the exciting story of the lord of hugs

The exciting story of the Lord of Hugs

This weekend I've been lucky enough to meet the Lord of Hugs. Whenever you meet new people you get a first impression that can be wrong if you don't dig a little deeper. The truth is that I increasingly value the second impression. Maybe I'm getting older., but there are many techniques … Read more

the manager's personal brand / Get in Valor

The manager's personal mark

While the need to know and manage our personal brand is universal, in the case of the manager's personal brand we could say that it is imperative. Why is it so important for a manager to know and manage their brand? Firstly because your career depends heavily on the emotional footprint you know … Read more

imperfect welcome / blog personal branding guillem recolons

Imperfect welcome

Over the past few weeks I've been lucky enough to see people I respect., I admire and with whom, especially, Connect. The curious thing about these meetings is that ideas and projects always arise, some end up materializing and others do not, law of life. Uno de los patrones de estos encuentros se rigeRead more