three stages of digital activity on the Internet

The three stages of digital activity of our personal brand, which is yours?

This week rosa Carvajal interviewed me, Journalist, asking about issues related to recruiters, candidates and stages of digital activity on the Internet and social media. One of the questions referred to the extent to which non-presence on the Internet could be equated to non-existence for recruiters. And that made me see that … Read more

who to follow on social media II, by Guillem Recolons

Who to follow on social networks (Ⅱ)

(Ⅱ) Who to follow in networks: Youtube, Instagram, Google+ If we talk about three social networks the other day as linkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, today we go into YouTube, Instagram and Google+. Each of these networks has different follow-up procedures. Let's see them: YouTube There are several ways to follow a user who gives us value … Read more

Charla sobre marca personal INESDI en Barcelona (8/5) y Madrid (9/5)

INESDI te invita a una conferencia para conocer todo el partido que le podamos sacar a nuestra Marca Personal, consigue tu invitación gratuita en Barcelona o Madrid. Ya hace un tiempo que venimos escuchando el concepto de Marca Personal o Personal Branding y sobre todo que es muy importante trabajarla. El concepto de Marca Personalsiempre ha existido, pero internet y en especial las redes sociales han conseguidoRead more

entrepreneur versus employee

Entrepreneur versus employee Who do you identify with?

Are you an entrepreneur or employee? This guillem Recolons post compares both profiles and gives us clues to identify with which of the two we are most related.

Professionals seek 'personal branding'

Here we leave the article of María Paz López appeared last Thursday in La Vanguardia Strategies for employment in times of crisis Professionals seek 'personal branding' The method has two phases: self-analysis of strengths and how to communicate them to others | Digital identity is based on interaction and contacts; if you don't interact, No … Read more

A brand on Twitter Danger or Opportunity?

Collecting data from the network, we see that almost a 20% Twitter's private users follows some trademark. The reasons for doing so can be very diverse: Emotional connection to the brand (positive experiences, Advertising…) Stay informed of the news of each brand; Products, Events, Fairs… Watch if the competition is treated. There too … Read more

personal brand and castells

Personal brand and castells

As you know, a few weeks ago UNESCO designated the castells as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. We find it a unique opportunity to establish a simile with the creation of personal brands. The Castells are a festive event typical of Catalonia, more than 200 years old. It consists of the lifting of human towers … Read more