termism, other personal branding disease

If we leave the issue of lotteries outside, made a small fortune takes many years, and get rid of it it costs few seconds. A wrong button pressed, an erroneous order to a broker and poof!, it's over.

Crisis 2008 It has caused many people to lose their "small fortune", including employment, and Now it seems that bad weather fades will have to recover in weeks what it took years to accumulate. Is the termism, the disease of the new post-crisis society and other disease personal branding. I say another because some time ago I spoke of the root disease personal brand: the obsession with collecting followers and friends in social networks. Returning to the short-term is understandable, No one likes to give up something that already had, but today the rice needs 5 months to be about to collect, he asks patience and hard work.

If it is not possible to harvest rice and collect it in a week, Nor is it possible to expect short-term results in a process of personal branding. One of the key issues of customers we serve from Soymimarca is how I will take to see results?

Deadlines personal branding

There is nothing written about deadlines, since they can modify variables are many. How long are you willing to spend each day to your personal brand? How many resources? How much illusion?.

Once you know the way to manage your brand, which can take you two months, you must ask yourself that your personal branding plan begins in earnest at that time. The time you spend is critical, and at this point a good idea is that you marques partial goals, something that allows evolution unequivocally see and not cause unnecessary frustration.

In the last session of a personal branding process we usually provide our customers a schedule of weekly activities, a kind of guide for guidance about what we need to publish -a long- They are perceived as specialists value in our field of activity. Remember that what matters is not what we say of us, but what others say depending on the value we are able to provide.

A person who has worked with a consultant to understand the process branding and spend an hour a day can start watching results 10 or 12 months, but this must be selected targets and KPI's very concise. If the goal is to move from office boy to president of a company, Obviously we need to set objectives in stages and be realistic, and we will face a process of years.

Among the indicators it is particularly useful for analyzing the evolution of our public brand, that is, the results of our first page of Google when we look for our name. Today everyone googles all, so do not hesitate anyone who wants to find out about you put your name in the search online.

And not everything is online. The most effective part of networking is still the traditional, the coffee, the Meeting, attending the talk, shaking the hand.

When we talk we talk about personal branding a life plan, As a strategy and measurable, cast, like Rome, It is not built in one day.

Bad news for shortsighted, personal mark there are no shortcuts. The good news is that well crafted, management of our brand brings good rewards.