4. What does it mean for you status quo?

We link up with the phrase “Progress comes from a dissatisfaction with status quo”. In other words, progress comes after dissatisfaction with the status quo. The phrase is the brothers Saatchi, Iraqi immigrants who revolutionized advertising and art in 80 in the UK with their agency Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising.

But what does it mean for you status quo?. The established? Does the rule to follow? Is the straight line?, Is the line to break?, The point of rebellion?…

The status quo, perhaps an enemy of our personal brand

If you think about it, the status quo stems from the need for control. But that can viciarse towards a society uniform, homogeneous, not reward the talent and the difference but servitude to the rules without.

The great leaders who have gone through, at the time, They decided to break with the status quo and create something new.

Remember, the difference may be somewhat irrelevant banal and passenger

Exalting the difference becomes empty and meaningless lake Worthless, irrelevant.



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