“I am discovering the need for a weekly crises”

There is no crisis history

One of the key requirements for a connected narrative is any conflict, crisis. The stories are no conflicts “cupcakes” not mobilize any area of ​​our brain. These days I'm giving talks about “storytelling” as a personal communication tool / professionals in various cities of the province of Barcelona, and something my partner Olga Villacampa and my draws our attention is the lack of awareness that exists for the effectiveness of a more emotional communication. We could call it “ROI of emotional communication”.

One of the examples we use is the blind man that a change in the way of writing poster “I am blind. Please, ayudame” immediately modifies the reaction of those who pass by his side. At the end of this post I leave the video, an excellent job.

But one point according to the understanding of any actual story is the need for a conflict. Antonio Núnez, Expert on the subject, He explains very well in his book “Storytelling in a week“. Without conflict there is no story, no emotional response.

Gerardo "Tata" Martino

Gerardo “Tata” Martino

Maybe that's why I'm not surprised hearing a phrase Gerardo Martino, new coach of FC Barcelona football: “I am discovering the need for a weekly crises“.

The media compete with each other for attention, and for that use all resources at your fingertips, including overexposing seemingly banal subjects directly or systematic exaggeration of small mistakes everyday, who become media headlines first order. Let's see, What the hell should explain the many sports newspapers, radio and television every day to fill pages and hours of football information?.

The sentence “Tata” Martino is bright, and it highlights the continuing need for a conflict to prop up the story Barca. If there is a problem, there is no solution. effectively, the blaugrana follower needs a minimum, as crises- weekly, something to fill pages and media moments and allows connecting people with people around a shared history in bars, Offices, trains…

You are welcome to European football, Martino. You come and you've done very quickly with the emotional functioning of the fans. Now you know what touches: avoids conflicts that are not in your script, direct them yourself, planifícalos. At the end, you know that the solution of any conflict is a: win three points every weekend.

Here is the video “The power of words”.

[youtube] = ZF8EcHkSRSY[/youtube]

We have grown, but we still love stories


Although now call “storytelling“, The truth is that the storytelling It is as old as humanity itself: How else you have not reached us the Old Testament?.

Although now call “infographic“, The truth is that the visual story It is as old as humanity itself: for good example, the cave paintings of Altamira.

The relats, the tales, infographics, They are powerful tools relationship and communication. When someone tells us we do not know “I'll tell you something…” our attention span is shot.

As children, Stories are narrative format that allows better communication between parents and children. Kids passionate about the stories they contain all the magic of the stories and all the excitement of who has. But the truth is that when we are older we still love stories, perhaps more than ever.

The storytelling applied to persons or trademarks is an exceptional communicative phenomenon. We have gone from “what” (what made) to “why” (the reason that prompted manufacture). Messages that arrive best are those who get thrill, get involved, and for that nothing better than a story, however short.

I noticed a few days ago I found a picture on Twitter. Here it is:


It is a simple glass of beer. But it is a vessel that includes a little story, the founder of the brewing company and the reasons that prompted him to create the company. Beer may be a more, but the fact explain his story makes us closer, It makes us a good choice. The word neuromarketing never liked, I suggest some kind of manipulation of emotions. But I always like to tell me a story. And it does not have to be quite real, fiction is accepted as a seasoning element of imagination.

I want to accompany you on your return, Do you leave?

four or five days ago my friend and partner Jordi Collell published the blog post of deputy SOYMIMARCA. I think an excellent example of storytelling, so I re-published with permission for all who follow this blog. If ever you have to explain your professional adventure, Here is a great source of inspiration.

Redesigning his professional life to many people gives them real fear, doing so having a comfortable and stable work may even seem foolhardy. However some think the biggest failure is not always try. Then the story of a personal experience.

My proposite is encourage hesitant to change personal and professional to get going

Today lords it goes to confession, I want to involve you why I am where I am and do what I do. My proposite is encourage hesitant to change personal and professional to get going.

I have always believed that my career was not successful if at least resultona, ultimately I have never complained and I have always been convinced that good fortune has smiled on me.

When I started work activity after finishing my university studies I figured I expected a long way, I did not know it was bumpy and often have to get out of the vehicle and push or pull the grindstones.

Knowledge opens doors.

The first thing I discovered was that my primal studies "general economy" with a degree obtained at the end of the decade of the 70 They were of little use to perform utility work in the company. It's more, many of my classmates began in the civil service and some of them are still there. So what I did was to relearn something that would allow me to eat long term and discover the virtues of studying an MBA and work simultaneously. They were two intense years, I got tired a first warning on my roadmap: knowledge opens doors.

