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#Storytelling: 366 accounts in perpetual images

What happens when you spend a whole year publishing daily stories in images that have been left for the story? Well, when you look back you realize the power of the image and its ability to tell stories. Among the 2 March 2019 and the 1 March 2020 … Read more

Exposing myself on the net / Guillem Recolons

The personal story: How far should I expose myself on social media?

    I often wonder, How far to expose myself on the Internet, on social media? As Alaska said in its most remembered lyrics, who cares what I do? Who cares what I say? If you only have a minute, here's a video summary: Disadvantages of exposing myself, the part … Read more

50 #GRelatos storytelling

Nuestra historia Vista por las mejores cámaras: 51 #GRelatos

Today I'm not talking about personal branding, but stories and images that have left us an eternal mark. I have baptized them as #GRelatos, using my initials to make them easier found. I present to you the #GRelatos #GRelatos is the union of two personal passions, photography and historical history. I grew up with a … Read more

personal branded content

Personal Branded Content as a personal brand culture

Let's start at the beginning, What is branded content? Branded Content is considered a marketing strategy based on the creation of content sponsored or produced directly by a brand. It's not something new.. Over the years 30, before the appearance of television, brands like Procter & Gamble sponsored … Read more

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Unhable skills (short story)

We often think that some skills we acquire long we can be useful lifetime. Unfortunately it's not like that.. I've been talking a lot about the importance of context. The context is the one that will confirm whether those skills are in place or need to be updated. If you studied construction engineering and a … Read more

Never give up /Guillem Recolons

Churchill and the Elephant Rope: Never give up #Relato

One of the many quotes that make up Winston Churchill's personal legacy and brand is "Never Give Up". The most popular "Never Give Up" To Be Precise, the words of the great British prime minister were: "Never give in, never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give … Read more