The personal branding paradox

Paradox is what is said and especially what is done that is contrary to logic. A while ago I published an article entitled The paradox of personal branding, Do I care about the image I project or the value I bring?? There I dealt with paradox of value, possibly the most important. But there's more.

In a world where differentiation is sometimes venerated more than value, This is paradox Is the order of the day. Next are five of the most common contradictions that occur in the field of personal branding. .

Personal Brand 1 Paradox: I sell advice that I don't apply to myself

Internet has shrunk the world. We're more interrelated than ever. For better and for worse.

Supporting a value proposition taht shows the opposite result is immolate oneself in a few seconds. The tailor's wife is the worst clad, don't you think so?

The paradox of Lorna

Lorna follow me on Instagram. promises 1.000 followers "only" $29. The point is that she has not managed to overcome 244. That's your guarantee, Lorna? You do not sell followers, rather you give a great paradox.

And there are worse cases, like those people hawking online and actions to improve the offline They are the opposite. They have an opportunity to trick, and the sad thing is that you can also live.

Personal Brand 2 Paradox: lot is bad mark mark

Abuse in the projection of our personal brand is negative. As my friend and colleague Eva Collado, "You give grilled" punished.

Internet, In addition to making our planet is small, He has brought some contradictions: We complain more, we celebrate more, we share more. Our presence is growing, and not knowing the limit abuse is dangerous.

Once I've met friends who tell me: "uncle, you are all day on social networks”. They too, of course (if not, the comment does not make sense). Think about it: If a friend "only" has 50 contacts on Linkedin, and of these only three published regularly, that friend will only see to you in your timeline... you have considered?

Personal Brand 3 Paradox: Internet is written with pen, not pencil

This phrase heard in the film 2010 “The social network”, which he explains the rise of Mark Zuckerberg. And so. There is no eraser on internet, what is published, you have a problem.

Yes, agree, Some networks allow you to edit what you have published, also remove. But neither prevents "snapshot" (Lorna case) or photograph the screen to another device (Snapchat case).

Count to 10 It is essential in real life. In digital environments should count up 100 before publishing. And reality, paradoxically, is reversed.

Does it provide value what the public, either own or others? Am I clear that my message will reach who should arrive? ¿I offend anyone with my publications, and serves that something? Am I consistent with the brand I represent?

Do not forget my particular slogan: all, absolutely everything, marring. Action or inaction by, actively or passively. Worth counting up 100, those two minutes of reflection can save our lives.

Personal Brand 4 of personal brand is placed: people who act like businesses and businesses that act as individuals

Of course, That is the legacy of Tom Peters with his prescient article "The Brand Called You”. He invited us to think like businesses. And some, We invite companies today to think and act as individuals. Makes sense, people we need strategic thinking autoaplicado; companies lack humanize to generate trust.

Is a paradox, but in this case I will tell you that it works well (without abuse). It requires three steps to success: psych up, be formed and stubborn as a mule (beautiful words, insist, insist, insist).

Personal Brand 5 of personal brand is placed: reputation is not created, you win

sorry to say, but that's how it is. Now you can hire an army of experts in digital marketing to generate a "super brand".

your reputation (positive) will come when what you think, say and do is aligned, includes valor, and be something different from what already exists.

Personal branding is the footprint we leave on others. And if it is positive and anchored in a powerful value proposition, generate a recognition (reputation) positive.

I'm sure you can think of some paradox Want to share more?

main picture: sculpture Ai Weiwei “bikes” en el Ibirapuera Park São Paulo, a paradox on the static movement.

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Should I care what other people think of you?

It is a question that I have made many times, I've done many times . And now I throw: Should I care what other people think of you?

Internet is a place where you can find everything. And between all, Lately I've seen many videos, infographics, phrases, They invite you to be yourself forgetting what others think and say about you.

From an existential point of view, could agree: what others think and tell me I can import a damn. And, What happens from the point of view of our personal brand?

What other people think of you, How does it affect your personal brand?

If you're a scientist, and against all odds you have achieved a major achievement (Nobel, for example), what they think or say about you may be irrelevant. But if you're that same scientist on the principles of his career seeking funding for a project, relevancy is high.

That of “live your life no matter what they say about you” It is valid when you've reached the zenith of your career, but not when you depend on customers, investors, contributors, prescribers, bosses…

Not knowing what your boss thinks or says about you puts you at a disadvantage. Not knowing the impression left by your fingerprint to a recruiter while looking for work is a weak point. Not knowing what a customer thinks, a collaborator, a partner, can be deadly to your career, and your personal brand.

without obsessing, ask for feedback in perspective is a healthy exercise

I am among those who think that the definition of Jeff Bezos about personal branding “what they say about you when you're not in front” It is pretty accurate. So if you do not know what they say, we will not have a good diagnosis of our personal brand. In other words, we will not know what personal mark we leave.

