goodbye, Hello you

I start the year talking about the growing importance of YOU, and the need to reserve the moments of self-reflection for YO.

If marketing seeks notoriety, branding affects the relevance

There is much confusion about the management, that Many confuse staff or self-advertising marketing. If the personal marketing is centered around me to gain knowledge, personal branding wants to offer something valuable to YOU ​​to gain recognition. In other words, one is notoriety, the other relevance.

If you remember surveys political leaders, You will see that normally work two key variables to understand when each is cantidato: NOTORIETY, equivalent to the percentage of respondents known the person and valuation, measuring the level of preference.

Does this mean that the reputation is not important? Isn't it?, He does not go around, but we need to work very well our area of ​​relevance (What real value I bring to YOU) before launching the “Here I am“.

the-adventures-of-johhny-bunkoDaniel H. Pink in its publication “The adventures of Johnny Bunko” He tells us a great tip to apply in life: it is not about you, It is not one. Personal Progress is about what we can do for others, by YOU. Working the area of relevance is working on value propositions (differentiation), combined with our core activities. For example, if one teaches physics (activity) but it has given back to space (differential) You will have more information and credibility to talk about the effects of gravity and thus provide valuable knowledge to their students.

The title of the post is radical, It is supported. Not trying to say goodbye to YO, It is priority to YOU. I hope you have a good year, If so, sure to be a good year for me.


The 10 anniversary of “dospuntocerolandia”

What were you doing in 2004 when you dialed in Internet?

Possibly you read the email and you visited any web. You comunicabas with your closest friends perhaps also with some mail.

How do you dialed Internet?

Possibly through a computer, almost certainly connected cable.

What you do today when you connect to the internet? How you connect?

I think we all know the answers. The world has changed radically in 10 years old . The concept of 2.0 the participatory web, progress in 1999 P0R the four visionaries who wrote the manifesto Cluetrain (Fredrick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls y David Weinberger) It started shortly after the blogs as the first interactive phenomenon and was in 2004 when the student Mark Zuckerberg I believe Facebook to develop a new online community, initially directed to college students. This year marks 10 years that milestone. Today is the most popular social network in the world with 1.110 million users registered.

To understand the scope of the network par excellence, heartily recommend if you have yet seen urgently rent the movie David Fincher “The social network”, It is including beads as “are not made 500 million friends without making a few enemies“. Although Facebook has entered its maturity stage (Some talk of decline), the truth is that this network has been the lever other networks today are growing rapidly, as Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and hundreds more networks.

Facebook has allowed impossible encounters

Facebook has changed the way we relate with others, and I say positive. To friends lifelong those we continue to see in the real world. But Facebook has allowed impossible encounters with people who have emotionally alive in memory but the distance or time had forgotten. That alone is already worth having a profile. We have more information and coolest people we care.

If at first Facebook grew timidly, the explosion of smartphones that took place from 2004, but especially the launch of the first iPhone on 2007 They allowed access to the network without going through internet, making directly from an application and all the mobility that allow 3G signals from telephone operators.

Of course “Dospuntocerolandia” (stolen expression of good friend Andrés Pérez Ortega) It is more than Facebook, but it was Zuckerberg who laid the foundation stone, Apple who turned the network into a mobile phenomenon thanks to the iPhone and possibly Whatsapp who democratized the use of SmartPhones.

Despite data indicating that young people away from Facebook, I believe that humanity is indebted to Mark Zuckerberg, and from here my congratulations on this tenth anniversary.

Do I need what you propose me? 3rd stage of personal message


Descubre en este artículo si tu mensaje y tu propuesta encajan con las necesidades de tus públicos.

I remember the five stages of a compelling personal message are:

Notoriety. I know you?
Affinity I know what you offer?
Do I need to fit what you propose me?
Choice. Are you better than your competition?
Fidelity Do you keep your promises?


imageEl mensaje personal no se detiene en un nombre y una especialidad. Además hay que trabajar a fondo el factor de encaje, el que hace posible que incluyamos una propuesta de valor relevante para nuestro público.

Es muy posible que tu mensaje sea notorio, que genere afinidad, pero si tu propuesta de valor no interesa, el vaso de la comunicación se rompe.

I explain. Si ofrezco, for example, muebles cuyo valor radica en que los han diseñado niños de 8 years old , el mensaje bien pudiera ser notorio, pero tal vez carezca de relevancia ya que no sabemos entender cuál es el VALOR que añade el diseño por parte de los niños.

In a nutshell, hemos de asegurarnos de que la relevancia (idea de valor) esté clara y explícita en nuestro mensaje. No por ser diferente será relevante. A menudo utilizo el ejemplo de un hombre que quema una Biblia o un Corán. ¿notoriedad? Yes, mucha. ¿Relevancia? Poca.

Este factor de falta de relevancia es el culpable de que muchos currículos acaben la papelera o en el archivo demás adelante”. Al completar un CV, se debe dejar muy claro el Valor que implica nuestra aportación. Si es posible, esa propuesta de valor hay que destacarla para que sea leída en diagonal. Recordemos que el tiempo medio de lectura de un CV es de algo menos de 20 seconds.

También sería aconsejable adaptar el CV o el mensaje en función del público al que vaya dirigido. Si entramos en una selección para una empresa de brockers de bolsa, quizás valga la pena destacar nuestra capacidad multitarea (si existe, of course).