You are looking for work 8h a day? ¿No? Then you do not look for work

I sincerely hope that no one is offended by the owner, especially if that someone employs eight daily looking for work. I just wanted to show too common occurrence among those seeking work: the short time they devote to the topic.

This will not CV's

This is not to send CV's to the beast and then lie down on a couch to wait. Job search can not be passive, It should be active, or better, proactive. I'm not a specialist outplacement, but I understand some personal positioning, enough to know that apply for a job is a task 24x7x12 (that is, a task that takes a looong time).clock

A job seeker needs to devote time and talent to succeed, but most important is to use something called strategy. Yes, the classical scheme Where I am, Because I am here, Where could I go, How can I get to, but applied to the person. I call him Personal Branding, but the name is not relevant, what is the process.

The iceberg of personal branding

Imagine Iceberg. If you think below what you see on the water there is nothing, stop reading this text. If you understand that under water is the core, the foundations, base, alright.

  • Empieza for your most submerged and dark area, analyzes your inner self. Do not do it alone. Prepare your personal DAFO, seeks what others know about you and your not know. Do some self-criticism, for a moment, and without precedent, about thinking you have rightly dismissed. Dreaming is free, displays where you want to be in 5 or 10 years old .
  • If you already have your dream, Start with your strategy. Tu modelo de negocio, your vision, your mission, your values, your differential positioning, your key message. It will be your roadmap.
  • With the strategy well prepared, Work your visibility model. What will you. high or low profile, higher incidence “vivo” the virtual. mass or custom channels. Work drip or trickle.

Work looking for work

That'll be busy at least 8 hours daily for a month (if you do well and help). Since then, You can start creating your content and direct them to your target customers in each of the channels you have chosen. A personal positioning is nothing day, It takes time, so try to spend much time reading, listening, By learning from people who consider concerning. That is also in the 8 Daily hours.

I'm being serious, few people “working” employability 8 It takes longer daily hours 3 or 4 months to find job a job that you like, that fits your dream. And I mean it: be autonomous is not a sin, it's just a compendium of administrative dirty tricks, but with strong emotional compensation (and sometimes economic).

Have you been out of work? You wait three or four months of vertigo, but do not let them become 3 or 4 years of boredom.


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Do not be afraid to do better

I allowed “stealing” this phrase Pau Hortal to enter the post. In fact, echo the announcement today that SOYMIMARCA announces the addition as a partner in Pau, one of the leaders in the field of HR in Spain.

To avoid repeating the contents of the post of soymimarca, I will say that I know Pau few years ago and is one of the most operational people, clairvoyants and nonconformist that I've never found. A person who is not afraid to say NO (I recommend you, by the way, post Andrés Pérez Ortega “Say no“, from yesterday), a person who does not let him escape a drop time, who believes that there are few impossible things and has understood that today it is difficult to start a business without new relational technologies. A person who is not afraid of adverse reactions first impression, It is going to the bottom of things.

Otherwise, We have little in common; We share baldness and an inclination to savor a glass without ice The Macallan very occasionally.

From today, We will not be afraid to do better.

Came the day: Presented today SOYMIMARCA, a generator of personal brands

We are announcing that we were coming from this blog, from Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook… has arrived.

Today is presented soymimarca, an ambitious project that aims to become a benchmark in operational creation of personal brands.

The project, promovido by Jordi Collell and William Bone, who Recolons escribe-, It is aimed at both businesses and individuals, and among its differential tools we are combining coaching with other tools of personal brand visibility.

Deis is best to look at the web,, but here we insert your welcome video.

@everybody: Squeezing the orange called Twitter

To build your personal brand interest, among other things, get followers Twitter. Here I leave some tips to boost Twitter and get more out:

  • Fairplay acts: follow your followers and answer the questions or comments that make you directly.
  • Twice perday, Retweet an interesting post you've found a blog in your industry. Your followers want to know about the latest trends, disputes and ideas.
  • Once a day, tweeting a news article about your industry. To find sources, interesting subscribe to alerts Google, Search Google News or some relevant daily, national international.
  • Once a day, twittea a sentence or interesting quote. Those that move reflection. BrainyQuote It is a good source of quotations. Example: I've failed over and over again in my life, so I have achieved success. (Michael Jordan).
  • Once a day, tweeting something personal. In the background, we are humans. It is not all the time to explain what we have eaten or dined, but to recommend a restaurant where we ate yesterday.
  • Once a day answers a question related to your field. Use Twitter search or management application Twitter, as TweetDeck. This is a good way of attracting followers.
  • The use of hashtags It's very important. This is Twitter tags, and here work differently to other platforms. Serve to classify our tweet, in order to identify a topic. As we do when we create a post on our blog, or hang a picture on Flickr, etc ... and we label to classify on a keyword to make relationship. On Twitter we can find on the side, among others listed as "trending topics”. When you write on Twitter and want it to be classified with Hashtag, just write # right in front of the word that identifies the subject of your tweet, that is, If you refer to marketing you should write #Marketing. If we find other Hashtags and see related tweets, we can go to search engine Favorites on the left side.