#lateraltwits 21 Twitter como teaser

We've moved in the advertising environment know magic teaser. Do you remember those campaigns with powerful messages that do not sign anyone? That's a teaser (pronúnciese Tiser).It is also known as the unknown campaign.

It is an advance of a campaign, a release, an event. Its main function is to create notoriety and expectation around the event and cause the audience is “watchful eye” what might happen that day.

Twitter is an ideal medium for such campaigns. It is recommended to create a “hashtag” not overly unveil the content of the action. Just a few weeks ago from Twitter @soymimarca, We create a teaser campaign to heat engines which would be opening SOYMIMARCA VALENCIA, which it was finally 17 from January. I show the sequence of tweets of the week prior to launch, which they generated much excitement and more than one DM (direct message) wondering what the hell tramábamos.

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