no crisis no challenges

No crisis, no challenges: Moving from routine to challenge

Of course, no crisis no challenges I allow myself to use this phrase from Albert Einstein to influence an aspect of the personal brand that I think is important: the need to self-question with some frequency. I explain myself: while everything points to self-esteem being the key to good brand projection … Read more

18. Do you often use Google to find answers?

If so, Well done. Google is one of the largest sources of knowledge. And not just because of your web search, also as an image finder, blog blogs, maps, alerts… If you also have knowledge of English, your answers expand, because the sum ravages. Google will move you to Wikipedia, to YouTube, … Read more

17. What was the last time you tried to create something new?

If anything good has the crisis it is that it forces the need for change. Not for nothing, the Greek word crisis means change. It's hard, unless you work in the public administration, that in recent years or months there hasn't been a change in your employment situation. Right now it's … Read more

Daring to change or let it die

Ayer tuvimos la oportunidad de leer la interesante entrevista en La Vanguardia de Víctor Amela al publicitario Toni Segarra. Más allá de los tópicos de éxito de algunas campañas, Segarra profundiza en el concepto de cambio y de adaptación de una manera definitiva, como lo hicieran en su día Philip Kotler y Fernando Trias deRead more