From employees to involved: A solution of #Branding

One of the major challenges facing organizations is to get your human capital pass employees involved. The differences are enormous, as I have already stated in a post. But make no mistake: in this movement should come out winning both parties involved; if not, it does not work.

Superpowers do I want you

A few days ago he spoke of superpowers, refieriéndome values. It was a charla TED, in insisting on this fact: without empathy or the values ​​of professional organizations, win the heart of the markets It will be a task far less complex.

The massive bombardment of advertising, promotion and public relations is becoming less effective in generating complicities. Here I leave you this video that explains in a simpler way (excuses for the lack of accents, a lack of software):

Requirements to align personal values ​​and corporate

Align personal and corporate values ​​is not an easy task. very different disciplines are required to carry it out successfully:

  • Personal and corporate communication
  • Personal Branding
  • Management experience in organizations
  • Advanced digital skills

That's branding

Definitely, talk about a solution capitalized BRANDING. That so many associated with creating a logo is much more. I stay with the magisterial idea of ​​Iván Díaz (Branzai): The main purpose of a brand is to create value and Preference.

You need to put the organization

On the other hand, organizations must put to work, from the general direction, their communication equipment, HR and training. The Brand Ambassadors program (Brand Ambassador, Employee Branding, Advocate Branding) They are really cross. And if any prerequisite required to boot, this is called mindset, a clear mentalization by management on the need for and benefits of the process.

A matter of trust and amplification corporate message

If your company needs improve market confidence and amplify their messages, do not hesitate, You need to implement this program, and turn your human DNA employees involved. I am fortunate to have partners really prepared to successfully develop the program. Let's talk.


And you? Have you already found your superpowers? #TEDxLleida16

Superpowers? What is this about?

The 30 September I get a call from someone with superpowers. Ricard Pons, good friend and personal brander, and other non-minor roles. We often talk occasionally, and us when you can. I proposed for a TEDx rapporteur. I dont believe it. Because I? ¡Oysters! It seems to be serious! Shortly after I talk to of Pau Samo, his great colleague, good friend and coordinator TEDxLleida. Paul confirms.

Damn it! The plot thickens. I propose the date is not going well. consultation with Eva and Fran, those responsible for the commitment he had acquired for 11 November, scheduled for TED. Salvados! The other commitment is flexible on dates. The 12 October is already announced my participation in the web of TEDxLleida. Less than a month. There is no turning back. Or if. Timely flu. Isn't it?. I throw. With two. In addition, prepare it can be fun. I'm going there. OK… And what I mean? I say that the audience is very wide, unspecialized. Come on, that the public could be my mother. A challenge.

looking topic

Talk about personal branding as if at a congress will not work. But I will have seen hundreds of TED talks over my life. And there is a pattern. There is always an inspiring idea. There is almost always a personal story related to that idea. I look inside my. Why I'm here? Do I have a vision? Yes! Is that! I help to draw futures. That is my vision for many years. And now the question: What led me to define that vision? Clear! Working with people. I went to work for “big” brands and businesses work “little” brands. And no color. From big to small. Small are human, they are persons, real, you durable, authentic. In fact, small would not exist without large. This gets pretty. But I need something more. What makes us different businesses and individuals? Here! I have it. And begins “V”. Values ​​are.

Small Data: the power of people

Small Data: the power of people. Genial. I have already title. Surely I'm not the first person who comes up with it from “Small Data”. Indeed. I look at Google. Ricard looks in Google. share links. But there is nothing to fear. My approach is different, speaking of humanizing, to provide corporate brands and businesses soul. And that comes only with the power of people. People and their superpowers. Without being aware, people have something, a driver, that makes us superheroes… What will? Values ​​are.

Superheroes no longer spend layer

Isn't it?. This idea of ​​a guy who flies or climbs and carries layer we leave for film and comics. In real life superheroes do not wear layer. And often we do not know they are. The world is full of people who have overcome obstacles unthinkable. ordinary people. They live in your ladder. Among friends. Among your relatives, your colleagues, your customers… They live within you. They are more like Woody Allen than Arnold Schwarzenegger. And so, What has allowed them to lift your head and pull forward? Values ​​are.

Companies do not yet know the extent of that driver in people

It is very green. Few companies have understood the power of his people beyond their basic skills. Still, in the SXXI, call “employees” their staff. RAE. Employee = Used, used, Spent. So we are not going anywhere. Where is our humanity? But back to the heart of the matter. Companies have people, and those people have super powers. I know. You think I'm like a goat. And you're not going bad at all.

You are seconds away from knowing what the hell are the superpowers. And how they can help companies to multiply their strength connection with its markets. I leave you with the video Small Data: The power of people. It contains a small personal story. I am very sure that when you're finished to see your own back grope in search of a layer. Look no, your values.

Happy week!