Let's be clear, Apple has never done very well without Steve Jobs

History repeats itself. It seems that Apple not getting off without asked.

First came the bold John Sculley who in 1985 He dismissed the founder of the company, Jobs, just one year after launching the Macintosh, the computer that would revolutionize the world of computing and design. Things started to falter in Apple, while Jobs founded Pixar and NeXT Computer.

With Apple in decline, Jobs returned to the company 12 years later, on 1997. He grew the company into the world's first stock market value. Its innovative energy led him beyond the computer, and promoted the launch of iTunes, yes, iPod, the innovative iPhone and the 1st tablet market, iPad.

Then it was he who resigned as CEO of Apple 2011 in favor of Tim Cook, due to advanced disease. In October of that same year Steve Jobs died.

From the standpoint of personal branding, Jobs was passionate about innovation and trendsetter. The interface of your MacOS He was kidnapped by Microsoft with the first and later versions of Windows. But each “inventions” Apple has been plagiarized a large scale for many brands. The most obvious cases are the iPod, the great MP3 player that opened a new avenue in the market música.Pero if any “device” has been plagiarized has been the iPhone. There is no brand that does not include in its high-end touch devices and large-screen graphic interface “friendly”.

The disappearance of Jobs has had a first debatable effect: Tim Cook He decided to distribute dividends after exercise 2011, something he had never done Jobs. Jobs reinvertía, reinvertía, investigated, created, fomented new ideas. Not that he did not care shareholders. He thought he had enough prize with regular revaluation of its shares.

The first major release of the Cook era, yes, iPhone 5, he has “punctured”, He has not had the host nor the success of previous versions. And if that was not enough, the Iphone 5 It has changed the characteristics of the connector, Uppercase cabreo for users of previous versions. But perhaps the worst of the iPhone 5 is that, for the first time, does not exceed the high-end devices Android, his great competitor made in Google. Cook should not forget that, Despite the appeal of the Apple brand, yes, consumer is not stupid, and that ultimately if there is a greater benefit than the brand image Apple devices will no longer be the object of desire.

Will this be the beginning of the end? Is there not a dolphin in the world who can take charge of Jobs at Apple? What would now Jobs whether the cancer would not have been?