Your brand starts inspiring confidence

I confess that I never believed it too much for first impressions. Phrases like "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression", or "face is the mirror of the soul" strike me as trivial in the context of brand management, either corporate or personal.

And one reason not to believe is that there seemed no scientific evidence to show such a level of transience in the sense of judging in a few seconds. So, everything was in an aesthetic assumption.

A few years ago I heard for the first time psicomorfología, a widely used technique in human resources with a simple photograph allows a specialized psychologist can draw a profile of the candidate and extracting personality traits. But although they have written books and treatises on the subject, the fact is that the level of precision is low, and employers often cheat.

The key is confidence

Going beyond belief and subciencias, a few days ago I came across an article Business Insider that illuminated my understanding of the "first impression". According to the article, psychologist and professor at Harvard University Amy Cuddy argues that a quick first print gets determine the level of trust and to a lesser extent the level of competition. I like that, that justifies an acceptance or rejection on first impression, especially trust.

Children are clear

You remember when you were 5 or 6 seleccionabas years at a family reunion who wanted to say hello and who you preferred to flee? Yes, It is pure instinct, but not based on aesthetic criteria or pleasantness but based on trust. I trust this person, then I approach it without fear; I do not trust this, I prefer to neglect it. If the first question is whether you can trust someone, the second according Cuddy- referred to competition if that person is you commands respect.

That's not an opinion, It is findings of studies over more than fifteen years by a group of psychologists, and certainly I suggest that the first impression does not judge how beautiful or ugly we are, judges whether inspire trust and respect.

Your brand starts with confidence

This statement may make more sense apparently seen in the article by Business Insider and a fantastic TED the same Amy Cuddy (highly recommended). The first trial, in tenths, It is based on trust and respect.

Why we insist so much on putting pictures on our profiles?

Because the absence of photography equivalent to a negative judgment, lack of trust and respect. The second question would be whether we can "manipulate" a photograph to inspire greater confidence. possibly not, but I think-and this I strongly agree with specialist personal brand image María A. Sánchez– we can eliminate distractions so that people see in us what we want to see, without further ado.

A real case

I explain in formations often an anecdote referring to a photograph that I used for some time, tanto offline (the back of card) and Internet.

William portraits RecolonsPerhaps because young looked like a child, there was always endeavored appear in photographs with rictus of some seriousness. I remember the wonderful portraits Alberto Schommer who managed to pass the mark of character in a captivating way, cold, implacable.

But what happened to the photograph which I speak (The one of the left) is that apparently conveyed an image of little confidence about me. So I did know a client after a few minutes chatting with him to meet and overcome the first impression. He confessed that a priori expect to meet with any other colleague before me, and it based its expectation on my profile picture.

Without thinking twice, I changed the photo on the other performed during the same session, a portrait that best conveys how I am. Now, almost five years later, and thanks to the findings of Amy Cuddy, I can know what happened with that first picture: He did not inspire confidence.


  • Watch what you transmit. If you are and what you convey do not match, You must give importance to that first impression so there match.
  • Go to a professional photographer, but if possible someone who knows you, you know how you are done inside. A photographer, default, You can get your good side, but often the aesthetic criterion prevails over any other.
  • The briefing can only be one: explains the photographer or want to convey confidence.

I do not want you to be perfect, I want emotions

If you've read any of my post previous, as you may have noticed that music is one of my great passions. From an early age he was already aware of the latest hits and all my life music has always accompanied me on most of the activities that have been addressed.

That is why, occasionally, I fall into nets shift talent show, as "The voice" or "Number one", and almost always I find something to do with personal branding and many lessons to learn.

Both "The Voice" and "Number One" begin with a casting in which each contestant has just over a minute to convince the jury of their potential, although in each case the starting point is different, and this has much to do with two of the most common ways that a potential customer will meet and assess whether you are the right person to hire your services.

The first impression

In "number one" the first impression is critical. Possibly, an important part of the jury's decision is taken even before the contestant has sung the first note. In this case, poise will be valued on stage, credibility and coherence between the elements that make up the image of the artist. After, vocal and stage performance will have to confirm or exceed expectations created.

This case is equivalent to a potential customer you know at a meeting, networking event the un, even, in a talk. As in the contest, the first impression is decisive for everything that will happen later can be credible. In those first moments will transmit vital that consistency and reliability and, for it, your appearance will be crucial, nonverbal language and media to support this perception: business card, dossier, etc.

In these cases, The main objective is to prevent any distracting elements client or generate negative feelings: insecurity, neglect, unprofessionalism, etc.

Your art excites me

In "The Voice" Casting is done with the judges back to the artist, so the only element involved in the jury's decision is the vocal performance that it offers. In this case, the artist must take stock of their limitations and strengths to play its cards so they get to convince the jury that is the best choice or one of the best. To this end, it is essential choosing a song that borders these limitations but, at the same time, allow them to take advantage of their strengths.

The important thing is that the interpretation emotionally impacting judges. And is that, although it may seem illogical, a performance with a lot of technical implementation level need not be a winning performance. In fact, the jury selects interpreters who have detuned promptly but who have contributed their personality to the song, who have managed to convey emotion and honesty.

The equivalent of "The Voice" personal branding occurs when a potential customer knows you through your blog. In this case, It is very likely to have reached a particular article through a Google search and, possibly, after reading some other articles related to your search but, as in the contest, that will not be chosen higher technical level but which manages to offer a better solution to their problems.

And this is achieved in the same manner as in the contest: Knowing your customer, knowing your strengths and weaknesses and manage them to excite your client. Possibly, perfection has much less to do with the excitement of your client with empathy, the passion, honesty and, very important, consistency you transmit.

I do not want you to be perfect, I want emotions.

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