Want to know what your personal brand? Pide feedback!

Da feedback. Pide feedback.

This week has been especially active in events that have been speaker or trainer. The Talent Day Blanquerna, 1st Personal Brand Forum Guudjob in Barcelona, and the 1st workshop for mavericks Value Express please from Barcelona. Three events linked by personal branding and the urgent need we have to know before you manage: Pide feedback. Conoce feedback. acts (without obsessing) to remodel the results of that feedback.

The particular case, It is that each of the events brought together an audience with different needs.

Recent graduates who choose to first job

Talent Day gathered a large group of 4th graders who will face the rawness of entering the working world. My first consideration, with all respect to all universities, It is that that day should celebrate at the end of the 1st grade, to finish 2nd, to finish 3rd, and, course to finish the race. We work on this will not tire of repeating that become a benchmark for the option chosen in a process takes years, not days or weeks.

When I talked about the importance of asking for feedback, working on a proposal for a unique and differentiated value and the need to take charge of our brand online, they understood. I have no doubt. But unless a person, no one had bothered to do. Now my little heroes need to sprint and put a contact machinery running at full speed to avoid running off the hook in the workplace.

Talent Day 2017 Personal Branding

Collell and Jordi William Recolons / Talent Day 2017 / Blanquerna

The same thing happened to him Esther Casademont when he spoke of the curriculum in a keynote address titled: “The curriculum ridículum”. And the same thing happened to him Jordi Collell when he spoke of the importance of leaving a good impression on the Internet and social networks. The music sounded but no one had rehearsed the score.

Some may ask why and who to ask for feedback if I have no work experience? The answer is simple: teachers, mentors, fellow students, Mentors traineeships, family, friends (that is less reliable) And ultimately, people who have seen us act worked or leading projects of any kind (volunteer, Event organization…).

How to ask for feedback? Me what you've read many times, ask what you are particularly competent and ask how you can improve. Use email or free applications like Google Forms or Guudjob, from which I will discuss below in more detail.

Those who want to improve their employment status

Guudjob, next to The Valley Digital School and Reason Why They organized an interesting forum for personal brand aimed at people who need or want to improve their working time. The event brought together speakers I did not know, as John Martin, Bernardo Montero, Eva Ballarín, Javier Guadiana and Cristina Pérez. Joan, Eva and I walked more on personal branding, Bernando spoke of growth haking, Javier tried and Cristina nonverbal language on the steps in selecting a candidate.

Do not forget that feedback allows us to know them better, but also improve

guudjob personal brand forum

Photos: Guudjob & Paula Fernández-Ochoa

But the biggest surprise, for me, It was Guudjob, the application. Tripadvisor kind of people. Already he had installed some time, but he had not used because it was thought to be valued between company employees. Misconception. Guudjob is fresh feedback, not only the result of a long relationship, Also a short impression. After each intervention, the speakers were rated through the app by those attending the forum. Genial. Do not forget that when you ask for feedback, that allows us to know, but also improve.

The key app is: Da feedback, pide feedback. Rated on a scale of 1 to 5, but that to me is not important. The important thing is the phrase that accompanies the score, for me that is the true valuation. Agree, if you have 1.000 reviews, the statistical mean is relevant. But the comments enrich, because they are the ones that clearly indicate what we have to strengthen, maintain or improve.

Congratulations to the entire team of Guudjob by this invention, that It allowed me to issue many valuations and receive nothing less than 19 reviews in one day!

And not only that, but bet on managing personal brand through its Personal Branding Academy. A great idea.

Here I leave a link with a brief post of Guudjob of 4 tricks to grow as a professional. A year ago Jaime Fernández I was interviewed via Skype and recorded the interview title: How do I can offer a company to work with them? There are some interesting tips in just over 4 minutes.

Nonconformists who want to improve their personal brand and get value

The first edition of Ponte workshop format in Express Value in Barcelona brought together a group of stunning maverick. I do not know who learned who. Fran Segarra and exercise “Capital Brand” made many attendees autoanalizasen in their experiential Capital, applied, relational, emotional and vital: brutal. Talent there is among us. And the first feedback comes from within.

Get in Value

Group (almost complete) Ponte workshop Valor Express 10 June Bcn

This group, more knowledgeable about the personal branding, He had more to clear the importance of feedback as a first step to personal strategy design and implementation of a visibility plan. We invite you to join Guudjob and cast your feedback on the experience. They will do it, I'm sure. But for now, as cracks that are social networks, They have already submitted their assessments of the workshop from that medium.

The truth is that it was a very interesting experience with people with a tremendous thirst to know more, but also to share stories and experiences. enriching. Eva Collado He left his soul to explain the importance of what we do and how we do on social networks and blogs to precisely- this feedback reaches us and be positive.

The location of the training could not be more inspiring. Thank you Julia for letting us about the Space Sense, an unbeatable location to get in value.

Finally, some friendly advice. If you want to receive feedback, pide feedback, and very important- da feedback.


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