Do not be afraid to do better

I allowed “stealing” this phrase Pau Hortal to enter the post. In fact, echo the announcement today that SOYMIMARCA announces the addition as a partner in Pau, one of the leaders in the field of HR in Spain.

To avoid repeating the contents of the post of soymimarca, I will say that I know Pau few years ago and is one of the most operational people, clairvoyants and nonconformist that I've never found. A person who is not afraid to say NO (I recommend you, by the way, post Andrés Pérez Ortega “Say no“, from yesterday), a person who does not let him escape a drop time, who believes that there are few impossible things and has understood that today it is difficult to start a business without new relational technologies. A person who is not afraid of adverse reactions first impression, It is going to the bottom of things.

Otherwise, We have little in common; We share baldness and an inclination to savor a glass without ice The Macallan very occasionally.

From today, We will not be afraid to do better.