Ask feedback To them stakeholders which are key to us could help. And a lot. Personal branding is the process of managing our personal brand to go our goals aligned… and those of our customers. So, know your feedback let us know if we are on the right track or are hanging by a thread.

Reputation matters

Being authentic means being in pasota. You can have a brand supported by controversy, as he had Risto Mejide. The key is knowing if you know what sustains your brand and if there is a business model behind.

If you do not care what others think or say about you, not you care about your reputation. Beyond you with that, and you know at what point in your life you are. Donald Trump has even had to rectify not see its reputation damaged Should I care what other people think of you? Valóralo. Always depend on who they are “others”.

Cover photo by Ditty about Summer on

Coca Cola 0 – Gintonic 1

The unprecedented crisis of Coca Cola in Spain

To those who never drink Coca-Cola sounds strange to us as everything that is happening in recent months with the brand. On the one hand Coca-Cola has been the aspirational benchmark in communication for many years. Even campaigns are remembered “The spark of life” or the great Christmas campaign 70 “the whole world I want to give a message of peace...” whose video I recovered for the nostalgic.

[youtube] = YHf6I2kwP0o[/youtube]

On the other hand Coca-Cola has always been behind major events, sports, The musicals, national, regional, locales. Coca-Cola achieved the desired positioning a mark on our planet: the brand of happiness.

But just a crisis affecting all quisque, and Coca-Cola is no exception. Marcos de Quinto, director of the brand in Spain and great conversationalist, He said a few days ago from his account Twitter “The ERE Iberian Partners resulting from the fusion of 8 Spanish companies. We support your business logic even if it hurts their labor impact”. The words are beautiful, but recently The Economist stated that The seven former Coca-Cola in Spain -fusionadas today in the new Iberian Partners- They were obtained from 2010 and 2012 a operating profit set 860,9 millions. However, The company justifies the restructuring plan launched, it will affect 1.250 workers and will involve dismissal or early retirement of 750 people, because their profits are shrinking.

Do you lose money Coca-Cola?

Following the Economist, in the first nine months 2013 She earned a profit of 127,5 millions of euros. And not only that. margin, Besides, is increasing. In 2012 was the 50 percent and now, despite the arguments used by the company, It is placed in the 54 percent sales. So we know something, perhaps Coca-Coca has reduced the percentage growth, but nothing is in the red. And many companies would like Ibex 35 have those benefits. It is clear, Coca-Cola does not lose money.

What about the president?

We have read in various media sun Daurella, the president of Coca-Cola Iberian Partners closed 2012 with a personal profit of more than 23 million and shareholders' equity 50,7 millions. But as said Andrés Toledo Puro Marketing, Daurella's reputation is in tatters because of their tax shirking (taxed in Luxembourg).

The social response

As expected, social movements and unions are chirping, because they do not understand that a company that has no losses and whose president is nothing in abundance and “deceives” the Spanish tax authorities can organize an ERE affecting 1.250 workers. But this time they have been the social networks which they have heated debate and is beginning to generate an anti-Coca-Coca campaign unprecedented in our country.

Response Coke

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Today Coca-Cola Iberian Partners published this ad to justify its decision ERE: The truth is that it seems to put more fuel to the fire, since I am convinced that the 80% Spaniards did not know the existence of a crisis in Coca-Cola. Plus, the effect derived from his reading does not convince too if you're one of those directly affected by ERE.

The models are reviewed. Is this the beginning of the end of Coca-Cola?

Spaniards have passed the “cubata” the gin and tonic. This reality can not deny anyone. On the other hand, Mediterranean diet recommends unsweetened drinks or carbonated: Water, wine in moderation , juices… The consumption model is reviewed, and the hundreds of millions of euros invested by the brand in recent years can not curb the phenomenon of returning to the consumption of proximity.

Coca-Cola will not die, at least in the short and medium term, but should regain his human side, the side that prompted, to return to enjoy a special place in our minds. As I mentioned in the article published last Friday in Soymimarca Corporate Branding + Personal Branding = Full Branding, useless to mark a major effort in Corporate Branding if the image then give their managers (Personal Branding) not accompanied. Coca-Cola needs to regain its model “Full Branding”, and will not do with advertisements in the press, it will use weapons Attraction marketing and the integration of a model of corporate branding one staff. The die is cast. At the moment, who will think better standing of this crisis is the gin and tonic.


Is it positive denounce bad practices of brands in the RRSS?

