sin crisis no hay desafíos

No crisis, no challenges: Moving from routine to challenge

Of course, sin crisis no hay desafíos Me permito utilizar esta frase de Albert Einstein para incidir sobre un aspecto de la marca personal que me parece importante: la necesidad de autocuestionarse con cierta frecuencia. I explain myself: si bien todo apunta a que la autoestima es la clave de una buena proyección de la marcaRead more

It's not about the number of contacts, it's about how we interact with them

In our personal brand management, quantity is often mistaken for quality. It is true that networking is based on propability, and the higher, Best. Although it is also true that we are in the age of affinities, personal segmentation, one-to-one, And, in short, personalization. Have 5.000 contacts in … Read more