16. Take advantage of Google alerts?

Reconozco que tengo una relación de amor y odio con las alertas de Google. On the one hand, te saturan el buzón de correo entrante. Pero por el otro, te pasan una información muy valiosa sobre los temas a los que hayas decidido suscribirte. ¿Quieres saber qué dicen sobre ti en la red? Suscribe una alertaRead more

15. ¿Cómo has configurado tu marca personal?

Son muchos los elementos que configuran una marca personal. Of course, la formación es uno muy importante, que pone los cimientos de lo que luego seremos. Pero una vez entramos en el mercado de trabajo, ¿Qué nos distingue de los demás?… ¿Autenticidad? ¿Inquietud constante? ¿Espíritu guerrero? Imaginemos que sí, que seas una persona “Authentic” In … Read more

14. Are you cooking some great idea?

Despite our frantic activity, we just dedicate ourselves to thinking new ideas a minute or two a day. Time phases our initiative to renew ourselves. The urgent always precedes and surpasses what is important. At this point it will be very difficult for us to innovate to create some new project or to reinvent ourselves. … Read more

13. Do you often get comments on your blog?

Here we find one of the main differences between a conventional website and blog: the blog allows for great interactivity. If the blog doesn't support comments, I call it “Flog” or fake blog, as it breaks its feedback essence between the author and his readers. In the same way that it is very … Read more

blogs of your specialty

12. Are you still at least 10 blogs of your specialty?

This has changed, let's not kid ourselves. Before we could get information from magazines sector, Seminars, Meetings, Conferences. Then, with the emergence of web 1.0 forums emerged as sectoral meeting places. The arrival of the web 2.0 brought with it tools like Wikipedia, a virtual well of knowledge created by the internet users themselves. But today, Without … Read more