Can be visual conversation?

Recall that markets are conversations (The Cluetrain Manifesto, 1999). And now, those conversations person-to-person, that dialogue, It is going to a visual platform.

If they say a picture is worth a thousand words, one picture accompanied labels (#hashtags) worth an empire. And that's what is happening with platforms like Instagram is (already owned by Facebook), Pinterest, Snapchat, and to a lesser extent Twitter and Facebook.

Instagram is

Instagram is

Networking conversation becomes visual because, among other things, synthesized images excellently concepts, if we add labels add nuance, and if we add the geolocation add places, the moments. The conversation becomes visual also because it is not necessary to reproduce literally in the world of bits we do in the real world, and We seek new languages that meet the new needs of immediacy (if you want, Call it lack of patience).

Someone will think that this is already invented video, but there is nothing synthetic and easy to interpret as a picture accompanied labels, requires only 10 seconds. Video is an excellent support, but the synthesis capacity is smaller and requires some connectivity to be seen in conditions.

From the standpoint of branding personal, visual conversation opens new Horizons, since many professionals who doubt their ability to write or star in a video testimonial can use this new support to strengthen his personal position / professional.

The phenomenon VISUAL THINKING finally finds the tools so that every human being can apply it in practice.

  • Instagram is He has revolutionized the visual conversation thanks, above all, to use in mobile devices, which gives you an unprecedented immediacy conversation. It also allows easily tiquetar, geotag and share tickets on networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and email them.
  • Pinterest remains one of the most attractive for graphic interface, very comfortable and that allows you to group images into folders (boards) and share them on other networks and tag.
  • The phenomenon Snapchat added elements Privacy the above: the post or posts just seconds are displayed, and then the trail disappears, resulting in, on the one hand that millions of "teens" have been released en masse to the network and, on the other hand, certain dangers. Dangers because as the image lasts a short time photos and videos are sent very committed (explicit content, OK?).
  • As to Twitter and Facebook, both support image and labels. Twitter was the pioneer network labeling with #hashtags, and it has adapted to the visual thinking. Facebook, on the contrary, It has gone from a very visual format to suit the hashtag to generate broader talks.

In summary, If you have a strategy Personal positioning and between your skills is not writing or speaking, I welcome the visual conversation, a phenomenon that already has powerful tools that will grow and expand their effectiveness and quality parameters. If you do not have a personal positioning strategy, what are you waiting for…

If you are in all social networks, no “you are” any


Not wanting to miss a piece of the pie should not become an obsession. I note that many people are entering an amount of RRSS (social networks) so great that it gives them time to manage any properly.

Focus IS KEY

As we have 5 daily hours to properly manage those networks, it is best to focus. Although there is no dispute between tastes, I focus the issue on four networks:

Linkedin: It allows us to connect with professionals from all sectors and knowing your current activity. The Linkedin groups are discussion forums with good stories in which to learn and the ability to share our stories. True: lately there is enough spam… But where there is none?.

Twitter: is a open network, who can follow one wants without asking permission. It's a good place to learn and to discuss. I think the famous “Cluetrain Manifesto” of 1999 He was referring to Twitter (that nation 6 years later) when he is talking about “markets are conversations”. It is an immediate network, wild, It allows you to put videos, Photos… communicate in real time.

YouTube: If a picture is worth a thousand words, to add sound is a whole. This network allows us to transmit video to our brand 100%, because it helps us communicate comprehensively, including nonverbal language. And if that was not enough, YouTube also is the second largest search engine after Google, and more and more people have to have it on your home page.

Facebook: like LinkedIn, It allows us to recover friendships past. In the professional field, Facebook pages can become excellent places to move a professional offer, and are good reinforcements shop online.

diceAl blog I do not consider a social network, It is well above. We will speak another day. Depending on your professional activity, it is very possible that you can focus your digital communication networks image, as Pinterest Flickr, There are networks of all colors. But remember this, and we can not be everywhere. Must focus.

I do not care if my own marketing, how can I take care of yours

1. In the world there are 634 million web pages. So, we should be among the 10 first million have a distinctive website or blog. To know, placing the domain of the web search the related The will of the basic data. The position of the web ranking and reputation. Reputation based on the sites that link to that web. For example, This blog is ranking 4.500.000 / 25. that of Soymimarca, for example it is in 329.000 / 208.

2. The internet domain Top searches amount to . Only in .with there are 100 million web pages, it's not bad at all. One can have a domain .net or .info, but they take longer to find.

3. In the world there are 2.400 million Internet users, of those who:Screenshot 2013-01-27 to 12.48.49

  • 1.1oo million - Number of users Asia.
  • 519 million - Number of users Europe.
  • 274 million - Number of users North America
  • 255 million - Number of users Latin America.
  • 167 million - Number of users Africa.
  • 90 million - Number of users Middle East.
  • 24.3 million - Number of users Oceania.
  • 565 million - Number of users China, more than any other country in the world

With so many millions of Internet, You differentiate it becomes complicated. But it is a necessity. Capsize network quality content, well labeled, still the best the best formula to hover between much information.

4. Facebook has more than 1.000 millions active users, with an average of 40 years old

5. Twitter has more than 200 millions active users, with an average of 37 years old , 307 tweets y 51 followers (followers). In addition, there is already 123 heads of state or presidents of countries with their own account in Twitter.

6. Mobile phone, there are 5.000 millions Users with phone itself, of those who 1.300 millions They are smartphone with the ability to surf the Internet and use quick messaging networks (Whatsup, Messenger, e-mail…).

Where do I want going with both numbers?

Traditional media continue their way, with developments. Many newspapers and magazines have been, tota after a life on paper, the online edition as unique support. Most TV channels offer causes an unavoidable loss of hearing. And when a content is good, social networks will repeat ad nauseam.

Having accounts in social networks will be essential RRSS, but it will have things that interest at a predetermined public for each. Marketing staff is a part of personal branding is the strategic process that each person and their personal communication strategy. As much as we seem to be on the net is enough, it is not. It's like going to give a talk and go blank. If you have an inactive account on Twitter, better delete. And the same in other networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Foursquare. Should not be, you have to be.

I see many profiles in networks of people who call themselves advisers or consultants or experts in something. But when you check its contents, in most cases they are limited to forwarding to the network things have liked. Do not create own content, no value. If you do not look after their own marketing, What credibility will have to look after mine?.

*Source: Royal Pingdom / Internet 2012 in numbers