Personal Branding y Plan B: key transition

I am working in a company. One can say that all is well, the salary is correct, the workplace also, and even domestic growth prospects are not bad. I recognized as a professional and committed. But I do not see here in three to five years, the project does not fill me. I do not know how to approach it, I would do anything but short term can not give up my current income.

Do you identify with this reflection?

So begins to take shape Plan B

Indeed, and began to develop a Plan B. And personal branding has a lot to do with it. Such a situation is much more common than we think. Money is not everything, either the work environment or the prestige of the organization they work. Abraham Maslow I was clear in his Theory of Human Motivation (1943) where he exhibited his hierarchy of human needs, popularly known as Maslow's pyramid. In the 5 levels that scale, once they exceeded the basic needs of physiology, of security and of membership appear the two most complex levels: recognition (self-recognition, trust, respect, success) and finally self realisation (morality, creativity, lack of prejudice, acceptance of facts ...). In my opinion personal brand management can help in the recognition process, as self-realization depends on many other factors and does not require sole springboard recognition.

Key elements in a Plan B

Consulting I have worked more than once in Plan B scenarios. It is a projective strategy, preparing a time that it may take two, three to five years to occur, and it requires large doses of open-mindedness for the customer and great gifts of empathy for the mentor. The most common items to work on a plan B are:

Auto diagnosis

The first job goes to know what fails at the time and the current job. What parts of our pyramid are not satisfied and what may be the reasons. Here we often find several reasons:

  • Inertia: I do not know how I got here, I failed to realize.
  • Routine: many people the comfort of routine satisfies them, Others are sour character.
  • Clash of values. It is possible that, despite our good internal and external assessment (stakeholders), our values ​​are in conflict with those of the organization. This is easy to happen in large corporations, contaminant company, political parties, public administrations, but also in all those organizations that consider their professional as mere human resources and not as essential components Brand.
  • Lack of foresight: This point is important and leads us to the next phase. If you do not know where the organization is going, or simply we do not agree with that purpose, the pieces do not fit and return to conflict. In this sense, They are too many companies, large or small, whose only vision is to lead its market segment, all poor vision lights, demotivating and confused (lead a market can be a business goal, not a vision).


Perhaps this is the highlight of Plan B. When we know what is wrong, we need to know what would motivate us and return the illusion to work on a project. There are different ways to raise the vision, there is no better than another and depend on each person:

  • A dream: all dream, although it seems that childhood dreams are richer, dreaming is free (at the moment) and we can help raise our vision. Do you remember Martin Luther King and his story "I have a dream"?
  • a legacy: This is what people think of us imagine when we're not in this world. Imagine how we remember. This is how we remember Gandhi, a Edisson, Van Gogh, perhaps they misunderstood in his time but recognized much later.
  • A because: We will never know if the founders of Apple, Jobs y Wozniak, They drafted their vision to create the apple company. But it seems likely that Gebbia, Chesky y Blecharczyk, founders Airbnb would answer to why there was a Community market based on trust that would allow people to post, detect and book accommodations around the world with the ease of doing it from a mobile phone.
  • A passion:: sincerely, This is the most common case I've found, and perhaps one of the greatest driving force leading. The question is simple What excites us? The response also: let's do. Implementation is more complex, Which brings us to the next point, the project.


The project is the soul and the planning area plan. Many people live with enthusiasm this time even knowing of not knowing when will implement. To leave no bullet in the chamber, it is convenient to consider the elements of the project.

