And the 2nd edition of Postgraduate prepared in Personal Branding

Today I speak of Graduate in Personal Branding Blanquerna Faculty of Communication, Universitat Ramon Llull. The first edition 2013/2014 It is a few weeks to finalize. At the moment the online course follows format. I remember that this is a blended course, with online content and site week towards the end.

The truth, as I said the academic director, Jordi Collell -also my partner in Soymimarca– It is that it is working very well and a lot of interest ahead of the season 2014/2015, whose enrollment is now open and already received several preinscripciones.

Support personal branding

As co-author and professor of this postgraduate and as a consultant Soymimarca, I appreciate the support and evolution that is experiencing the Personal Branding in the world, but especially in Spain and Latin America. What it seemed like a fad is consolidating, and not only as a form of consulting or training to professionals, but as a indispensable tool for promoting intra-entrepreneurship in companies.

The pioneers of personal branding

It's been years since the distant article Tom Peters in Fast Company magazine entitledThe brand called YOU“, and years also since publication of “And you What brand are you?” of Neus Arques and “Personal brand” of Andrés Pérez Ortega. Since the latter, back in 2006, There have been many texts published through books and posts that have enriched the landscape of personal brand. His pioneering work has not fallen on deaf ears: The Graduate is the first in this field, but I am convinced it will not be the only and soon some other university in the world will be encouraged to “lecturing” on the matter.

Graduate infographic of Personal Branding

To explain the formative path Graduate Personal Branding, technically known as “University Diploma of Specialization in Personal Branding. Communication Strategies for the Management of Personal Branding“, nothing better than a infographic, I draw directly from the blog

infografía posgrado personal branding /


I wish you had existed before, Graduate Personal Branding

Two years ago the newspaper La Vanguardia It placed the personal branding as one of the professions future 2020. They were wrong. The thing is ahead a few years.

Although it varies by author, my definition goes like this: Marca Personal It is the brand you project on others and Personal Branding It would be the strategic process to manage that mark.

We need to thank Tom Peters, Neus Arques, Andrés Pérez Ortega, Dan Schawbel, William Arruda, Brenda Bence, sappers personal branding, who began to talk about publishing reference books on the subject. then we have been others who have entered, as Jordi Collell, Pablo Adán says, Oscar Del Santo, Arancha Ruiz, much others… and myself.

Although everything evolves, Today there is a lot of literature on personal branding, but until now, and I know, It has not been treated the subject from a university formative perspective. Until now. The first step will be the last -no- it has dado Blanquerna Communication, from Universitat Ramon Llull, wherein the first Graduate Personal Branding.

What makes this unique graduate is new, but especially the quality of which will impart and its director and coordinator, Jordi Collell (Soymimarca) and Antoni Solanilla. Also noteworthy is the completeness of the program, you can refer to micro-site the graduate.

I would have loved that there was something a few years ago, When I was a student. I have no doubt that he had chosen. But I'm not complaining, now I can see from the faculty, I will share with colleagues except among whom are some of the pioneers of the personal brand.

If you have creative and entrepreneurial mindset, If you like helping people, If you want to feel the satisfaction of becoming one of the few personal branding consultants, do not hesitate, this is your graduate. I think it starts in October, so do not sleep, places are those that are.