It polarizes confidence -Edelman Trust 2018, summary-

This week has published the prestigious barometer “Edelman Trust” 2018. For me, the report is not only a global thermometer on the state of the world, companies and the media; It is also a strategic tool.

The Edelman Trust takes 18 editions, and current have worked 33.000 questionnaires 28 countries of the world, distinguishing general public of public informed (the latter formed by university graduates).

It polarizes confidence

In 2017 We saw a general decline in confidence in the world very biased by the Brexit and the victory of Trump. In 2018 We see a contrast between two giant, EE.UU, -where confidence plummets- and China, a country on the rise.

polarization of confidence

It is no coincidence that the report has been conducted informally during the Davos summit leaders (Switzerland), notice a whole for the great leaders of the OECD.

Spain is one of the countries that recovers positions, and within Europe, Switzerland leads the rise and fall Italy.

The battle for truth

A year “fake news” has been trending topic, I could not give a different headline: the battle for truth.

The battle for truth

Source: Edelman Trust 2018

Manipulation that are the subject much news is news. Bad news.

In 2005 live a change happened confidence in large authorities to trust in people like us. This year, nevertheless, profiles with greater authority (CEO’s…) recover a bit and peer people (peers) lose significantly.

Retrieves trust authority, but it is far from technical profiles

authority retrieves trust

The political class, boards of directors of companies and CEOs, They had fallen to the lowest. But this year seems to raise its head, despite leading the tail of confidence. I am struck by the rise of confidence in journalists, that coming back from hell to appear. Curiously, the two profiles, despite being trusted generators, They are down “people like us” and employees.

Who Queen, who we trust more? The experts. That profile is who reigns, whether technical experts or academics. This is the graph from a perspective of personal branding consider most relevant. It indicates the strength of confidence in historically profiles “hidden” by employers. Do not exercise the role of spokespersons, but they should exercise. The programs of Employee Advocacy programs They are there for that, to supply the -still- distrust- in management profiles.

Means not connected

As for the media, are not connected. At least, journalists this year improved over large media platforms, but the reasons for this disconnect are here, in this graph:

media skepticism

Source: Edelman Trust 2018

The reasons for the disagreement are three 1. The media seems more interested in getting large audiences on content 2. Exclusive prioritize the accuracy and reliability of the news 3. They are at the service of a political ideology that really inform the public.

Confidence in Spain

These four figures show the following conclusions:

Spain edelman 2018

Source: Edelman Trust 2018

institutions: NGOs continue to lead institutional trust, and confidence grows slightly in companies and administrations. Confidence in the media continues to stagnate.

Gender: Men seem to trust more than women in institutions and media.

ages: There are no differences by age, the three groups exhibit the same recovery and the same index.

Training: Confidence remains greater for the public informed, although decreases. While, the general population perceives some recovery.

Personal branding and trust

No doubt people are great confidence transmissive. institutions, and media companies must rethink their corporate branding and move more weight in the press service of employees, and especially technical profiles.

managers, political profiles and boards of directors required to offer a more transparent and sustainable vision of business. Programs corporate branding staff (executive branding, professional branding, employee advocacy programs, employer branding) may help build bridges of trust in society, markets and, in, people. P2P (person to person) It's the key.

Much more information on this barometer, Here's the download link PDF del Edelman Trust 2018.


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