The last case of online reputation Canal + It is not the only one of its kind, but it is the most notorious because of the influence of the author of the complaint.

cube-channel-plusI read the excellent article blog smreputationmetrics called “When a complaint becomes a crisis. Risto Mejide, a decline in Canal Plus, #unHDMIy2Euroconectores, 35 euros y Twitter”. I will not repeat the content because it really is brilliant, but I summarize in three lines and give my opinion on it:

The context

Unsubscribe Canal + is equally complex and puñetero to unsubscribe a mobile operator or a tax advisor. These are all problems. Attest, I dropped the Plus, Vodafone and tax advisor, and is a bad experience, long and costly.

the what

A person is written off in Canal + and share the experience through Twitter with two seemingly harmless tweets:

  1. Unsubscribe from Canal + is to check how crappy that can become a business in distress: I demand an HDMI cable 2 euroconectores.
  2. Maybe it makes pricing Canal + : 35€!!! Hahaha

In the second tweet author creates a hashtag with the intention to generate some “conversation” around the theme

The WHO (that changes everything)

If those two tweets had launched a deadly anyone, the thing would not have happened a few giggles and complaints by the network and little else. But the key here is the author of the tweets, Risto Mejide, with about 1.500.000 twitter followers. Whether it is having an affair, the thing promises maximum viral.

The result

How could it be otherwise, It soon becomes Trending Topic, and CM (community managers) they had a quick and effective response to a case like this, which it spreads like wildfire: 3.900 mentions a few hours after the first tweet.

An analysis of this reputation crisis

1. Yes

I think that social networks and blogs are great ways for someone reports abuse of a brand. Before we had to hire a lawyer, now only we have to detail the case and ensure it reaches its destination correctly. I reported it on this blog Vodafone (unsuccessfully) to Banco Sabadell (successful and excellent response), to Loewe, and some other brands.

2. Isn't it?

I think before reporting must assess the importance of each issue. It is not unusual for Canal + I ask for the return of some devices that have not paid, but do 15 years are paid. I do not see a strong reason to launch a tweet. It would be different from Canal + I would have left without line in a Barca-Madrid bought gold price the day before (thing that happened to me repeatedly). But devolution settlement is not, in my view, News. Unless, Of course, that says Risto, or Jordi Évole or an influencer with an enormous army of followers (I am also a follower).

Bad habits

I see here a matter of personal responsibility that goes beyond action “annoyance” as would the Mejide own. A seemingly humorous performance could have terrible consequences for Canal +, when all they have done is reclaim what they claim everyone, It is not a case of malpractice. We'll see! To a influencer you have to leave all free? Do brands have to remove the fine print of contracts to the famous?. Isn't it?, I can not agree with this.

A influencer It must be very aware of the damage it can do to a brand launching such a superficial message like this case reputation. Mind you do not defend Canal Plus, I myself sent them to hell (in media silence a few years ago), I'm just saying you need to cool a bit before launching a tweet to a million and a half people. Seguramente a ti, that you read me now, Canal + I had not forgiven 35 €. To the, you can afford, yes.


people seeking

Look no work. Find who offers it. Do you really think good deals come to work bags?

When it comes to looking for work can take two positions: the classic, passive or dynamic, active. Consider the differences:

classical job search:

  • It is based on an outdated document called CV, curriculum vitae curriculum. Nobody reads and a CV if there is no prior information of the person to move to action. I will not say that the CV is dead, but if you are in the UVI (intensive care unit).
  • Supposes that, Having left the CV in various job portals or sending him to a mailing list, and we come to find. I know cases of people who have sent 800 CV's and have won two interviews. The mass mailing is not the formula.
  • The job boards or the famous boards are not the solution.. In any case, it will be difficult-not impossible- we find a qualified job in these media.
  • A common mistake is not knowing who are heading our request. The ship vacuum, to see if anyone hunting on the fly.
  • Another common mistake is to assume that the best jobs are exposed to everyone. We know that a 80% places of employment available fail to advertise.
    Photo: Flickr CC

Dynamic Job Search:

  • It is based on proper management management, in which a paper called CV is a tool more than one string instrument that would give us adequate information about.
  • And, above all, It is based on locating people offering quality jobs. It is based on research, see basa one networking, both real and virtual.
  • If we know our competences, our value offer differential, If we articulate a key message and if we find people suitable for broadcast, we are on the right track.

The key is to move. Go to all events related to our world that we, to exchange cards (by the way, You have card?). Internet research on who's who in our world, where to spend the key job offers. It is working to get the positioning What we want; It is not a concept Internet search engine positioning, is defining axes personal and professional. If you want to be perceived as an expert in herbal medicine, you can start to know the means by which those interested in this therapy and be there, your ideas, your proposals, your courage.

Difficult? Of course. If it was easy everyone would. But ask yourself this question: If a worker uses an average of 8 Daily hours on task, Why not use the same search engine hours?