The three digital activity stadiums of our personal brand, which one is yours?

This week he interviewed me Rosa Carvajal, Journalist, asking about aspects related to recruiters, candidates and candidates stadiums of digital activity on the Internet and social media.

One of the questions was to what extent non-internet presence could be equated to non-existence for recruiters. And that made me see that there really are three stages of digital presence of our personal brand: Absence, presence and essence.

This is where I develop these three stages of digital activity, with their pros and cons. If you have little time, I invite you to watch this one-minute video summary.

Absence. You're not. Nobody's going to find you there.

You're not. It is one of the stages of digital activity (in this case, Absence) that Represents, according to the IAB study 2019, to 15% of the adult population in Spain. Your attitude to the Internet and social media may be one of these:

  • If I'm already doing well off social media, do I?what the hell should I be there for?
  • Soy jealous of my privacy. Being on social media is going to steal it from me.
  • With email, Google and Whatsapp I communicate with the people I care about ?I need more?
  • That's it for people who have plenty of time, And it's not my case.

I don't expect to convince you otherwise., but at least let me list the pros and cons of that absence

Advantages of absence

  • Discretion Maximum. Best for some very specific profiles
  • You'll prevent search engines and networks from have data about you
  • Concentration total in your work or activities
  • Avoid "Illness" typical of the social media environment (Nomophobia, Cyberchondria...)

Inconvenient absence

  • Impossibility to be found by searching by name
  • Impossibility to be found by keyword search
  • Opportunities that are lost for being exclusive to digital environments
  • Difficulty managing a brand comprehensive personal
  • Total loss of brand control digital staff and their reputation in that environment

Continuing with the IAB Spain study 2019, the average profile of the non-social media user is, in greater proportion, male and adult, without showing differences between studies or professional activity (except there are fewer students among non-users).

Presence. 're. Little more

It is is the majority stage of the average netizen. Presence on a social network, using some digital tool. It is a mostly observant. Read, Look, But you don't act, thinking that's how you don't leave a mark. Your attitude corresponds to these patterns:

  • If you're looking for me you'll find me on some social network
  • I'd rather observe, to be watched
  • I use the social media in a personal capacity
  • Solo if there's anything exceptional interacting with people on the network

The pros and cons of this rather unobtrusive presence are:

Advantages of presence

  • Greater ease of being found
  • Greater knowledge of the digital medium online
  • Harnessing resources that are only found on the Internet
  • Greater personal brand control

Inconvenient presence

  • Lack of commitment continuity
  • Difficulty getting elected in the event of no history of interaction
  • Difficulty networking Qualitative
  • Fstrategic line high

Essence. 're, you create value, Share, the thanks, Manage, Connect

This is a minority stage, but very value-generator and opportunity-taking. We're talking about the advanced internet user. Here you will find the content creators and curators, the Wikipedians, and the people that social media need to survive. From the standpoint of personal branding, the essence would be a optimal stage for maximum performance in the digital environment.

If you belong to the most committed of the three stages of digital activity, you might think so.

  • Digital is already integrated into our lives, it's not an invading ente, it's a new reality worth living with
  • The Internet and social media are great sources of information and knowledge at your fingertips
  • It has never been easier to communicate our value proposition people you contribute to and care about
  • It's never been easier to connect with people selectively

The pros and cons of this essence stadium are:

Advantages of essence

  • Ease of encounter, with a value proposition established and clear
  • Ease of pre-election in a process
  • Improving professional relationships and personal, including long-distance
  • Harnessing the potential of knowledge to train, to form and to sell

Inconvenient presence

  • Absolute level of commitment, continuity and coherence
  • Loss of privacy
  • Requires specific training
  • Need solidify a new habit and put focus and action

It's your turn to assess which stadium may be most interesting to you

There is no rule to know in a minute whether it is appropriate to absolute discretion or reflect the real-life pattern in a medium like the Internet and bet on the essence.

Common sense says that we shouldn't be different people in and out of the network, that would be a logical situation. If we're kind, we will be networked. Are we generous?, as well. If we prefer closed and controlled environments, better to value a stadium of presence.

As a personal brand management consultant, experiences with my clients tell me that a controlled situation of "essence" is the one that produces the greatest satisfactions in terms of networking and social sales.

A hidden profile or troll benefits only one person. An open profile and value generator benefits a community. It's your turn. Have a nice week. There are three stadiums of digital activity are you satisfied with yours?

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