Don't let technology step on you, use it to your advantage

Technology. This is the fifth of the trends I pointed out a few days ago in the post Trends: 2020 Personal Branding.

If you have little time, I invite you to watch this video-summary:

What if human-machine fighting becomes alliance?

Trends 2020 couldn't miss the technology. If you know me, you know I'm a great advocate of the "Human Branding" philosophy, to take advantage of human traits such as empathy, the creativity, imperfection, improvisation, intuition... It's something innate in human nature.

Is it possible for us to move from enemies to allies in the human-machine binomial?

We look at technology as a threat, and that's a partial look

When I teach training in personal branding, many of the attendees see the technology within the "A" of the SWOT; that is, as a threat. Especially when it comes to the automation of processes and jobs.

Let me give you an example of threat turned into opportunity:

The estate agent's case

A real estate agent is someone who rents, buying or selling property to customers. Also to carry out tasks such as studying property listings, interview potential customers, accompany customers to the property site, discuss the terms of sale and draft real estate contracts.

Well, according to one Oxford University study on the future of work (2013), the percentage of robotization envisaged in 2024 for that position is of the 58% (readers, based on that same study, they place it in a 86%).

It is very likely that this profession, as defined, Be replaced by robots/AI in a few decades. My question N1 is what is the part of a real estate agent's job that can be automated? And the question N2 is Why couldn't the same real estate agent take the initiative to automate that part and devote himself to what really has value, for sale?

The sale, if it's not from a product commodity, requires empathy, intuition, Advance, creativity, respect, flexibility... aren't they traits 100% humans?

Technology makes us better

I think technology, well applied, makes us better, faster, Accurate. In the case of technology applied to digital communication, helps us eliminate the idea of time (on the Internet our brand is awake 24 hours a day) and space (our online messages go beyond the local level).

We must act as digital humanists, taking advantage of the best of the human condition and the best of technology.

Boost your brand so robots don't dominate you

This was the title of the round table in which I had the honor of intervening alongside Joan Clotet, Eva Collado, Elena Arnaiz and Celia Hil over the past Personal Branding Lab Day. The focus was on the world of work, and we all agreed with Joan: If you work like a robot, you'll be replaced by a robot.

The way to avoid it is to, precisely, value our human traits: Improvise, Guess, change plans, empathy, critical thinking, Unlearn, to learn, and also get it wrong.

Here's the round table, lasting almost 30 minutes.

Make robots work for you

Alexa, Siri, Romba. Virtual assistants, presence sensors, vision systems, connected appliances, smart vehicles… Today we have technology that makes our lives easier. That's true, but let's remember to read the instruction manuals, Latinos are not conducive to doing so.

My friend and colleague Arancha Ruiz has included a chatbot on her website to better target her potential customers. Her name is Maria José, and the important thing is not whether it exists or not. The important thing is if it solves our problem. Technology at the service of the person, and not vice versa.

Multiple applications, but one sticks out #lifelonglearning

If I had to highlight a field where technology is put at our service to make us better, it's the one applied to learning.

Today there are few excuses for not learning a competition thoroughly: MOOCS (free online college courses), virtual academies, online courses, great initiatives like Linkedin Learning, as Infojobs Academy. What until recently was reserved for a few, now has universal reach.

And it's not just about scope, but of diversity. There are courses for everything, 100% online, Asynchronous (we can connect at the time we do well), Universal, in any language and all the subjects of knowledge.

You see: don't let technology step on you, use it to your advantage. By the way, Merry Christmas!

Congratulations Christmas Guillem Recolons

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Save the date: TEDxEixample 2020

We already have a date for the 2nd edition of the TEDxEixample: yes, 22 May 2020 of 15:30 22h at the Antiga Damm factory in Barcelona.

TEDxEixample 2020

Shape Your World” will be the common thread of 2020. And for the moment, we already have some speakers Confirmed. At the moment we unveiled three speakers:

Álex López: Top 10 World Influencers Social Selling and First in Spanish. One of the largest and most reputable professional network experts like LinkedIn. Author of the book "Digital Customer Digital Seller". Social Media Trainer at Universities and Business Schools like IESE, ESADE, IE, ISDI , University of A Coruña and University of Deusto.

Joan Clotet: Digital Humanist. Committed to people to help them get to know each other better and grow individually and collectively in this era #digital. Talent Innovation Manager one Ferrovial. Explorer and spreader. Executive coach (Icf) and mentor. Univ Consultant/Speaker/Facilitator. Ferrovial, Join, Eada, ESADE, Upc, Icemd, Convention

Javier Peña: CEO and scientist of Elisava is a dreamer passionate about the world of materials and matter. She studied chemical sciences in Barcelona and gets her PhD working with smart materials. He teaches materials in Elisava under the umbrella of Design and Engineering and integrates the language of matter at the same level as that of numbers, lyrics and musical notes.

If you don't want to run out of tickets, I wouldn't wait long. Here's the link Enterticket TEDxEixample 2020.

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The best of 2019 Personal Branding

Next Saturday 28 from December, last post of the year on this blog, brings the best of the year. As has been customary, I'll present a selection of the best personal branding articles from all the authors.

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