Personal branding is a waste of time

“Personal branding is a waste of time”. It is a phrase from a certain Gonzalo (I have no data) "Fired" about excellent post of Victor Candel published on the blog Soymimarca he talked about the importance of Recruiter personal brand.

Gonzalo does not seem a priori someone unlettered, or so he would have us believe with his many literary and historical references (Napoleon, Plautus, Hobbes, San Agustin…), which makes me think it was worth publishing this post to reflect the view that some people allegedly illustrated They have on personal branding.

This is the full text of Gonzalo in response to the post of Victor Candel (missing many accents, I imagine that would be the rush):

Personally suspect of those who with long boringfyen In Internet… Confidence of people do not win with vain words but with contrasting facts.

Napoleon he said: Alejte flatterers because behind each lisonja there is always a interes!!!

Understanding the word “sycophants” as people his true face and makeup intention or objective with mind to look better than they really are

Understanding the word “flattery” as everything we want to hear or regale us ear even knowing sinning hiperbolico

Understanding the word “interest” as the opportunity to work, deal, pecuniary gain, crematisticas, etc… which actually lies a hidden benefit by the sycophant

Generate yourself a personal brand is a foma of wanting trick with license de course, want to offer our best image (although this does not conform to reality…) We are in a society, that from start to finish is a liar, fallacious, selfish, nothing solidarity … Which takes into account this fact can not believe in anything since the “ALL” It is a coated lie with all the false reason of the world

Plautus in his work “millstone” he said:
Wolf is one man, no homo, out what he does not know the (Wolf is the man for man, and not man, when you know who the other)

Or popularizing it by Thomas Hobbes:
Man is a wolf to man

The reputation It is won with facts, day to day, Hourly, the minute and second by second. can not be created at will is something that each person follows or not… and it is mutable over time better or worse, then it is false, It can not serve as an indication of reliability something mutable over time…

After Augustinian these ramblings I can only say that I not only believe anything (placing this jácara referring to cogito ergo sum of Descartes with slight amendment end according to the purpose of paragraph)

Where your personal brand that do want to create, For me it is a lost of time… Sometimes we think we got our goals through certain actions and actually we do not realize that the source of our success this within ourselves and only ourselves get what we want and not artifices of birlibirloque.

Long live the placebo effect! =)

How about?

William Recolons / personal brandingPerhaps worst of all is that Gonzalo is not identified, but both your email and the web that adds betray their origin (out of respect for the company that has hired not desvelaré). A man who shoots the stone and hide the hand seems not intended to give morality lessons about personal branding.

Someone looks suspicious able to accentuate "jácara" but then forget to emphasize words like "reputation", "day", "after", "modification", "paragraph", "Success" and some more.

It raises suspicion when attributed solely to personal branding say and not to do and only on Internet. That's because ignorance, it seems that our protagonist has read between little and nothing about personal branding. A good tip is to not opine on what unknown, and incidentally to set aside the classics and urgently resume English grammar and spelling lessons. It Plautus, Hobbes and Descartes raise their head…

And of course, I recommend literature to form good personal brand: I would start with Expertología (Alienta) Pérez Ortega Andres.

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Personal brand, business model and collaborative environment

The 27 November 2014 It took place in the main auditorium Barcelona Activa a round table entitled “Collaboration and new ways of seeking employment”. The table was coordinated by Celia Hil, and I participated with consultants Alicia Pomares and Virginia Guisasola. Remote format the event also included the presence of Andrés Pérez Ortega, Eva Collado Durán, Arancha Ruiz, Alfredo Vela, Pedro Rojas, Maria Redondo, Victor Candel, Isabel Iglesias, Manel Macia, Victor Puig, Ximo island, álex López, Pedro de Vicente and Pablo Alonso.

Here I attached a summary of my part of the presentation. The paper analyzes the relationship between personal brand management, personal business model and collaborative environment (to find employment or to generate a more effective networking). Also attached link to Storify according to the Twitter hashtag #bcntreball.



