The gripping story of the Lord of Hugs

This weekend I had the good fortune to meet the Mr. HUGS. Whenever you meet new people you bring a first impression may be wrong if you do not go deep a little. The truth is that every time I value more the second printing. It will I get older, but there are many techniques to make a good impression and very few to give a good lasting impression.

he knew Guillermo, my namesake, in the virtual world. It does not go unnoticed, It is one of the few entrepreneurs who know how to properly use the Internet to generate valuable relationships. Well knows how to manage your personal brand, understanding that the secret of success is winning others to hire their services or purchase products created.

But I must admit that the initial impression I had of Guillermo was neither good nor bad. I looked like one more. And collecting the phrase Andrés Pérez Ortega, If you are one more, you'll be one less.

The power of the second printing

This weekend I've been fortunate to have Guillermo as an assistant to a course of personal brand. I say fortunate because I have known his true mark, permanent impression. The context has been the workshop Get in Value we have given Fran Segarra, Eva Collado and I in Madrid. I must admit, It has been a wonderful experience, and the protagonists were attendees, hungry for knowledge but also emotions.

My companions and I knew it would be a special workshop. Shortly after start, personal presentations wowed attendees. They were not impersonal and cold curriculum. They were authentic stories with lessons learned, and especially with the lived. I will discuss other attendees in another post, but here I will focus on William and his powerful story.

Who is Guillermo?

Guillermo Rodriguez Borges

Guillermo Rodriguez Borges, Mr. hugs

Venezuelan, 45, married with two young children, Guillermo Rodriguez Borges had the courage to tell his father that he would move to live with his wife to Spain, and he did so in 2005. Pharmacist by profession, He has worked in various positions in his native Venezuela and Spain. medical representative for major companies, as Novartis, Lily,... Head of Pharmaceutical Marketing, sales, Pharmaceutical attached ....

The world collapses ... or not

In 2008 promyelocytic leukemia will detect Aguda. Guillermo says that we are all born with 2 passports: the health and non health, we do not know when to use them. Far from collapsing, he faced illness with unerring therapy. She calls chronic optimism. In two years he was cured and with renewed energy to initiate change.

chronic optimism

This variety of optimism could have your mirror resilience, the ability of living things (yes, plants and animals also) getting up again and again in adversity. This athlete completed the marathon of NY and soon after Tokyo. What made the challenge of self-improvement? Why not, but also with altruistic cause to help children with heart problems from the Hearts Foundation Menudos.

But there's more. He realizes that cancer patients suffering from acute skin problems because of the treatments were given. And so he decided to undertake and create Galenika COSMETICS, a company with which it shares vision: improve the lives of cancer patients.

The Lord of hugs

The story of the course, starring chronic optimist, It is that full exposure of the TV where we projected Eva presentation breaks and half is dark. Guillermo, at that moment, tells us: “it's time to embrace”, and he gets up and begins to embrace all. The movement spreads and becomes a symphony of hugs. chance (or the magic of the moment) TV wants to regain its image. unforgettable momentazo, mark time it is demonstrating that chronic optimism there.

Goddamned first impression

In honor of Guillermo, I will try with all my strength not to let myself go more for the ephemeral banality of first impression. You have to get to the bottom of the matter. I do not doubt it, I will always remember Mr. hugs because now I'm going to follow closely as a sincere admirer.

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Personal brand management

Although the need to understand and manage our personal brand is universal, in the case of brand management staff We could say that it is imperative.

Why is it so important for a manager to understand and manage their brand?

  • First, because his career depends largely on emotional imprint leave in their environment know. His work is not mechanical, It includes managing people and equipment in normal situations and criticism.
  • Secondly because due to their responsibility in the organization, the manager usually has less time to invest in yourself and managing your career.
  • And thirdly because due to their greater training and experience It is in the crosshairs of criticism of his colleagues, its employees and customers. In other words, It is often “labeled” for others without being aware.

