#lateraltwits 01 Twitter as a communication medium

At this point I will not be I who repeat the figures moves Twitter in the world in terms of followers. Today we do not go around here. Today what matters is all that tells us Twitter, one of the major media that exist.

looking at the “trending topics” displayed on the home page see trending topics, what is brewing in the world informatively. No other means to collect as much news as Twitter. Try searching “wikileaks” and you will see what I mean.

Another interesting test: If you are following a specific topic and have not had time to follow the press, radio or TV, Do a search on Twitter and dispondreis of all versions of the world reduced to headlines 140 characters (Like an SMS). Is there more variety and color?

During the wild Mumbai attacks, in November 2008, Twitter became one of the references in the media worldwide. On average, Bombay citizens launched 16 ‘twitts’ per second throughout the slaughter, commenting on what they saw, giving useful information on how to donate blood or phone numbers of emergency services.

At splashdown of a plane 151 people on board on the Hudson River, against Manhattan, the first photo spread appeared in TwitPic, Web photo Twitter. Janis took Krums, a New Yorker, with his iPhone, fifteen minutes before the arrival of the first photographers Press.

“detained”. With that simple message, posted on Twitter from your mobile phone, American student James Buck, and his translator Mohammed Maree, They could alert the world that Egyptian police had arrested them for participating in a protest for democracy in that country. One day later they were on the street.

I hope and begin to consider Twitter as more than “microblogging”. His power is brutal. Friday I will look #lateraltwits 02: Twitter as a platform for dialogue.

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