The 5 C's of our #marcapersonal in social networks

People often ask me the importance of our personal brand in social networks. I think the question should be formulated in reverse: What is the relevance of social networks in the management of our personal brand?

Social networks represent an excellent platform for communication Omnichannel public projection of our personal brand

I have never sought “packaging” letters, Acronyms and suchlike, but chance willed that steps to manage our brand networks follow the rule of 5 C’s.

The 5 C's management of our personal brand in social networks

1 Know

Social Networks lets us know what you are interested in our specialty sector. For example, groups Linkedin or hives baby. As well Twitter through hashtags is an excellent platform. They allow us to follow people or companies reference, through tools like Feedly, for example. And allow us to save and categorize that information through tools like Pocket or Evernote.

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2 Share

We may share own content, with a maximum: better little and good. And we can share other people's content value that has reached us through the stage "know". To this end, tools like Buffer or Hootsuite They are excellent for planning content to one or two weeks away.

3 Talk

It refers to the famous engagement, to interfacing with the people we have defined as key to our business model: recommendations, comments, debates. On the other hand it is to answer who interact with us, although not key person, out of courtesy. Thank the woods, and if we do in real life, Why not do well in social networks?

4 Connect

The three C's previous, well managed, we will begin to position themselves as specialists in our area, and that (and not before) it is time to seek contact people at that time are potential customers, or recruiters, RR.HH responsible companies ... always very politely, with personalized messages without steamroll. It seeks quality, not quantity. Best 100 contact value 1.000 bulk.

5 Control

Finally, we need to go measuring what actions we undertake are more effective and valuable for others, and focus the most on them. For this there are multiple tools: Google Analytics If you have web or blog. The Social Selling Index de Linkedin, excellent tool control our personal mark on that network. On Twitter you can use Twitonomy. And Facebook or Instagram (both of Zuckerberg) You can use your own statistical measurement.

it seems simple. And it is. Only it requires learning to plan it. And do it. And do it. And do it.

Image: Matt Duncan / Unsplash