specific needs in personal brand management

  1. Discover what your personal brand, understood as the emotional footprint of its employees, equal, among its clients, friends and family. Howard Gardner, neuroscientist, pedagogue and professor at Harvard University, He said in an interview that a bad person can not be a good professional. Have we asked feedback for how we perceive?
  1. Knowing the factors that make you unique brand and humanize. according to Gardner, “no person is better or worse than another. Nor equal to another. What makes us human is that each of us is unique”. That involves not only an analysis of skills, but the response in stressful situations, and aspects of emotional intelligence.
  1. Internalizing the vision, mission and values ​​of the organization and the corporate brand as their own. If for construction worker may be irrelevant to know where you are going the company, for managers it is essential that their actions are aligned with the goals and values ​​of the organization, and that the purpose is sharing.
  1. Know and develop your brand model, difference in their areas, relevance, networking, communication and commercial.
  1. Develop the content of your professional message according to its vision and mission, and also with its brand model and positioning. This exercise is critical to successfully face communication phase, and it requires development and adaptation of that message to different internal and external media.
  1. Working in a personal communication plan to prioritize the idea of ​​value that the manager is able to move others, public internal and external (providers, customers, shareholders, media, prescribers etc.).
  1. Dominate the digital communication environment because of its speed of transmission and brand values ​​and the magnitude of the hearings that handles real-time. Understand that personal branding is active 24h, never sleeps.
  1. Working with personal learning environments allowing the manager to find the best related to their field of activity content, Add your point of view and share in related social media.
  1. Engagement: Be aware that markets are conversations and places like internet are not just visiting and observation, also active participation, dialogue and interaction (engagement).
  1. Always know the evolution of personal brand management, the real and digital reputation and achieving global targets and indicators (KPI) to see if the model professional brand is operating in line with expectations.

The valorization

All these needs should materialize in action plan which has the north to value the brand management staff.

While this is not a process express, a training process supported consulting smoothly could set the starting point, the beginning of Personal brand management plan.


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imperfect welcome

In recent weeks I have been fortunate to see me with people I respect, I admire and with whom, above all, I connect. The curious thing about these meetings is that there are always ideas and projects, some eventually materialize and others do not, law of life.

One of the patterns of these meetings is governed by the principle of trust, and for the delicious imperfection enveloping the lives and careers of people with whom I've seen. Empatizo fast: pure humanity.

imperfect welcome


I do not know if it happens, but when you talk to someone whose only speech revolves around the yohechismo, "I've done this, and that and the other, and I managed ... "you get to a conclusion: that, a CV or profile Linkedin it's okay, light, brightens, but in an informal conversation with someone reliable pedantry round. With this profile you can share a specific project, but it will be difficult connect to go further.

Humanizes imperfection

When you speak (rather, when you hear a monologue) of someone perfect always you end up feeling that this person has passed, or parents, or friends, He has never broken a plate. If you have been laid off from a company it is by mistake Company, It never assumes ownership of the grounds for dismissal. This type of person is more abundant than we think, and I do not think they are robots, only wolves lambskin, dehumanized beings.

When a genuine emotional connection with someone occurs is when they confess sins and errors: The cards on the table. In Personal Branding imperfection is perhaps the most human value: the opening, nudity, maximum honesty. It comes from "I will not cheat, I've screwed up many times ".

Professionalism and confidence

The letter to Santa is clear: It is not only good professionals associate or only with people you trust and with whom you connect: We want it all! And that's hard, but not impossible. Younger professionals suffer from a good resume error, and perhaps that dehumanizes, puts on a false pedestal. They need to go through two stages to maturity that inspires confidence:

  1. To make mistakes
  2. recognize

And between one phase and another can take years.

The point of madness

If the imperfection humanizes, a point of madness puts salt and pepper to the personal approach. And I do not speak from a pathological perspective as well as to recover those moments of immaturity perhaps once we have repented but are part of our DNA.

Stating that I agree with Xavi Roca when it measured as exaggerated culture of failure, but I want to clarify that for me imperfection does not amount to failure, but simply to recognize that we can not know everything and that we will have broken a dish, if only because the excess soap made slide uncontrollably hands.

Get in Value

In a process of personal branding usually insist much on the value proposition, a center differential axis explains the reasons for choosing a person. And just as I insist on giving "the human touch", which approaches you, you about, you humanizes. The personal account It is another key axis in brand management, and often forgotten. We are delightfully imperfect: mostrémoslo, Put it in Value. imperfect welcome.