I want to accompany you on your return, Do you leave?

four or five days ago my friend and partner Jordi Collell published the blog post of deputy SOYMIMARCA. I think an excellent example of storytelling, so I re-published with permission for all who follow this blog. If ever you have to explain your professional adventure, Here is a great source of inspiration.

Redesigning his professional life to many people gives them real fear, doing so having a comfortable and stable work may even seem foolhardy. However some think the biggest failure is not always try. Then the story of a personal experience.

My proposite is encourage hesitant to change personal and professional to get going

Today lords it goes to confession, I want to involve you why I am where I am and do what I do. My proposite is encourage hesitant to change personal and professional to get going.

I have always believed that my career was not successful if at least resultona, ultimately I have never complained and I have always been convinced that good fortune has smiled on me.

When I started work activity after finishing my university studies I figured I expected a long way, I did not know it was bumpy and often have to get out of the vehicle and push or pull the grindstones.

Knowledge opens doors.

The first thing I discovered was that my primal studies "general economy" with a degree obtained at the end of the decade of the 70 They were of little use to perform utility work in the company. It's more, many of my classmates began in the civil service and some of them are still there. So what I did was to relearn something that would allow me to eat long term and discover the virtues of studying an MBA and work simultaneously. They were two intense years, I got tired a first warning on my roadmap: knowledge opens doors.

The truth is that things from me then there were bad. Acquired the necessary knowledge to gain experience spent by the only method so far known for it, dedication, curiosity and sacrifice. For years I forgot to clock out time and juggling and tightrope walking to meeting the needs of family presence, we reconcile that sometimes men do too. Valga a note to say that throughout my life story I have accumulated six children of which I am proud and which I have dedicated and dedicate myself, the little ones, with passion, but this may be the source of another story.

Anticipate events gives you control situations

I have never fired, I was lucky though sometimes a indemnizacioncilla I had not gone wrong. For a while I even thought that with a little help could have done assets and pay the entrance of an apartment, here came my youthful immaturity. Neither I fired and when in a certain position I saw that did not provide or not provide me what I need I just looked for a new job and sometimes I have to confess that I struggled because I'm very complacent and you get used to what you have though is unproductive. This is the second point to my roadmap: anticipate events gives you control situations. If you see that you contribute or contribute little you move before you move.

Opportunities pass, many of them certainly are not repeated, catch them in flight or another will do for you

Sometimes change has come to me as opportunity. Being in a managerial position in a company belonging to a group a multinational group came the news that we were for sale. ruthless bombing since we had gone through a stage of heavy losses, We had taken the necessary measures to revive the situation and the other was going to eat the cake and we if not in the street to pass the exam for a course that was more than approved. We buy the company. And, four executives raising financing under stones, we had no hard, we made a MBO when word began to sound in our country. Third point on the roadmap: opportunities pass, many of them certainly are not repeated, catch them in flight or another will do for you.

Buying a business in many cases ends its sale once it has grown, It has established itself and has become a benchmark and this was what happened. The buyer in addition to the business itself I wanted was the team that had managed and stayed with the company for several years, with a good position without opposition or reply, Conveniently located in final.

Never too late to make a dream

The years do not go in vain and one asks questions about what you want to be more. I had a dream: I wanted to put my experience, my knowledge and accumulated baggage at the service of others, She wanted what she had experienced could be helpful to those who are at the beginning of the road, those who are pushing stones or those sections for whatever reason they want to reinstate and follow the route. And I turned to form, long nights of study connected to an American university, practices, exams and more practical. And finally I left my comfortable and well-paid position. Fourth point in my roadmap: Never too late to make a dream.

Who snuggles up to good tree good shade shelters him

And the first was the creation of CT Coach Code with my colleague montse Taboada and later with friend Guillem Recolons we decided to join forces to serve all of you creating SOYMIMARCA To potentiate, promote and give visibility to your personal brand. fifth point: Who snuggles up to good tree good shade shelters him.

It has been a pleasure.

Jordi Collell