Sr. @RistoMejide, things as they are: Thank you

Although I have always wanted to keep some distance with character, Today I want to thank the person how much you are doing for the Personal Branding.

Indeed, as my colleagues say Soymimarca in its post, staff shortage in the world branders, and everything will be little to promote commitment to these professionals who have to reinvent the way companies move their professional (internally and externally) and the way people manage their career and life.

Risto Mejide, adman with whom I share worked places, just won the prize sword 2014 for his book "Urbrands. Build your personal brand as one who builds a city”. I think immediately purchase book (as soon as you find) and I promise to write a review as soon as you finish.

I confess that the treatment was so far Mejide personal brand let me taste bittersweet: The sweet part is that the author links with our most emotional side as trademarks (fully successful) and sour is that what he calls "the marketing of annoyance", an interesting theory, but it is what has worked for him, and I think this applies not for everyone. As says colleague Andrés Pérez Ortega on the point 1 Manifest your Personal Brand, el Personal Branding is not for everyone: Only for those who have desire to trace. It is not a question of money but of attitude. I think with “the nuisance” it is the same.

Between two propositions as "discover your discomfort" or "discover your greatness", each is free to choose the one you want, but without knowing your greatness you can not go much. Even to apply the "marketing of trouble" you'll have to find out (or develop) before what is your greatness.

In any case, Risto Mejide He has worked as any other your personal brand and is infecting the planet the need for everyone to work his, so my gratitude is infinite, and I must add it to the efforts being made in Spain excellent professionals as Andrés Pérez Ortega, Neus Arques, Jordi Collell, Pablo Adán says, Xavier Roca, Arancha Ruiz, Eva Collado, Fabián González, Alexia Herms, Cristina Mulero, Oscar Del Santo, Paula Fernández-Ochoa, Alfonso Alcántara, Roberto Alvarez del Blanco, Jane's Trunk, Mercedes Corretgé, Ruth Rios, Celestino Martinez, José Manuel Casado, Raquel Roca, Francesc Segarra, Helena Casas, Oianko Choperena, Reyes Ferrer, Pau Samo and some more I leave after the forgetfulness.

You see. Thank you.