#lateraltwits 13 Twitter as a way of life

It sounds a bit harsh, but yes, There are companies and individuals who make their living with Twitter. And lots! In the same way there are people who earn their living with esoteric services on mobile 900 and websites of questionable content, Twitter is for many professionals a livelihood.

to get started, application developers make their August with Twitter, one of the fastest growing networks with more than 100 million users. For example, Here are some of the most commonly used:

Just Tweet It, Twubble, Twittie Me, twit, We Follow, Twellow, Twitscoop, Trendistic (previously Flaptor Search), Tweet Scan, Twitterment, Tweetmeme, Twistori, Twitturly, GoodBadMe, Favotter, Twitterholic, Toptweet, Twitrank, Tweet Beep, Site volume, Tweet Volume, Monitter, Hashtags, Twemes, Tweetchannel, Twitter Meter, Flaptor Trends, Twitter Spectrum, Serendipitwiterrous, Twittertroll, Twitter Buz, Link Bunch, Tweetwire, Twitterlinkr, Twitturls, Twitter Split, Twittearth, Twitter Vision, My Tweet Map, GeoTwitterous, Twitter Map, Twitter Local, TwitSpy, Geo Twitter, Mibazaar, Twitter Atlas, Twitter Faces, Twitter Keys, Twi8r, Phweet, Micro Reviews, Notches, Louder Tweets, Twitter Digest, Tweet2tweet, Twalala, Tweet Wheel, Twitter Karma, Twitter Snooze, My Tweeple, Less Friends, Qwitter, Does Follow, Twitterless, Twitter100, Twitterator, Twitter Who, Twitterlex, What’s Up?, Add Tweets, Twitterfeed, Feed Tweeter, Twitter Counter, Twit This, Twitter Tools, Twitter for WordPress, Loudtwitter, Twitter Sharts, Twitt Twoo, Twitter Updater, Twitter WordPress Sidebar Widget, WordTwit, Comment Twitter SMS Notification, Stammy’s RSS To Twitter, PingTwitter,, Hello.txt , Moodblast, Twibler, Twizon, iTwitter, Be Twittered, Twitter Facebook App, Friendfeed Twitter client, Twitku, Buy Later, Twitter Yedda, Twitget, Twitter Planet, Twitt, Twitter Viddler, Drupal on Twitter, Googlereader Twitter Script, Twitter King Widget, Your Minis, Group Tweet, Live Twitting, Crowd Status, Twitter Groups, Timer, Retweet Me, Remember the Milk, Twittercal, My Chores,Planypus, Server Mojo, Tweet Later, Twittertise, Tweet Ahead, Twit Response, Lazy Tweet, Toanswer, At Answer Me, Twitter Answers, Straw Poll, Twitter Polldaddy, Poll Tweets, Twittpoll, Tweet Burner, Twitter Grader, Tweet Stats, Twinfluence, tweeple Nonsense, Twit Graph, Tweet 140, Twitter Ratio, Twittad, Magpie, Easy Tweets, The Mattinator, Twitter Backs, Twitter Patterns, Tweet Backs, Siah Design, Buttons, Twignature, Twitpic, Autopostr, Snaptweet, Twixr, Visual Twitter, Twitter Poster, Twiddeo, Twitplus, Twittershare, Twixxer, Tweet Cube, Pikter, Twittermail, Twitter Reply, OuTwit, Vtwitter, mail2twitter, Twittytunes,, Wiiizzz, Twit a Bit, Take two, Twitter Safe, Hahlo, Twitter Blacklist, Twerp Scan, Twitspam, TwitterIM, Yahoo Messenger Twitter Sync Plugin, TwitterYM, Twessenger, Twit4live, TikiTwit, Twitterific, Mad Twitter, Tweet-r. Twidget, Twhirl, Tweetdeck, Twinja, Chopper, Pwytter, Teletwitter, Twitterlicious, Twitter CLI, BLT, Twitteroo, Chirrup, Twadget, Twitgit, Vim Twitter Client, ZenTwitter, Twitux, Deskbar Twitter, Gtwitter, Twit.el, Spaz, Tweeter, GTwitter, NatsuLion, Twitterpod, Twitterpost, Twittereeze, Twit Ki, Twitterfox, Shareaholic, Twitbin, Firefox Search Plugin, Twitterbar, Tweetbar, Twippera, Power Twitter, Yoono, Twitzer, Twitterlights, Twitterbook, Twitterline, Maxthon, Twitterfone, Twitsay, Twitter for iphone, Itwtr, Pocket Tweets, Twittai, CCtwit, Twapper, Twittelator, Twitterberry, Vlingo, Email Twitter, iTweet, Qik, Jargon, MoTwit, Widsets, Moby Picture, Twixr, Locify, Fring, Jitter Abiro, jTwitter, Twidroid, Twitteresce, Twobile, Tiny Twitter, Twitter SpellCheck, Secret Tweet, Curse Bird, Tweet What You Eat, Foodfeed, Xbox 360 Gamer Tag, Twee60, @Trackthis, Bkkeeper, Commuter Feed, Foamee, within Witter, Qwitter Tobacco, Post like a Pirate, Roll the dice, Twitter Me This, Tweet gift, Twaction, Xpenser, Twithire, GasCalc, Moonrise, Deal Tagger, LOL feeds, Textgasm, Sad Statements, Twitter Nonsense, Xbox to Twitter app, Twitterbox, Swotter, Twitterlit…
I do not follow, each day there are many applications created to enhance the experience with Twitter. For our latitudes, the most popular applications are Tweetdeck. Twitpick, Twit this y Quitter. I promise to make a “review” of the most significant applications in future posts.
In addition to applications, many companies getting you make a living “followers” or followers to your profile seem important. I personally bet on more qualitative profiles, but the truth is that many people earn their living with Twitter.

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