The truth is that things from me then there were bad. Acquired the necessary knowledge to gain experience spent by the only method so far known for it, dedication, curiosity and sacrifice. For years I forgot to clock out time and juggling and tightrope walking to meeting the needs of family presence, we reconcile that sometimes men do too. Valga a note to say that throughout my life story I have accumulated six children of which I am proud and which I have dedicated and dedicate myself, the little ones, with passion, but this may be the source of another story.

Anticipate events gives you control situations

I have never fired, I was lucky though sometimes a indemnizacioncilla I had not gone wrong. For a while I even thought that with a little help could have done assets and pay the entrance of an apartment, here came my youthful immaturity. Neither I fired and when in a certain position I saw that did not provide or not provide me what I need I just looked for a new job and sometimes I have to confess that I struggled because I'm very complacent and you get used to what you have though is unproductive. This is the second point to my roadmap: anticipate events gives you control situations. If you see that you contribute or contribute little you move before you move.

Opportunities pass, many of them certainly are not repeated, catch them in flight or another will do for you

Sometimes change has come to me as opportunity. Being in a managerial position in a company belonging to a group a multinational group came the news that we were for sale. ruthless bombing since we had gone through a stage of heavy losses, We had taken the necessary measures to revive the situation and the other was going to eat the cake and we if not in the street to pass the exam for a course that was more than approved. We buy the company. And, four executives raising financing under stones, we had no hard, we made a MBO when word began to sound in our country. Third point on the roadmap: opportunities pass, many of them certainly are not repeated, catch them in flight or another will do for you.

Buying a business in many cases ends its sale once it has grown, It has established itself and has become a benchmark and this was what happened. The buyer in addition to the business itself I wanted was the team that had managed and stayed with the company for several years, with a good position without opposition or reply, Conveniently located in final.

Never too late to make a dream

The years do not go in vain and one asks questions about what you want to be more. I had a dream: I wanted to put my experience, my knowledge and accumulated baggage at the service of others, She wanted what she had experienced could be helpful to those who are at the beginning of the road, those who are pushing stones or those sections for whatever reason they want to reinstate and follow the route. And I turned to form, long nights of study connected to an American university, practices, exams and more practical. And finally I left my comfortable and well-paid position. Fourth point in my roadmap: Never too late to make a dream.

Who snuggles up to good tree good shade shelters him

And the first was the creation of CT Coach Code with my colleague montse Taboada and later with friend Guillem Recolons we decided to join forces to serve all of you creating SOYMIMARCA To potentiate, promote and give visibility to your personal brand. fifth point: Who snuggles up to good tree good shade shelters him.

It has been a pleasure.

Jordi Collell

Who says that a resume can not be emotional?

Globalization and widespread standardization have made it possible all curricula of the world are equal, almost clonic. We are surrounded by webs, consultants, regulations say how it should be written a resume. It's curious, almost all agree at all. Dates in order of most recent to oldest, without excessive personal data, written in 3rd person ...

The main conclusion is that today, A resume is something really bored, frio e impersonal. And the question is are we sure that this is how we want to see?.

Let me propose another way to make. to get started, Why not video?. Let's be honest, paper do not know how you are, What tone of voice you, what you look ...

More things, Why not a curriculum with a little history? A sort of story. I do not know you, but I am very interested to know why someone decides for whatever career, one or another profession. What is the trigger?. That says a lot of people. So get exclusive curriculum, unique, personal.

to sample, a button. There I leave my trigger:

I decided on advertising to 14 years old . then Paco, a guy dressed in hippy with a supermoto often came home to find his girlfriend My aunt Elena. It was the year 1975, and that look so extreme, the motorbike, blonde, the glamor ... called my attention. It went against everything established, breaking the codes of the time, He was transgressive. I asked my aunt what worked her boyfriend. "It ads", He said "works in an advertising agency". Two years, when I was 16, I made my first stage of practice in which Paco agency was Creative Director. I am now advertising, and since then I have always worked in the communication environment. Perhaps you will ask me what has become of Paco. Another day I tell you (I swear).

<!–[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 21 false false false ES X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 <![endif]–><!–[if gte mso 9]> <![endif]–> <!–[endif]–>Globalization and widespread standardization made it possible for all the world curriculum are equal, almost clonic. We are surrounded by webs, consultants, regulations say how it should be written a resume. It's curious, almost all agree at all. Dates in order of most recent to oldest, without excessive personal data, written in 3rd person ...The main conclusion is that today, A resume is something downright boring, cold and impersonal. And the question is are we sure that this is how we want to see?.

The importance of original content on the Internet

It comes to my mind's blog Ramon Espadaler, deputy of the Parliament of Catalonia. Always, subtitled your posts, uses the expression “unpublished article” (unpublished article). In this case, expression refers to ineditado, new.

