I am Syrian

Sparkly Richard Wakefield in this action to support Syrian refugees. If I can add a micro-grain sand, and aware that I am light years ahead of advertising signing ad, I am Syrian.

For the first time in the history of Spanish advertising 23 relevant people in the industry come together for a common cause: Syrian refugees

Data sheet:

  • Creative director: Richard Wakefield
  • Manufacture and assembly: Sergio Piera
  • Studio: Albiñana Films
  • Post-production studio: Indeed 3.0
  • Sound studio: Xeviestudi
  • Sound design: Peppe Tapia
  • Art direction: Pepino García, Gara and Daniela Ramos Peace
  • Color: Jordi Murillo
  • Online : Sito López
  • sound mixing: Xevi Masip

Advertising in order of appearance:

Ana Rubbish, Rafa Montilla, Gloria Hernandez, Cuca Canals, Ricardo Albiñana, Luis Casadevall, Jose Angel Albacens, Risto Mejide, Gloria Morera, Mariona Omedes, Richard Wakefield, Maria Ripoll, Gemma Soler, Toni Segarra, Samantha Júdez, Jose Mª Piera, Marta Piñol, Pepe Fund, Joaquín Lorente, Laura Allende, Fernando Martorell, Aixalà, Lluís Bassat.

Is it positive denounce bad practices of brands in the RRSS?

The last case of online reputation Canal + It is not the only one of its kind, but it is the most notorious because of the influence of the author of the complaint.

cube-channel-plusI read the excellent article blog smreputationmetrics called “When a complaint becomes a crisis. Risto Mejide, a decline in Canal Plus, #unHDMIy2Euroconectores, 35 euros y Twitter”. I will not repeat the content because it really is brilliant, but I summarize in three lines and give my opinion on it:

The context

Unsubscribe Canal + is equally complex and puñetero to unsubscribe a mobile operator or a tax advisor. These are all problems. Attest, I dropped the Plus, Vodafone and tax advisor, and is a bad experience, long and costly.

the what

A person is written off in Canal + and share the experience through Twitter with two seemingly harmless tweets:

  1. Unsubscribe from Canal + is to check how crappy that can become a business in distress: I demand an HDMI cable 2 euroconectores.
  2. Maybe it makes pricing Canal + : 35€!!! Hahaha

In the second tweet author creates a hashtag with the intention to generate some “conversation” around the theme

The WHO (that changes everything)

If those two tweets had launched a deadly anyone, the thing would not have happened a few giggles and complaints by the network and little else. But the key here is the author of the tweets, Risto Mejide, with about 1.500.000 twitter followers. Whether it is having an affair, the thing promises maximum viral.

The result

How could it be otherwise, It soon becomes Trending Topic, and CM (community managers) they had a quick and effective response to a case like this, which it spreads like wildfire: 3.900 mentions a few hours after the first tweet.

An analysis of this reputation crisis

1. Why not

I think that social networks and blogs are great ways for someone reports abuse of a brand. Before we had to hire a lawyer, now only we have to detail the case and ensure it reaches its destination correctly. I reported it on this blog Vodafone (unsuccessfully) to Banco Sabadell (successful and excellent response), to Loewe, and some other brands.

2. Isn't it?

I think before reporting must assess the importance of each issue. It is not unusual for Canal + I ask for the return of some devices that have not paid, but do 15 years are paid. I do not see a strong reason to launch a tweet. It would be different from Canal + I would have left without line in a Barca-Madrid bought gold price the day before (thing that happened to me repeatedly). But devolution settlement is not, in my view, News. Unless, Of course, that says Risto, or Jordi Évole or an influencer with an enormous army of followers (I am also a follower).

Bad habits

I see here a matter of personal responsibility that goes beyond action “annoyance” as would the Mejide own. A seemingly humorous performance could have terrible consequences for Canal +, when all they have done is reclaim what they claim everyone, It is not a case of malpractice. We'll see! To a influencer you have to leave all free? Do brands have to remove the fine print of contracts to the famous?. Isn't it?, I can not agree with this.

A influencer It must be very aware of the damage it can do to a brand launching such a superficial message like this case reputation. Mind you do not defend Canal Plus, I myself sent them to hell (in media silence a few years ago), I'm just saying you need to cool a bit before launching a tweet to a million and a half people. Seguramente a ti, that you read me now, Canal + I had not forgiven 35 €. To the, you can afford, yes.


23 -the personal brand definition video-

If you had not yet clear what personal brand, This video helps to clarify concepts. Happy 2013!

Personal branding and controversial

Recently it fell into my hands a video of Risto Mejide on personal branding entitled “The importance of personal branding / Become a must“. Beyond the possible criticism, I'm glad that someone as public as the advertising Risto Mejide talk about personal brand. Definitely, this is an important speaker.

In the video, the deputy, Mejide advances the contents of a conference on personal brand, summarizing in 5 points:

  • find your rarity (your difference)
  • Who upset that rarity
  • How to make that annoyance inevitable
  • Making a must rarity
  • How to be an unpredictable nuisance
There is no doubt that Mejide has failed to exploit their difference and that your personal brand is around the controversy. It is consistent with that brand and that gives it credibility. There are other famous people who have placed their personal mark on the orbit of the controversy: Paris Hilton, the missing Jesus Gil, President Venenzuela Hugo Chavez, and many more.


When we talk about disturbing talks about HIS Personal Branding, but one might wonder if disturbing others-a form of notoriety classical- It is a brand adaptable for any. I explain. If my personal brand is a horny guy I must be consistent with that and do things to prove. And I have no reason to bother anyone.


He always appears with sunglasses. Does that mean that hidden under sunglasses is something we should do others?. Isn't it?, glasses is the mark of Mejide, but it can not be yours.
If we mean to bother creating a noticeable distinguishing feature, then we change the verb by “highlight“. Edurne Pasaban He has not focused its mark on the controversy, but on the value of effort and overcoming, that led to conquer the highest peaks of our planet.


Where I want to go with this reflection? What the strategy that applies to one person may not be true for all. On the one hand I am pleased that someone with thousands of followers help introduce personal branding. On the other hand I regret that seeks to turn us all into his clones.

Risto Mejide cover photo by Karsol on