Working as part of living; that of “work to live” It has expired

Following a good post of Andrés Pérez Ortega entitled Who do you work really (and I recommend reading), I issued a tweet supporting it with a pair of images. Up to this point, nothing new. But tuitero (by the way, very proud of their community judging by his bio), by name Oscar Gamarra, tuit answered the question: Do you work to live or live to work? Who answers?

Do you work to live or live to work? A question that, for me, It has expired

I am firmly convinced that work and part of living. I forgive the unemployed, but if job seekers are working on a project > Find employment. The boundary between living and working is fading. and Pink identified this emerging trend 2002 in his prophetic book Free Agent Nation. but after 2002 They have passed many things that force us to reflect:

the future of work

Source: EY

  • According Kelly Palmer, CLO, the responsibility lies with each person when to take control of their professional development. That is to say, this is not the end of the training offered by enterprises, but the end of mentoring and responsibility for such training.
  • I often use the phrase Vijay Singh, former head of innovation VISA Inc.: what others say about us will be the most important metric of the future. And that highlights the importance of management and personal reputation have and will.
  • On the other hand, McKinsey says workers who have the skills and support needed will ease the transition to new jobs. But it is worth noting that these posts will also largely to freelances.

Do you remember when undocking?

I hope the question does not offend. First began disruptions to our “extra-work life” with email. They were then SMS, those who followed other applications like Whatsapp or Telegram. The question is do we take work home? or simply because we have incorporated new hybrid habits into our lives.

One can take a trip a week in the middle of spring and continue “fulfilling” with his job description, thanks to computers, smartphones, videoconferences… The holidays will be more deconstructed. The famous month of paid vacation is history for many (I include). It is replaced by small periods away as you can.

What I'm seeing is that the work is integrated into our lives, is no longer that if you work to live, is that It integrates many living things inseparable, including an increasingly continuous connection with work projects.


cover image: Linkedin

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