph, by his side, says the “pack” of 100.000 followers is less than 200 £. And we also have packs “more credible” of 1.000 15 followers €.

Get rid of fake followers

Magazine PC Actual recently published a list of tools 1. know that part of our community is fake and 2. in their premium versions, rid to hit a single click from all false followers and stay with the closest thing to true followers.

  • Twitter Audit > You can see, for example that the Spanish prime minister has a 34% fake Twitter users, and an undetermined percentage of doubtful.

Other tools recommended by the magazine are SocialRank, Social Audit Pro. I liked especially Status People, why also it gives you the percentage of inactive followers who wants them? Although there are many tools for Twitter and Instagram, Facebook and other networks seems that there are no big deal.

Getting it right, be persistent and look at the medium term, the secret to getting few good followers

For lovers of transience and termism I regret to say that there is no prescription. For the rest, I guarantee that clear strategy, patience, strong value proposition, good content and a reasonable interaction, the thousand real followers arrive. I'm halfway, but pleased to see how slowly gives small fruits harvest.

concluding, cambia #TheFollowerObsession por #RealFanCommunity. Trust me, You'll do better. Good week!


PD: This week presented two books to consider: Learning from the best 2, of Francisco Alcaide, that after overcoming the barrier of 30.000 copies sold in its first version, dare with new inspiring characters. On another front, My companion battles Jordi Collell He has launched (now available on Amazon) Tu start-up personal, a real roadmap for personal branding.

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