#lateraltwits 23 Twitter como error

I created this post more than one enemy, I am aware.

Misconception 1: use Twitter as one who uses an instant messaging program, regardless of your message can be read by thousands of people who have no time to read stupid things. Life does not have to tuitearla. To say good morning, explain that you are reading the newspaper while drinking coffee, say you'll pick up your nephew or you're shopping at Ikea, I DO NOT CARE!!!!! Please, do not do it. If you want, Tell valuable information. Tell me you've gone to a movie in the cinema and that RECOMMEND. Tell me in that restaurant you've tried the best cassoulet of your life.

Misconception 2: Use Twitter believing it Facebook. That is to say, commit the same banality and use their language. Isn't it?, is not that.

Misconception 3: No usar Post a Twitter. You're ugly? then put a photo of a cow, but put something, Do not be a faceless.

Misconception 4: SHOUT, ALWAYS USE CAPITAL LETTERS. I stop following unblinking who does that.

Misconception 5: The most common: not meet the sports Twitter: not follow your followers, May I ask you not mentioned or retweeted. Twitter, despite being an open network, requires certain etiquette. There are people who do not approve but occasionally it's okay to recommend followers on Friday with the famous hashtag #ff (follow friday).

Misconception 6: Tweets overdose. Some people have real addiction. Rest, not to be hooked all day. There are detox programs Twitter. In the same way, If you take more than a month without access to Twitter, My advice is to give low. there are programs (twit tools, for example) that detect inactive and invite you to stop following.

Misconception 7: Define yourself in your biography as “addicted to…”, kind “addicted to social networks” “adicto a Twitter”. That is scary. But I think it is worth defined.

Misconception 8: If you're famous and you follow 2 millions of people, think about what tuiteas before releasing it to the network. You're mirror for many people, Bisbal do not spoil as did his bullshit about Egypt and the pyramids (ver post anterior).

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