The strange case of Paco, the employee with own brand

6 little tips for managing your brand

It is known that even today, employees of many companies prefer discretion in social networks and digital forums. It is partly for fear, It is partly due to ignorance, It is partly out of laziness.

digital discretion

The digital discretion is not necessarily bad. We have often recommended to executives of companies "make do" with a profile on Linkedin and little else as all digital presence. The problem is usually the amount of "digital junk" circulating Google, especially between managers, with all those websites that give information (payment) on charges, business appointments ...

OK, what could be considered as well-meaning discretion becomes hell 2.0 for many people, simply, They want to go unnoticed.

advice 1: Take charge of your brand, do not let them build it other


I have seen the fear reflected in the attitude of many professionals when they comment that "best not give much note, the boss does not like ". And it is clear, You can not recommend to an employee acting so that you can airar to the top. But no one can forbid us to have profiles on the network, talk about the things we like, hobbies, passions, people. Nobody can forbid us to share links an added value to our brand and the company for which they work (actually, a passenger project).

advice 2: Fuck the boss, what you do is too good not to raise level


This social networking is for people who have much time to lose”. This discussion is long and tiresome. There is a big difference between wasting time or invest in your brand, your value proposition, in the way you want to be recognized by others. It is not "being" in social networks, I have often written that it is "being", to convey your ideas and thoughts, to share, to converse and build relationships. Everyone remembers Santa Barbara when it thunders, and many of those who think that networking is wasting time later regret when they get the letter from the ERE and have to start from scratch, with null or bad digital positioning.

advice 3: Change your map time management and invests in you


This cardinal sin makes us human, but also it slows down too much our decision making and our commitment to a plan of action. All we procrastinate in one way or another, but digital basic training will not take more than one weekend and the subsequent management of your profiles you should not take more than 5 or 10 minutes daily.

advice 4: Hop up, begins knowing how it works and then put it into practice

Who is Paco?

Paco is employed by a large company, with a technical background. But above all Paco director of his own orchestra, a type of the closest thing to a Swiss Army knife with a passion for each 10 your fingers.

Paco wants to get as much out of life than sleeping 3 hours a day is more than enough, You can not afford to neglect your friends, his band, their colleagues, to his clients, fellow students.

I met Paco few days ago in a course of personal brand. Paco should have been the trainer and the formed, He gave me a practical lesson in personal relationships and brand that will be hard to forget. Hyperactive, constant, crazy music technological gadgets, activist social networks and runner.

advice 5: Do not give up your passions and do not leave them in the box of secrets, will make you a better person, and-believe it or not- best professional

What makes it different from Paco?

Paco is different from the first moment, It has a look with a point Rebel, but she knows how to dress up to what is expected of him. Besides being a Swiss Army Knife, It is one of the fastest thinkers of the earth, You will not want to miss anything, but he knows how to listen.

Those who were in that course we take, above all, a memory of Paco. It is a personal scanner brands, You need little time to know how you are and what you like, you dislike, It is a detector personality. And its remarkable element is that Paco sends you a piece of music, a song, depending on what has grasped your brand essence. This is not to use songs. Paco is a crazy music, and his repertoire multiplied by 100 that of any mortal.

our, to be exact, He sent me a link to this piece that he knew and loved. It is SEs, singer revelation of the Galician scene. I do not really hope you like, It is a thought piece for me.

[youtube] = aB6bcT_YvUo[/youtube]

advice 6: In everything you do, marring. as Paco.

Image: Video frame extracted SEs.


Keys to boost SME through their professional

There are still many people who think that personal branding is reserved for "celebrities", senior executives or large companies. Paradoxically, one of the fields where personal brand management is best fertilizer is in SMEs. Why?

