Difference in personal marketing and personal branding

Personal Branding and Personal Marketing Is it the same?

The confusion between personal branding and personal marketing exists, and it has its logical point. It comes from the same confusion between branding and marketing. I myself was the victim of this confusion. In my time as a publicist, most companies went to branding companies for a logo, not for a … Read more

ebook #ARD_ebook soymimarca

Authentic, Relevant, different #ARD_ebook

Authentic, Relevant, different are key in an impeccable personal brand, and they're also titled the last ebook 2014 from Soymimarca, already in free download

23 personal brand definitions - the video-

If you weren't even clear what personal brand is, this video helps clarify concepts. Happy 2013!

I wish you'd existed before., Graduate in Personal Branding

Two years ago, the newspaper La Vanguardia placed the personal branding as one of the future professions of 2020. They were wrong.. Things have come a few years ahead. Although it varies by author, my definition goes like this: Personal Brand is the brand you project on others and Personal Branding would be … Read more

Personal Branding Plan: Manage -already- the script of your life

Personal Branding Plan launches today, the first online personal brand self-management course. An ambitious and cooperative project that answers these questions: Are you waiting for the chance of a lifetime and it hasn't just arrived? Are you dissatisfied with your current job but are afraid of a change? Is your project powerful … Read more

The 16 May the Online Personal Brand Self-Management Course is launched

It is a real pleasure to share a novelty with vosotr@s: next Wednesday 16 May launches First Online Personal Brand Self-Management Course. The course is aimed at anyone who wants to increase their chances of professional success and is structured as a true brand consultancy on the network. The 16 May you can start … Read more

Human Marketing V: The fourth C is Communicate

In addition to establishing our personal brand, construida y edificada sobre valores reales, y sobre una argumentación vital consecuente con lo que somos y con nuestras aspiraciones, el marketing humano establece las relaciones entre personas, between personal brands. Tanto los aspectos de visibilidad como de actitud son bases de una estrategia de comunicación. La comunicación entreRead more

Human Marketing III: question of trust

The tremendous impact on various social forums that is generating this new twist to marketing (#human marketing) was somewhat predictable, aunque no deja de sorprendernos la facilidad y la ilusión con la que se está asumiendo esta propuesta que más que cambiar el punto de vista que el nuevo marketing tiene del nuevo mercado lo queRead more

And Soymimarca took off his pacifier

Yesterday it was a year since Soymimarca opened its doors. As many of you know, I'm involved in this project of staff branding up to the eyebrow. The truth is that it's been an interesting year, full of ideas, projects, experiences, in a hurry, Nerves, Customers, Collaborators, Friends, Joys, Hopes. Even if it sounds like a lie, the project continues. And … Read more

Human Marketing II: With "C" of CREER

Decíamos el pasado martes que el MARKETING HUMANO es una forma de hacer marketing que no tiene 4 “P” sino 4 “C”: Believe, Trust, Collaborate, Communicate. Hoy centramos esta segunda parte en la primera “C”: CREER De las distintas definiciones del verbo creer que encontramos en la RAE, nos quedamos con ésta: Dar crédito a alguien. TanRead more