useless words and personal brand

Lately everyone gives to recommend “keywords” you should not miss on a CV or professional networking profile. In many cases, useless words.

The words used both lose strength

Who does not recognize the word "quality" is somewhat worn and sometimes the opposite effect?

Many words originally have a positive meaning can be returned against abuse our use. "Quality" is a good example, but also "coach" and many others. Why? Overage, but also intrusismo, by the fact that there are people who use quality without one or coach without being (to give two examples).

There is always a loser

There is always someone who loses out, and that is what really works with principles of quality or that really has taken an official title of coach. These professionals must squeeze their brains best to make the market believe them, they are authentic.

The 10 words that can not miss on a CV

I read a few days ago Article with that headline so tempting. But it is tempting as it is misleading, because it seems to want to promote to say things that are not really or perhaps not represent. Or worse: We want to homogenize, CV make all equal.

The words that refer as "must" in all CV are:

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Proactivity
  • Learning
  • Training
  • Progress
  • goals
  • Experience
  • To get better
  • Availability

Studying LinkedIn

In those earlier words we add that a study of LinkedIn They attributed as the most used in their profiles (in Spain):

  • Passionate
  • Creative
  • motivated
  • Strategic
  • Specialized
  • Leadership
  • Multinational
  • Responsible
  • Expert
  • International experience

Does that mean that these words are prohibited?

Isn't it?, of course. Just means They are worn, who they have lost part of its value and perhaps many people unconsciously- They use them even if they are not entirely certain because "everyone does". In a nutshell, If we use those words we will be one more, an undifferentiated herd members. useless words.

Creative power

If we really want not to bore recruiters with useless words the key is to convey these concepts using different words. The famous "passionate" used in Anglo-Saxon profiles looks good, but does not distinguish. What if instead of "passionate about ..." talk about "I considered a benchmark in ..."? Or what if instead of "leadership" talk about "engagement team"?

Can we look ridiculous?

Expansion newspaper recently published a Article called It makes you look ridiculous and repels recruiters in this issue of words and bombast addressed in the professional qualifications. Can we look ridiculous? Perhaps it is exaggerated, but what it is sure to perceive us as unoriginal and some "ghosts".


A few days after the article was published, one of the professionals who most admire, Andrés Macario, It has become a great infographic the content. Thank you, Andrés!. Here we:

words that do not add. Infographics by Andrés Macario based on a text by Guillem Recolons

Words image by