Coca Cola 0 – Gintonic 1

The unprecedented crisis of Coca Cola in Spain

To those who never drink Coca-Cola sounds strange to us as everything that is happening in recent months with the brand. On the one hand Coca-Cola has been the aspirational benchmark in communication for many years. Even campaigns are remembered “The spark of life” or the great Christmas campaign 70 “the whole world I want to give a message of peace...” whose video I recovered for the nostalgic.

[youtube] = YHf6I2kwP0o[/youtube]

On the other hand Coca-Cola has always been behind major events, sports, The musicals, national, regional, locales. Coca-Cola achieved the desired positioning a mark on our planet: the brand of happiness.

But just a crisis affecting all quisque, and Coca-Cola is no exception. Marcos de Quinto, director of the brand in Spain and great conversationalist, He said a few days ago from his account Twitter “The ERE Iberian Partners resulting from the fusion of 8 Spanish companies. We support your business logic even if it hurts their labor impact”. The words are beautiful, but recently The Economist stated that The seven former Coca-Cola in Spain -fusionadas today in the new Iberian Partners- They were obtained from 2010 and 2012 a operating profit set 860,9 millions. However, The company justifies the restructuring plan launched, it will affect 1.250 workers and will involve dismissal or early retirement of 750 people, because their profits are shrinking.

Do you lose money Coca-Cola?

Following the Economist, in the first nine months 2013 She earned a profit of 127,5 millions of euros. And not only that. margin, Besides, is increasing. In 2012 was the 50 percent and now, despite the arguments used by the company, It is placed in the 54 percent sales. So we know something, perhaps Coca-Coca has reduced the percentage growth, but nothing is in the red. And many companies would like Ibex 35 have those benefits. It is clear, Coca-Cola does not lose money.

What about the president?

We have read in various media sun Daurella, the president of Coca-Cola Iberian Partners closed 2012 with a personal profit of more than 23 million and shareholders' equity 50,7 millions. But as said Andrés Toledo Puro Marketing, Daurella's reputation is in tatters because of their tax shirking (taxed in Luxembourg).

The social response

As expected, social movements and unions are chirping, because they do not understand that a company that has no losses and whose president is nothing in abundance and “deceives” the Spanish tax authorities can organize an ERE affecting 1.250 workers. But this time they have been the social networks which they have heated debate and is beginning to generate an anti-Coca-Coca campaign unprecedented in our country.

Response Coke

Click to enlarge

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Today Coca-Cola Iberian Partners published this ad to justify its decision ERE: The truth is that it seems to put more fuel to the fire, since I am convinced that the 80% Spaniards did not know the existence of a crisis in Coca-Cola. Plus, the effect derived from his reading does not convince too if you're one of those directly affected by ERE.

The models are reviewed. Is this the beginning of the end of Coca-Cola?

Spaniards have passed the “cubata” the gin and tonic. This reality can not deny anyone. On the other hand, Mediterranean diet recommends unsweetened drinks or carbonated: Water, wine in moderation , juices… The consumption model is reviewed, and the hundreds of millions of euros invested by the brand in recent years can not curb the phenomenon of returning to the consumption of proximity.

Coca-Cola will not die, at least in the short and medium term, but should regain his human side, the side that prompted, to return to enjoy a special place in our minds. As I mentioned in the article published last Friday in Soymimarca Corporate Branding + Personal Branding = Full Branding, useless to mark a major effort in Corporate Branding if the image then give their managers (Personal Branding) not accompanied. Coca-Cola needs to regain its model “Full Branding”, and will not do with advertisements in the press, it will use weapons Attraction marketing and the integration of a model of corporate branding one staff. The die is cast. At the moment, who will think better standing of this crisis is the gin and tonic.


Nokia SRES Now how I can use the tagline “Connecting People”?

Brands come and go. Even the largest suffer improbable mutations. It has been the case the mobile phone division Nokia, recently acquired by the giant Microsoft.

