What makes you a unique person in the world

Definitely The little Prince of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is one of the best books header to become a unique person. Although World War 2 was published in full (1943) many of his reflections are applicable to our society.

rereading, I came across the passage in which the prince meets the fox. There you can read the following:

For me you're not yet more than a boy like a hundred thousand muchachitos. I do not need you. Neither do you need me. I am not for you more than a fox like a hundred thousand foxes. And, if you tame me, we need each other. You will be for me unique in the world. I shall be unique to you in the world.

I shall be unique to you in the world

The phrase shows that what makes us different is not only that which depends on us, but especially the way others perceive us. Our personal brand.

I often use in presentations an image of a penguin colony. It is difficult to differentiate from each other. But what will make one of them in a special being is the relationship you establish with another member of the community.

We need each other

This expression highlights the idea of ​​the value we bring to others and makes us indispensable (not forever, of course). Definitely, correct value proposition It fosters valuable relationships and mutual need.

All relationships, personal, professional and hybrid, They are based on an idea value to solidify. When we are analyzing an elevator speech (elevator pitch) we do not see what we are sympathetic or how well we move. We do this to see if our value proposition is capable of converting passive active attention. Not for sale, It is the pre, It is generating a need, an illusion, it is to persuade.

What makes you a unique person in the world

In conclusion, what makes you a unique person the world is your Personal Branding, the value you transmit to others. This allows you to distinguish between a mass of people with apparently similar characteristics. The emotional connection is a key aspect. Do not forget.

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If you are a unique person and you want to get in value, or add value to your team, do not forget to visit my section Contact. However, I invite you to watch this video that clarifies what it means to a career

Are you better than your competition? Choice, the phase 4 Your personal message


Check out this article if your message and your proposal are differential and competitive, Key elements for an election

I remember the five stages of a compelling personal message are:

Notoriety. I know you?
Affinity I know what you offer?
Lace Do I need what you propose me?
Choice. Are you better than your competition?
Fidelity Do you keep your promises?


WandElements have to be seen, leave our proposal clear and make clear its value may not be sufficient to be the preferred option. Missing a key factor, what makes you different from your competitors.

In other words, say what you do may not be as important as how you do say, since in the method can be the difference. Often, during the process of personal branding with people, doubt emerges, the great black shadow entitled “what I do is no different from what other“. great falsehood. For the sake of doing your it is already different. But there's more:

Where can be the difference? There are a number of factors that can be the differential value proposition, USP (Unique Selling Proposition, created by Rosser Reeves Ted Bates):

  1. The experience is a plus. If you offer something that also offers inexperienced people, it can become a factor warranty.
  2. results. If what you're doing has generated results, It is important to highlight them, either in the form of testimonial, graphics or newspaper articles.
  3. Uniqueness. The USP factor indicates that you do not do anyone else, you were only @.
  4. Novelty. Although it is a fleeting factor, being the first to do something can always give a competitive advantage.
  5. Exclusiveness. Whether for a patent or any other record, you do what you can not do any more, You're the only way.
  6. Methodology. Having a methodology indicates that you have worked hard to improve what already exists, you're not an imitator.
  7. Partnership. If you do with a potent co-branding, you can win in competitive arguments.
  8. certification. If what you do can make some kind of certification for your client, You've won two integers.
  9. Ease. Imagine that you offer something online and others do not, it helps you expand your customer base.
  10. Fee for results. Charge a fee depending on the results of your work can be risky but it can differentiate.

There are many more factors of differentiation, the question is to use them to get the final choice, being the preferred option.