And there for less. When you surf the blogs using labels or tags, very often you find the same article in 16 blogs, more or less personal dressing. Usually it is news that caught our attention and reproduce literally (not going to be that adulteremos). Not a bad thing to echo the news, especially that we get more attention or which are related to our environment.

But in the midst of reproduction, we need to publish original content -unprecedented, as would Espadaler-. If we do not publish original content, our readers would not be our position clear. Yes, re-edit it is interesting, but it is even more when we.

Creating content is, simply, a combination of data, skills and time. Nothing else is needed. Journalists know it well. Getting the data is not too difficult if you enroll in some Google alerts and read the press regularly. The abilities (skills, in English, it sounds better) It is the most complicated part, since it depends on the grace having one to combine data, clothe them and raise them in an attractive way (storytelling), and add new ideas. Finally, time. Time is often what prevents draw out a lot of talent. You have to take time from anywhere, time should never be an excuse for not writing. If you have time to think, You have time to write.

The writing serves the same for blogs and to Twitter. Twitter is widely used in the resource retweet something we like. And this is good, but it is also one explain things, without reaching that of “taking morning coffee” that -frankly- does not interest anyone.

By the way, This post is unprecedented.

The impressive history of the guy who found the job he wanted using Google Adwords

Subtitle: And it only cost 5 €!!

Sub-Subtitle: Based on a true story

Imagine your life's dream is to find work as a copywriter in one of the 5 best agencies in the country. Imagine also, you're broke and you can not spend more than 4 or 5 € to get your azaña.

I would say the same if your goal is to get into one of the best law firms, economists, engineers. I would say the same if you want to find a good place schoolmaster, commercial manager or whatever you want.

It is easier than it seems to be. You enter Google, are looking Google Adwords and buy some keywords. If you want to buy "adman" will cost a paste. And we only have 4 5 €. Adwords formula is not closed price, if not you pay for auction. If no one wants what you want, will cost 0,15 by clicking, really cheap. But if you want to buy general words like "creative side”, Be prepared to pay a pretty penny.

In our history, what we do is Buy the names of the best creative advertising the country. Why?

Because when searching your name on Google you will find our ad: "Hello Creative Director XXXX, Googlearte yourself is fun. Hire me as a creative in your company, as well. Giving me a call. You are late."

Well, this little story is true, and it ended well. Our friend, whose real name is Alec Brownstein He managed to enter as a senior editor at Young & Rubicam. the contrato Scott Vitrone, a creative director who was amazed Alec's ability to attract attention.

I thank my good friend and companion Linda Reichard by publishing it in its LinkedIn. The story published last 18 May the online newspaper "The Globe and Mail”, and here is the link to see the full story, including an interview with the protagonists.

Beer Helping strengthen partner relationships

The impressive history of the Andes beer and teletransporter

Almost no words to describe this history of beer Mendoza “Andes” and the invention of teletransporter, a machine that simulates sistintos environments so that our partner will not know we're at the bar with friends.

Definitely, a well-told story gets more loyalty than the best rational arguments. Reach the head through the emotions. It is the key to communication. By the way, yes, site worth a visit.

[youtube= = iKDgYKSEN6M&hl = en_US&fs=1&]

Your father was a stoker and mine engineer

The train is back in the center of our lives. This is the new story of Renfe, become commercial, which it is already on the air a few days ago.

Renfe is able to give a return to its long and stale story to turn into something positive. Many brands do not dare to use this resource for fear of being “carcas” or fear of no interest to new generations. serious mistake. The new generations will be new, but not idiots, and they know the value of the grant experience provided that the communication is emotional and intelligent.

My congratulations to the agency responsible for the ad, Mrs. Rushmore, the producer responsible for filming, Tesauro and, above all, poster for betting on this route.


Never underestimate the power of a great story

Today I get this story told so well done to Canal +. Animaos, It lasts just over a minute.
The moral close to perfection: Never underestimate the power of a great story.

[youtube= = X7MVtgXMclI&hl = en_US&fs=1&]

Without a good story, a brand is nothing. If Johnnie Walker.

[youtube= = MnSIp76CvUI&hl = en_US&fs=1&]

Narrative techniques (storytelling), as old as walking directions, We offer this excellent example of how to explain 5 minute history and character of a memorable brand: Johnnie Walker. Video title: The man who walked around the World (the man walking around the world).

The great Scottish actor Robert Carlisle enlivens this short of a single plane walking through the Scottish highlands and interacting with different objects he encounters on his way. It is worth investing the 5 minute-long video.

Data sheet:

Agency: BBH, Londres/ Producer: Ruben Mercadel / Creative director: Mick Mahoney /Redactor: Justin Moore / Studio: HLA, London / Producer: Jamie Rafn / Producer: Stephen Plesniak / Director of photography: George Richmond / post Production: Glassworks, London