It is true, Nokia, mobile theme, I was recently in the doldrums. But I remember a few years ago that Nokia was the king of mambo mobile phone. In 2007 yes, European Brand Institute He published the news that Nokia was the most valuable brand in Europe. Anyway, After trying several brands, I ended up falling in love with Nokia to 1998. I had 4 wonderful terminals. They had no rival. simple operating system, Call quality, good toppings, reasonable size, clear and keyboard, the most important, two iconic elements of the brand I do not know if they will continue with the new phase of Microsoft, but they are the authentic brand equity:

  1. The slogan: Connecting people. Simple, of course, direct, minimalist. One of the best in the history of advertising, definitely. With 20 year term (How many brands have endured so much time, a claim?), I have not been able to find its author, but I warmly congratulate. As people of Nokia says, “connecting people” is not just a phrase or slogan, It is a corporate mission, And hence their success.
  2. The characteristic line (click here), a natural brand identifier that became a benchmark. The curious? It corresponds to the bars 13-16 the guitar solo Gran Vals Spanish guitarist and composer Francisco Tarrega, written in 1902. Screenshot 2013-09-04 to(s) 17.34.43

I will not go into the reasons that have led Nokia to divest its telephony (it is clear that the economic offer was tempting Gates), although I bet the emergence of Apple with long boring IOS i thereafter Google with long boring Android They have much to do.

Perhaps now that Nokia wants to focus its activity on renewable activities will arise change “Connecting People” for “Long life for our planet”. Then, Like I borrow them “Connecting People” to work on personal branding. Do you think I would leave?

All they give banks is air conditioning


We all hoped that the bailout money to banks citizens would have a positive effect towards lending to economic activity, and particularly towards the SMEs. All figures imagined that the multi-billion rescue Bankia or Catalunya Caixa -among others- would result in an improvement in the economic outlook. Perhaps what happens to us is that we are all very naive. Or at least some.

This week we have had a new negative experience with a bank. I will not mention specifically, because what he has done (or better, What has not done) It is common practice in the industry. It calls (I mean Soymimarca) branch director newcomer to come forward and want to know us better. He asks that we will see, as a possible operation in between renting small draft arises. We offer apply for credit ICO for circulating, with a minimum of 10,000 € and 80,000 € to an affordable interest rate, close to 4% TAE.

My partner and I stayed Stone, we could not believe it. What's going on? A proposed bank credit? And besides a low interest rate? Without personal guarantees? And easy to manage?. This happened on Wednesday. It was a lovely evening, a nice guy and a pleasant temperature (outside 30with high humidity). We had not taken LSD or any kind of psychotropics, we were calm and concentrated.

Also on Wednesday hastily send all documents requested us to grant credit, that there were few. The company is a startup, and although it has had positive numbers on the income and corporate income tax last year. The company suffers from the usual difficulties of treasury -circulante- and also an expansion strategy arises foreign markets, so it seemed a godsend fallen a bank offered to lend a hand (erroneous expression, they make money).

End Mirage: the next day, Thursday, to 10 in the morning we had the verdict: denied.

SMEs do not want alms

almsIt is a pity that governments boast entering recovery periods, PIME and helps entrepreneurs, and that is not accompanied by specific action plans. SMEs do not want alms, we want to create wealth, innovate, add value. We know that you have to risk, and for this we have put behind our project all our personal assets. Many SME partners have been long periods with no income whatsoever to shape a business project.

Now, Unlike some years ago, we are fortunate to denounce. Banks do what they please, because the authorities permit. There are few leaders with the courage to impose measures on the big bankers: the future play.

Economic recovery? We continue to work 15 apuraremos hours a day and our personal reservations. In the meantime, we know that all they give banks is air conditioning.

A Graduate Personal Branding semi-attendance format?

Would you like to help others in their professional development? You think you can improve the future of others? Would you like to know how personal strategy works? Do you accept the challenge of a new profession that is not future, It is present? You want to be Personal Brander?

Communication Blanquerna (URL) and Soymimarca present the Graduate Personal Branding format semi-face

Professionals Personal Branding we help our customers move in troubled waters, to face the future creating clues to leave the mazes to reach always good destination, drawing maps adentrase allowing safely through the most intricate territories and stand out from the amorphous crowds. We strongly believe that our work does not begin or end with us because it is long haul and we need to have professionals who share our values, who believe in the personal brand, them excited for your customers to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of others. We want the best in the Art investment in people.