  1. Unlike large companies, SMEs have resource poor marketing, and even less if we talk about the industrial sector. The professionals of these companies can act as true brand ambassadors, so that a single company could have many speakers.
  2. According to the barometer Edelman Trust 2013, "Employees score higher public confidence in the Department of Public Relations, the President or the founder of the company. A 41% think that employees are the most credible source of information when they talk about your business ". Is not it is time to give more prominence to people who are not in management staff?
  3. Unlike large companies, decisions are SMEs less difficulty consensus, which makes them more agile. This framework promotes actions test area or test / fail at a higher rate would help make decisions in less time.
  4. The process for managing a program of Brand Ambassadors in an SME it is based on three parts:
  • Enhance self-awareness and personal strategy professionals (personal branding).
  • Consolidate corporate knowledge and competitive framework (corporate branding).
  • Symbiotically combine both elements to determine commonalities and design messages and media to help us expand and improve relations with stakeholders. personal branding PYME

How long does a program in an SME? About two months of groundwork six to see results. True, with track “light” In day to day. Not too much in a world increasingly shortsighted.

In any case, SMEs are encouraged to develop a program like this should consider that their professionals also need to gain from the program. If you want your people speak well of your company, Give them some tools and let them public visibility. More info on this link.


Mentoring on RRSS companies: pros and cons

Partially reproduce the article in the newspaper Expansion Who will win the war of generations and technology? published by Tino Fernández a few hours ago and which he participated with Andrés Pérez Ortega and Jorge Cagigas, and when you talk about mentoring on RRSS (social networks) in the company.

Who will win the war of generations and technology?

Youth mentors who help senior professionals to overcome the technological gap… The scene is increasingly common in companies, but it generates more serious conflicts that aims to solve the problem.

What do a few young experts in technology and social networking teaching their heads or other senior professionals the importance and use of such tools? Increasingly companies rely on this kind of reverse mentoring for members of the Baby Boomer generation and some of Generation X exceeds the technological gap.

However, It is mentoring Intergenerational not always work: the senior perhaps embarrassed by their lack of culture technologically intimidate many of these seemingly inexperienced youth issues leading business technology classes. In this sense Andrés Pérez Ortega, positioning consultant staff, explain what “if the ratio is reduced to a simple exchange of expertise and, Besides, one party feels threatened, not only will not produce a connection but can end in a clash. The important thing is not putting it as a student-teacher relationship but as colleagues or business partners, and understand that both have something to gain”.

Perez believes “when two professional support are offered a stronger connection than usually occurs between peers. that link, especially when it sets with someone newly incorporated company, leaves a deep impression. Arguably, these relations of two people who are supported in a hostile environment remain forever in the memory”.

The expert reminds personal position than usual so far was that the veterans take charge of explaining the ins and outs novice and unwritten laws of the profession and business: “Today it is easier to know what happens because the information flows faster and that has lost some value. However, now it appears to be more important techniques and tools; why mentees become mentors or, something better, an information exchange occurs (is provided by the veterans) by learning (it facilitates young)”.

Perez believes that “in addition to the emotional connection, respect effect or positioning occurs expert. Although sure there are people more prepared technically, the person who supports you and teaches you leave a deep mark and positions itself as the one who knows. That reputation can have positive consequences in the long run because when you need to 'professional', the decision will be much easier and obvious”.


Jorge Cagigas, the socio Epicteles, He states that in this war of generations what's changed is the hierarchy, and how generations understand authority: “It is a model on which it is based on mastering something and not imposed from above. Others are those who will recognize that authority in a certain aspect”.

Guillem Recolons, partner Soymimarca, It recognizes that “yes, mentoring social networking companies is becoming a common practice in recent years. Organizations understand that their best brand ambassadors are professional, and those companies that had censored the connection to certain social networks their employees realize that the cure is worse than the disease”.

Recolons recalls data Barómetro Edelman Trust of 2013 ensuring that “professional score higher public confidence in the public relations department, President and founder of the company”. That same barometer suggests a 41% He thinks that employees are the most credible source of information when talking about your company.

In this situation, Recolons states that “A dilemma arises: or you start a mentoring on social networks or we fall. But this has its risks: the first is the distrust of those who do not belong to the digital generation and have been the last to adapt a smartphone or use, for example, Whatsapp. The second, More serious, is that most of thementoring It is tactical, and that can lead the company to suffer some reputation problems”.

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