people seeking

Look no work. Find who offers it. Do you really think good deals come to work bags?

When it comes to looking for work can take two positions: the classic, passive or dynamic, active. Consider the differences:

classical job search:

  • It is based on an outdated document called CV, curriculum vitae curriculum. Nobody reads and a CV if there is no prior information of the person to move to action. I will not say that the CV is dead, but if you are in the UVI (intensive care unit).
  • Supposes that, Having left the CV in various job portals or sending him to a mailing list, and we come to find. I know cases of people who have sent 800 CV's and have won two interviews. The mass mailing is not the formula.
  • The job boards or the famous boards are not the solution.. In any case, it will be difficult-not impossible- we find a qualified job in these media.
  • A common mistake is not knowing who are heading our request. The ship vacuum, to see if anyone hunting on the fly.
  • Another common mistake is to assume that the best jobs are exposed to everyone. We know that a 80% places of employment available fail to advertise.
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Dynamic Job Search:

  • It is based on proper management management, in which a paper called CV is a tool more than one string instrument that would give us adequate information about.
  • And, above all, It is based on locating people offering quality jobs. It is based on research, see basa one networking, both real and virtual.
  • If we know our competences, our value offer differential, If we articulate a key message and if we find people suitable for broadcast, we are on the right track.

The key is to move. Go to all events related to our world that we, to exchange cards (by the way, You have card?). Internet research on who's who in our world, where to spend the key job offers. It is working to get the positioning What we want; It is not a concept Internet search engine positioning, is defining axes personal and professional. If you want to be perceived as an expert in herbal medicine, you can start to know the means by which those interested in this therapy and be there, your ideas, your proposals, your courage.

Difficult? Of course. If it was easy everyone would. But ask yourself this question: If a worker uses an average of 8 Daily hours on task, Why not use the same search engine hours?