Words are meaningless if not converted into shares and that our dream come true we have put to work. This fall we released the Degree in Personal Branding in semipresencial version. We have the best professionals from personal branding and of the communication, with a platform tailored to make learning comfortable and solid, with the support of an institution, .Faculty of Communication Blanquerna at the Universitat Ramon Llull which it is a guarantee of quality and strength. We can work closely with Andrés Pérez Ortega, with long boring Arancha Ruiz, Cristina Aced, Natalia Gomez del Pozuelo, Oscar del Santo, Team Soymimarca and cloister of the Faculty. And in the end we will have a face sessions in which we striking teachers. A program designed for those who want to become Personal Burners.

More information? Here it is: Faculty page

23 -the personal brand definition video-

If you had not yet clear what personal brand, This video helps to clarify concepts. Happy 2013!

Now is the e-book with the best of Soymimarca of 2012

Soymimarca yesterday presented his book summary of the best of 2012 “It's something personal”. It is an e-book for free download that from Slideshare.

This time involving many more authors: Jordi Collell, Aléxia Herms, Neus Fornells, Pablo Adán Micó, Carmen Gibert, Celestino Martinez, Cristina Lastra, David Alcubierre, Gian-Lluís Ribechini, Pau Hortal, Paula Fernández-Ochoa, Xavier Roca Torruella, Javier Zamora Saborit and a server.

As the e-book the first year, “Personal and transferable“, This time the items have been classified according to the three parts of the iceberg personal brand: self-knowledge, and visibility strategy.

To download the book, you just have to click on the image:


self-knowledge, and visibility strategy, the keys to managing an attractive brand

Review appeared in EQUIPMENT AND TALENT

self-knowledge, and visibility strategy, the keys to building an attractive brand

Does the online image of a professional is as important as offline? How important plays in improving employability? Viadeo along with Guillem Recolons, personal branding expert and co-founder SoyMiMarca, They have presented the keys to building, improve and enhance the brand that projects an individual personal and professional level, both online and offline.

In this sense, Guillem Recolons noted: “The strategic goal of personal branding is to help us visualize where we want to be in ten years and learn to use the tools to reach that destination”. Thus, Recolons has highlighted three key steps for creating professional positioning we want:

self-knowledge: It is important to start by asking yourself some questions about our current situation. Who I am? What are my skills? How far my education and training arrives?
Strategy: How do others see me? How did I get here? What is my competition? What I want to achieve target? Once we have an accurate idea of ​​how we see ourselves and how we see, we are in a position to raise the best strategy for our positioning.
Visibility: It is time to start communicating our mission, vision and values, as if it were a business, and build our personal brand.

Likewise, Recolons stressed the need to work the message we convey and how we do. Bearing in mind that our brand communication occurs in any context, either offline level (on a business card, a networking session, el popular ‘elevator speech’, among others) as online (social networks, professional and nonprofessional, blogs, Online Reputation, among others).

Seminar Personal Brand in Málaga

The next 5 July 2012 hosting a new seminar organized by the MARKETING CLUB OF MALAGA and sponsored by CAJAMAR. the Seminar “PERSONAL BRAND. Career development strategy” We will illustrate the importance of being “well positioned” to address career opportunities, challenges or crises. The Personal Branding It is a concept of personal development consisting differentiated to achieve greater success in social relationships and professional.
I am pleased and honored to deliver the seminar, after which the attendees who wish may enjoy for a small price 10 Euros a Networking + Catering in a pleasant and spectacular setting.
For those professionals that ye be not partners but as you want to go to seminary + Networking + Catering will be required to pay a registration 20 Euros.

Day: 5 of July
Hour: of 19:30 a 21h
Place: Padlock Beach Club (Carretera de Almeria, 1 29017 Málaga)

RSVPs THROUGH : (SEMINAR ONLY confirm the option or seminar + CATERING + NETWORKING)