  • Share it: even softly and with a small core and high confidence, shared vision is important: This is not submitting it for approval: do not do, they will pull you down. Unfortunately the world is populated by people who prioritize security to happiness. It's more to warn that there will be a change of coordinates and we will need all the support of the world.
  • goals: here we need to be clear about what we want to achieve in the short term and means (long no longer exist). Recognition as an expert in a new sector will, but it will be slow, so it's good draw smaller more achievable goals and give us encouragement to go ahead. SMART model is reasonably effective (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result-orientes, Time-limited).
  • Business model. We've already talked about that in another post, but analyze new value propositions, target audiences, new key partners, new activities, new channels ... is vital. And remember that a good job in business model should not be a solo: the help of a specialist will be appreciable.
  • positioning. What place we will want to occupy in the minds of our future customers, contributors, partners? How do we differentiate proposals similar to ours?
  • Message. It is familiar with the concepts and keywords that will define our value propositions. It is not an easy exercise, but it has worked well vision, mission and business model we will only move from prose to poetry. Here it is worth thinking about all the formats that message will: a video presentation, extract Linkedin, a business card, a mark, a personal slogan, un elevator-pitch…
  • Communication plan. Although it is possible that at the time of implementing the plan things have evolved, worth having foreseen the communication plan and that will help us to implement, come on, the timing and means well defined, whether classic or digital media, free media or means of payment.


This is part of Plan B that is not activated until the Plan A is extinguished. Should review the entire project to update and define the KPI (Key Performace Indicators) are those variables, factors, Units of Measure, we consider "strategic" in our project.

If I had to add one last element, This would definitely be a combination of patience, persistence and creativity. I would also say that plans are to be planned and fulfilled but also for planned and throw them away, and that we must be flexible.

  • I have a good friend who has been working for a year on a Plan B, investing effort, time and money and has finally realized that it was within his powers to reach but out of focus and vision. He has broken and something else. Not to embark on a sailboat if the sea gives vertigo.
  • On the other hand, one of my best customers (and now friend) He is about to fulfill the dream that he drew, with some help- three years ago. Congratulations, Who follows her gets her, and this post is for you.

You want to image? Here's a pictogram:

The pictogram Plan B by William Recolons / Perssonal Branding

Charged batteries? Work your personal brand as a new challenge season

They say September and January are new stages. September means the re-enter, the start of work after the holidays, with batteries charged and perhaps some butt with that little depression involving around “to school”. January means a new year, and new life.

Among the new purposes, The ranking is led sports, dieting, improvement in labor, hold the line, learn a language, finish some studies…

Let us focus here on improvement in labor. Let's look at some starting points:

  1. I want to enter the world of work
  2. I'm unemployed
  3. I want to change jobs
  4. I want to improve my work
  5. I need help to start a business of their own

1. Do you want to enter the working world. Whether you're you've finished studies or simply do not work you had raised so far, in any case a personal brand can help open many doors. You do not have experience? It is obvious, but I'm sure you have ideas, contacts, desire and some specialty. With these four ingredients we could start to work your personal brand. Cheer, the time is gold.

2. You are unemployed. Plus, you're not alone. The crisis has been fattened on many good professionals; and also about bad. If you think you still need a boil to resume work activity, My advice is that you go to training. There is a lot, free and available. If you think be prepared and motivated for all, what you need is a strong personal brand that will help you position yourself, find your specialty and to throw himself into the world of active networking. The brand helps more than you imagine. Many HR professionals come to the net to find information candidates. You arrived Hence my question is Are you on the net? Are you well positioned?.

3. You want to change jobs. Although today many believe that's a luxury, opportunities for occupationally active are higher than for those who are unemployed. It is sad but true. So, what you need is to use the lever that is your current job and create a strong brand around. That will keep you in the limelight and will facilitate WOM for other proposals.

4. You want to improve your work. Maybe you do not get up, an intermediate command you have put a wall between. It is a complex situation, but not impossible. And personal branding, It is an easy situation. Talk anytime.

5. Own business. We welcome entrepreneurs, although in this country no one makes it easy to start. A good friend has created a great product, related services to improve the lives of blind people. It takes a while crossing the desert and can not get banks, capital risk, foundations… you lend a hand. Now you know that a strong personal brand will help open doors.

Well, you dare?. I hope in the contact section, promote a brand costs less than what you think.